Hello word,

Hope your listening… okay these are the lyrics from a song by One Republic.


Good morning or good afternoon or good evening or good night and you’ll read this tomorrow!! You never know with the timezone, do you?

Here I am, one more day, trying to be healthy and active and happy.

I must tell you I’m obsessed with Poldark and that I’m going through a great sacrifice by doing my chores and blogging instead of watching it!! Just kidding, you guys and this blog are one of my priorities. Verity can wait. She has been for a while, poor thing. (I’m sure this doesn’t make sense if you haven’t watched the show).

I must also tell you I’m a disaster. While using my keys to open my mail box, I let them fall outside of the gate, the locked gate. Those were the only keys I had. I had to retrieve them using a metal clothes hanger and a hymen. I felt like inspector gadget or something, but I’m happy I could get them back. Otherwise I would have to create a station near the gate and wait for someone to pass and pick up my keys. Not humiliating at all!!! Oh, I couldn’t pull the hanger back so, right this second, I have a clothes hanger outside my gate. People must thing I’m less than sane! Why do these things happen when your man is away?

So, plans for today:

  • Drink, at least, 8 glasses of water!! Can you all take the challenge??? Let’s drink water together. (I do realize I sound like a freakin Nestle commercial);
  • Clean my kitchen!!
  • Do laundry, fold a bunch and put it away!
  • Call my library, tell them I need the extra 15 days!!
  • Cook my chicken curry/curry chicken? Help me, I speak no English!
  • Put some fruits and veggies into this body!!
  • Do some exercise!!
  • Read all of the posts I have in my reader!!

I guess that’s it. I’ll be happy if I accomplish this, and then go and watch some Poldark.

New rule:

Dear readers, please pay attention. There’s no point in following me so I will follow back. I will only fall back if you introduce yourself, actually show that you have interest in what I write and engage with me and this community. So if you want me to follow your blog, tell me your name, leave some links, just talk to me!! I will only bite if you’re a giant piece of chocolate, so you’re safe!!!