Cheila. 25 year old.Tutor. Small business owner. Lover of pink, crochet, knitting , books, food, organization, Fall weather, movies and every cute thing in between.

I spend my days running my small tutoring center (if you can call that to my small office), where I teach English to people of all ages, help kids with their school work and exams and get mistaken by a therapist. My days are always different and I never know what to expect from my students and from my work. I try to handle everything with grace, humor and a little sarcasm.

Oh, did I tell you I’m also a student? Yup. I’m finishing my degree in English and North American Studies, hopefully with a minor in History. I also study German and Italian. Can I say something in either of them? Not yet. Probably not very soon either.

When I’m not working, I’m sleeping. Literally. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I take lots of medication  so I’m always exhausted. Should I say this here? Probably not. Don’t read if it’s not your thing but I’m going to talk about it.

When I’m not sleeping I’m trying to clean my house and keep up with laundry (never happens) or binge watching TV shows with my boyfriend, Rui. We’ve been together for almost four years, living together for the last two. He’s an engineer but we would prefer to be a farmer, if he had the chance. We live in a small house, in a small village and we have a not so small dog. Her name is Rosa and she’s 2 years old. She’s such a friendly and cute dog. I mean inconvenient. She will literally jump you and steal an open mouth kiss before you can even run.

Anyway, this is my attempt number 346 at having a blog. I don’t know what type of blogger I want to be. I don’t have enough makeup to be a beauty blogger. I don’t buy enough clothes to be a fashion blogger (ignoring the fact that I can’t pose for pictures). I’m certainly not a mommy blogger because, you know, I don’t have any children. Lifestyle blogger? I don’t know what that means.

This will be my creative and emotional outlet in many ways. So you will get all of me. Some days I’m happy and super productive and organized and high on energy and some days I’m just blah. On bad days I’m getting by, hour by hour, waiting to go home and crawl into bed. On really bad days, I don’t even get out of it. This is me, for now.

I’m trying my best to have more good than bad days (meaning trying to get better by taking my medication, going to my doctor regularly, doing therapy and all the things you should do in my situation) and I would say that most days I am calm, highly functional and even funny, so you might enjoy reading my blog.

I guess you can expect: cute things that I like, pictures of my dog being cute, recipes, to-do lists, goals, confessions, funny things my students say, funny or clueless things my boyfriend says (thank god the dog does not speak), funny or interesting things that I find while on “the internets”, book reviews, movie reviews, TV show reviews…hell, I will even try to get some makeup and outfit pictures if I’m being brave… maybe. We’ll see about that.

So… I guess that’s it.

And also:

Disclosure: Yes, I speak English. Yes, I do it well. Yes, I teach English. But I don’t know everything and I make mistakes. Maybe more than a few. My memory and the fact that I get easily distracted are also a problem. So, please be nice to me? Please correct me  and teach me how to do it better, just don’t be mean. Ok? Ok.