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One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 13 (My dream job)

Here I am, for the third time today. Did you miss the annoying amount of daily posts and bad jokes? So did I, so did I. I'm back because, once again, I'm late for my blogging challenge. Well, I'm 2... Continue Reading →

Why I haven’t been blogging and am I back?

Hey friends, It's been a while. I've been posting my challenge posts (which I totally failed yesterday, need to post ASAP) and nothing else for almost a week. Can you remember why I said I needed some time? I told... Continue Reading →

Do I have the right to ask you to pray for me if I can’t tell you why?

I'm sad that today is Mr.R's last day of vacation. We've been together 24/7 for over a week, time we were desperately in need, so I will miss him so much. We had lots of fun redecorating our house and... Continue Reading →

I’m so tired I can’t even come up with a title..

Good evening dearest friends, As you know, we've spent the whole day reorganizing some things around the house. We decided to start by our home office, which is almost finished. But it was a huge mess and so full of... Continue Reading →

Hey there, happy Monday!

Hey guys!! I had totally and completely forgotten Mr. R had taken this week off! We are now taking care of all of the house changes and so I can do a full, usual and normal blog post! We're focusing... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – day 18 (update)

Good evening, my friends!! How was your day? I'm currently watching Poldark while blogging. I love to multitask!! I'm really loving this show and definitely recommend it if you like period shows! So my plans for today were: Drink, at... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – day 17 (The “I haven’t cleaned my house since before Easter and deeply regret it”) edition!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, What a beautiful Thursday this is. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Rosa is getting crazy because she wants to catch them all... Just a normal Spring day. We are having a ladies'... Continue Reading →

Well, hello there!

Hi guys, Today was not the day I got back to my health for days journey. What a disappointment, right? My sinusitis is back, even if a little less aggressive. It's affecting my ears a little bit. It's normal and... Continue Reading →

I’m declaring today a lazy day!!

Hey there, lovely people! How was Easter? Have you been on the scale since? Neither have I, I'm too scared! Mine was really amazing. I got to spend time with Rui's side of the family and I love them all... Continue Reading →

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