Health for days journey – day 18 (I really need to clean the kitchen edition)

Hello word,

Hope your listening… okay these are the lyrics from a song by One Republic.


Good morning or good afternoon or good evening or good night and you’ll read this tomorrow!! You never know with the timezone, do you?

Here I am, one more day, trying to be healthy and active and happy.

I must tell you I’m obsessed with Poldark and that I’m going through a great sacrifice by doing my chores and blogging instead of watching it!! Just kidding, you guys and this blog are one of my priorities. Verity can wait. She has been for a while, poor thing. (I’m sure this doesn’t make sense if you haven’t watched the show).

I must also tell you I’m a disaster. While using my keys to open my mail box, I let them fall outside of the gate, the locked gate. Those were the only keys I had. I had to retrieve them using a metal clothes hanger and a hymen. I felt like inspector gadget or something, but I’m happy I could get them back. Otherwise I would have to create a station near the gate and wait for someone to pass and pick up my keys. Not humiliating at all!!! Oh, I couldn’t pull the hanger back so, right this second, I have a clothes hanger outside my gate. People must thing I’m less than sane! Why do these things happen when your man is away?

So, plans for today:

  • Drink, at least, 8 glasses of water!! Can you all take the challenge??? Let’s drink water together. (I do realize I sound like a freakin Nestle commercial);
  • Clean my kitchen!!
  • Do laundry, fold a bunch and put it away!
  • Call my library, tell them I need the extra 15 days!!
  • Cook my chicken curry/curry chicken? Help me, I speak no English!
  • Put some fruits and veggies into this body!!
  • Do some exercise!!
  • Read all of the posts I have in my reader!!

I guess that’s it. I’ll be happy if I accomplish this, and then go and watch some Poldark.

New rule:

Dear readers, please pay attention. There’s no point in following me so I will follow back. I will only fall back if you introduce yourself, actually show that you have interest in what I write and engage with me and this community. So if you want me to follow your blog, tell me your name, leave some links, just talk to me!! I will only bite if you’re a giant piece of chocolate, so you’re safe!!!




63 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 18 (I really need to clean the kitchen edition)

    • Thank you my dear, Azra!! Last night I was thinking about how much I love your name, before I went to sleep lol these are the things that occupy my brain. Is it a common name?

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      • Ow thats so sweet dear. It is a common name in Bosnia, Turkey and Arabian countries. I actually got a question to describe the meaning of my name, so I answered it in my Q&A post. Let me know do you like the meaning of it, it’s kinda weird hehe. xx

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  1. So far today I’ve cleaned the house, I’m currently working on laundry and I’m debating if I should go food shopping today. I also need to squeeze in a workout at some point, thinking today is an abs day (I hate working out abs) lol.

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  2. I love your daily lists, so motivating! I am terrible at keeping up with list haha! I went back to the gym this week, after a lot of food during the Easter holidays, now I’m all in pain, so today I shall be resting and eating cupcakes! I just made a batch of carrot cake cupcakes 🙂 Have a great weekend Cheila! x

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  3. I’ll join you in the drinking water challenge! It’s already ten a.m. and I haven’t drank any…
    Chicken curry sounds so good, but maybe it’s just because I’m hungry! I was having some stomach problems last night but this morning, all I want is Thai Chili Fries from a pizzeria downtown… Ha!

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  4. I promise after a while you will get use to the water and wonder why you ever drank anything else. I hated water, thought yuck ever time I was offered it, give me a soda, something with some carbon. But I started drinking water a few years back, and I don’t even miss the drinks. I will have one every once and a while now (maybe once or twice a month, if I am out eating dinner) I don’t know why I fought the water for so many years LOL.

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  5. I always have a water bottle with me, but I never finish it. I’m so bad at drinking water! Everything else tastes so much nicer 😦
    I’m trying to get better at it though, so I will take on the day’s challenge with you. I am about to drink my first glass 😀

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  6. Definitely not a giant of chocolate, am debby, read some of your post, i enjoy reading them, still snooping through them. I am on the health updates and i think you are going good at it, one day at a time. I followed you because I love the positive vibe in your posts I have read. Have a great day or night.. xoxo.

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  7. I love water and I’m trying to drink more and more of it!
    I have drank 6 glasses today ( not to bad! )
    I must say I love the health for daysosts I look forward to reading them every day!!

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      • No problem!! I am taking a little break over the holidays as I have been mentally ill over the past week or so. I don’t know what it is but I have had lacks of energy and headaches. Some days I’m absolutely shattered and I have no energy whatsoever, but someone days I have bursts of short energy, and on the rare occasion I’ve had all the energy in the world. But I’m back on track for Monday, and I’m starting my little series again! I have been so out of track with blogging and my school work recently, which means I’m going to work super hard this weekend to pull it all off! Do you have any tips on how to get a better sleep routine and how to feel more energized in the morning? Thank you! X

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        • I’m sorry you’re feeling unwell. My tips are: no coffee after 3 p.m, no phone or computer or TV two hours before bed, take a hot shower right before bed and drink a glass of warm milk with honey. Those are the basic ones. In terms of energy, it really depends on what your problem is. Don’t you sleep well?


          • Thank you! I don’t drink coffee as the taste is too strong for me! I do have my computer out before bed, that may be a problem. Also, I used to drink warm milk and honey but I don’t anymore, I will try it tommorow! Maybe that will help? I feel like I sleep well, I get about 6-9 hours every night, 7 hours on average, but I just feel really drained some mornings, I’m not sure why! Maybe it’s because I’m up typing all night!?

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  8. 😂😂 loving the rule Lady C! Loving it even more that things go wonky for you when himself is away! It means I’m not the only one! How’d the water going? Today I nailed it! First for everything xx

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  9. Glad you got your keys back! I use a water bottle that has the ounces labelled on it (at least on days when I’m working); it holds 32 ounces, so I know that I need to drink it all the way through twice. I try to finish it once through before lunch, and then again before I have my snack when I get home. That way, if I’d rather have a glass of wine with dinner, I know I’ve gotten my 64 ounces of water in already. 🙂

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  10. AHHH I’m sooo excited that you’re watching Poldark! It’s one of my favorite shows. Verity is such a sweetheart 🙂 I binge-watched season one in about a week last fall! Haha!

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  11. The great thing about our minds is that we can come up with ways to fix or do something with the weirdest things lol. Aha If people were chocolate- yikes!! The biggest crime would be cannibalism.
    And btw, I cleaned the kitchen today and I didn’t have any more juice after we talked earlier, only water☺️

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  12. Some days I end up drinking more than 2 litres of water but on some other days, I somehow forget to do that. Where I live, the summer time is very hot and so drinking enough (and more) water is very essential.. and a bit challenging at times!

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