Happy Anniversary to my blog!! Pink for days is turning one today!!! Let’s Party?? – Please answer my poll!!!



How has it been a year already? I still remember writing my very first post. I can still feel the moment I created this blog, it’s just so fresh in my memory!!


Improvised Blog Party!!

Pink For Days is Turning 1!.jpg

Party Rules:

  1. Tell us 3 things about yourself.

  2. Share your blog link.

  3. Share 2 of your favorite posts. 

  4. Share 2 of your favorite blogs.

  5. Interact.

My favorite posts from my first year as a blogger:

Why I’m no longer an “it” blogger

Oh my God, Oh my God!!

When you just don’t feel like blogging

My money saving habits – Part I + Update

I miss her

A job interview and how to rock it

Home office tour, share with Mr.R

Study tips and time management tips for working students

Top 10 Favorite TV shows of all time – Part II

Top 10 TV shows of all time – Part I

Introducing Mr.R – A love story

My morning and night routines

Hey, hey Q&A – Part II

Hey, hey Q&A – Part I

A few reasons why I might be a bad blogger

My new following rules and some blogging thoughts

Some thoughts on blogging

Bucket list reviewed

Get to know me tag – 25 questions

Impulse buys – dishwasher

How and why I started my business

What makes me unique as a teacher

My dream job

Growing up: School, friends and loves

My family: The girl with no daddy

My name is Cheila

Meet Neide: Interviewing my baby sister

Kitchen tour

Tiny bathroom

Redecorating – Day 354

“Friends for Days” Tag

A love letter

International women’s day

100 followers in less than a month: how

Out of my comfort zone

Meet Rosa – The cutest dog ever

Me, according to my sister



Thank you so much everyone. Thank you for being there for me for a whole year and for supporting me and my blog. Love you all.



51 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to my blog!! Pink for days is turning one today!!! Let’s Party?? – Please answer my poll!!!

  1. You must be kidding me, what??? A year already, oh my dear God time is flying like literally. Congratulations on your blog birthday and blogging journey so far. I miss the time when you used to upload 2-3 blog posts a day, now I miss most of them because I don’t scroll through my reader regularly.

    My name is Azra and I blog over at SimpleSerenity. My blog is about lifestyle and beauty mainly with some additional fashion related posts. I have to be honest but I don’t really have my favorite bloggers, because I try to read everyone’s content as much as a possibly can, so I don’t know who is my favorite.

    My three favorite posts:






  2. Happy anniversary!! 🙂

    I’m Allie, and I’m the owner of the new blog Mama is a Handful. Its a new blog, but I’m not a new blogger. I deleted my previous blog (Which i loved dearly) due to putting my face all over EVERYTHING and feeling like I just couldn’t say the things I reeeeeeeally wanted to. lol

    So, here’s my link – http://mamaisahandful.wordpress.com

    Link to the only 2 posts I currently have – as I’m starting over:

    1. https://mamaisahandful.wordpress.com/2018/01/20/finally-friday/
    2. https://mamaisahandful.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/too-busy-for-my-own-good/

    Two of my favorite blogs? This is a tough one – but these two ladies I’ve been following religiously for a few years!

    1. Step Momma Blog http://thestepmommablog.wordpress.com
    2. My Perfect Breakdown http://myperfectbreakdown.com


  3. Happy anniversary to your blog Cheila! It’s been soo long since we’ve last talked as I haven’t been much involved in the blog world the past few months. I hope things have gone well for you all this time and that the New Year has started off great. My blog will be 1 year next week! That’s exciting. Sorry I’m not really following all the party rules, I still don’t have my laptop I’m on mobile so it’s a bit difficult. But, I go by Lee (as part of my middle name) I will be 24 in March, and I am crazy preparing to consistently run 2 blogs.


    2 of my favorite blogs are (there are so many I love!)


    I hope the links work. Once again happy anniversary and congratulations making it this far!💖


  4. Congratulations 👏🏼 happy anniversary to your blog! I love your content and I hope you love it enough to keep going for years to come (:
    3 things about me- I’m very excited to be getting my very first frogs as pets this Friday! I’m really hoping I’ll get to go to NY for a broadway show, CA for E3, and VA Beach for Warped Tour this year. I’m weirdly enough on a blogging schedule and even weirder liking it!
    My blog: https://kittyp0p.wordpress.com/
    My 2 fave posts:
    4 of my fave blogs:

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  5. Congratulations my dear Cheila!!❤️ I’m also very close to ONE YEAR of blogging. And thank you! Your comments been an encouragement to keep blogging!🌸
    I blog over at http://www.adilamkarol.wordpress.com about productivity, tips for positivity and easy DIY ideas. Come over if you are interested!🌷
    My 2018 planner updates:
    4 DIY phone case ideas:
    Welcome once again!


  6. Happy Belated Birthday to your blog, Cheila. I tried to vote in the poll but I don’t know if it went through! I hope it did. 😄
    Since I’m super late for the party, I won’t participate. Hope that’s okay! 💗

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