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Catching up – 16.06.2017

Hey there everyone!! How are you?? Happy it's Friday? I hope you have great plans for the weekend!! I went to my psychiatrist today and got some answers on my latest laziness, lack of motivation and fatigue, but this subject... Continue Reading →

Catching up – Tuesday 13.06.2017

Good evening everyone, How was your day? I hope you've had/are having a good one. I woke up at about 10 a.m, feeling super hungry, ate breakfast, went back to bed and woke up at about 3 p-m. Sleeping while... Continue Reading →

Pocket full of random #4 (Sunday night update edition)

Hey guys!! How was your weekend? Are you ready for a new week? You can do it!! Let the random begin: I'll be out tomorrow, probably for the whole day. I have to go take a blood tests in the... Continue Reading →

I’ve totally got this – 09.06.2017

Hello dear friends, Did you miss me? Maybe a little? Nothing? Okay. I've been quite absent as you may or may not have noticed. I'm just trying to take the pressure off a little bit. I'm taking this time to... Continue Reading →

Pocket full of random #3 + Random photos

I've lost a little weight. Not much, just about 2 kg. Being sick does that to you. It's been extremely windy here for so many days. It's annoying because I want to do some gardening and the wind is very... Continue Reading →

Pocket full of random on a Friday

Hey guys, No, I am not dead. Once again, just a little sick. Poor me, there's always something. No, I'm not a hypochondriac, just kind of unlucky. I think I might have an ear infection but I REFUSE to go... Continue Reading →

Expecting to see gorgeous photos of Lisbon? Sorry to disappoint (you’re probably used to it by now)

Here's what happened: I ended up not leaving the house at all. Last night, I realized I was missing two pills, two of my sleeping pills. So I obviously didn't sleep at all, spend the night tossing and turning and... Continue Reading →

A pocket full of random #1

Hey guys, It's Saturday. I mean, for some, it's actually Sunday. Hey,¬†Angela. How are you, 11 hours ahead of me? Probably still sleeping. I'm super upset because (#QueenofTMI) Aunt Flow just came to visit and it's her first day in... Continue Reading →

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