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Meet Neide – Interviewing my baby sister

I thought you might like to get to know my sister a little better, since I always talk about her on the blog. I asked her a couple of questions as she sad she was happy to be featured on... Continue Reading →

Saturday – Sister is visiting and Yves Rocher haul edition

Good evening friends, I hope you had/are having an amazing Saturday! I'm feeling better, thank God! Today we went to visit my mom and pick up my sister so she stay with us until Monday. I'm really happy to have... Continue Reading →

Kitchen tour!! Aka Rosa’s room!

The time has come for me to show you my kitchen. I love it because it is quite big (for Portuguese standards, anyway) and so it has enough space for cooking and enough storage. So, what do you think about... Continue Reading →

Just another Friday – No taxes and new printer edition!

Hi there! Are you happy it's Friday?? I'm having a good day. I can change because Mr. R said I've just changed my Karma because I refused to answer a questionnaire at a store and told the lady I was... Continue Reading →

Tiny bathroom tour – Get ready for more pink!

Now it's time for my bathroom tour. I actually hate it because it is extremely tiny and I was used to bigger bathrooms before I moved to this house. I can overcome the fact that we only have one, but... Continue Reading →

Home office tour – Shared with Mr.R

Finally, I have an office tour for you! The office is quite a small room, with a roof window. It is, however, big enough to accommodate us both comfortably. We access it through a door in the living room. It's... Continue Reading →

Redecorating – day 354

Hey guys!! How are you? I'm so sorry I haven't come up with the room tours again, but we are a little behind! After my last post, we went out again, looking for a toilet paper holder and a towel... Continue Reading →

What are you up to this Wednesday?

Hey you, How are are you, dearest friends? How is it April 26 already? Almost May? We'll all blink and it will be Christmas again! I woke up at 7 a.m today, to go to a doctor's appointment. I had... Continue Reading →

Do you know any awesome bloggers to introduce us to? – Friends For Days Tag

Would you like to share some of your favorite blogs with us? Some not so well-known bloggers? Someone new? Here's your chance to give them a little support by doing my tag, introducing us to new bloggers you follow, or simply... Continue Reading →

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