My new following rules and some blogging thoughts!! (New followers, this post is mainly for you)

Hey guys,

I’m sorry this is my third post today.

I wanted to tell you that I understand that, because people are really busy, I don’t expect you to read so many posts. I usually write 2 a day, now 3 because of the blogging challenge I’m doing. I understand that most people don’t have the time to read that many, and that’s okay. You can skip them and read only the ones you’re really interested in.

Once I go back to work in a few months, I won’t have time to write or read as much as I do now. My blogging hours will have to be cut way back. It’s just impossible to do it all.

I want to tell you about followers and my following rules.

A month ago I was following more than 1,000 people. Crazy, I know, right? I wanted to follow back everyone that followed my blog because I thought it was only fair to do so. Then I realized I couldn’t possibly be following so many people and I cut it back to 700. Still too many, right?

With time, I came to realize that, even though I have a good number of followers, they don’t always interact with me. Some of them don’t do it at all. So, why should I? Why should I waste my time reading and commenting on some blogs if the bloggers didn’t do the same for me? It’s not that I need you to always read and comment and be on top of everything. Far from it. I just want you to show interest, as I do regarding your articles. So I decided that I would not follow those that don’t pay any attention to my writing, and ignore me when I comment on their blogs (which is extremely rude). It’s not my favorite thing to do and I still feel guilty about it, but I had a big purge the other day and now I’m down to following 300 people. Am I open to follow more people? Sure. As long as they cooperate and are a part of this community as active, kind and supportive people. I haven’t been following back my recent followers and for that I am really sorry. I would like to give them a chance, of course. One of these days I will go through everyone’s blog and follow the ones I do like.

animals-737407_1280 (1)

So my new following back rules are:

  • Please don’t dump a link on my comment section and just say “follow me back”. It won’t work. If you want me to take in interest on your blog, at least introduce yourself, please!
  • Don’t follow me and then disappear. I won’t follow you back if you do so.
  • Don’t follow me and then unfollow once I’ve followed you back. That’s just rude.
  • If I haven’t been paying enough attention to your blog or if I have missed some posts that you would like me to read, you’re more than welcome to drop me a link and ask me to do so.
  • If you blog once a year, it’s unlikely that I will follow you. When I last checked I was following so many people who weren’t even active anymore. Kind of frustrating. You get excited about a blog and then people just don’t write anymore.
  • If you blog about something that is offensive to me or that I cannot simply support I won’t follow you, obviously. I have unfollowed people because of sexist remarks, fat shaming and such.
  • You’re always welcome to call my attention to your blog and your articles if you’re a new reader. I will always read something you ask me to and give you my feedback.


Some random blogging thoughts:

  • If you ever need to talk about something, if you relate to one of my posts and would like to talk to me about your story, you’re welcome to email me. Or use any form of contact really. I may not answer right away, but I always do.
  • Some people have asked me for advice. Maybe because my blog has been growing at what could be considered a “fast” rate? I don’t know. I try my best to help those who come to me with blogging questions and asking for advice. I’m still a new blogger, but I will make sure to tell you what has worked for me. No secrets here. So feel free to contact me if you think I might help you!! Is there anything I can do for you?
  • I’m always open to collaborations and guest posts. You just need to email me your ideas and we can definitely arrange something.
  • I don’t mind at all when people ask me to promote their blogs or a specific post. Feel free to do so, if you are struggling.
  • If I have a certain Award and you don’t, I’m happy to nominate you;

New Followers:

To my new followers, who I haven’t been paying any attention, I would like to apologize. With so many people following, I stopped following back until I have the chance to go through your blog and read a few articles. Today I ask: Is there someone who has been following and reading me who I have yet to follow back or even read their blog? I would be so happy if you left me a link that I can check. I intend to go through all new follower’s blogs but it would be quicker if you left me a link. I guess that’s it. Oh, and thank you so much for following me. It means so much. Every new person brings me joy. I love meeting you, I love the interaction. Always feel free to introduce yourself and just chat!!



Fellow bloggers, what are your thoughts regarding these matters?

Do you follow many people?

Do you always follow back?

I would love to know who you deal with following and unfollowing.

Thank you so much for reading!




Monthly blog report on June 26th because I forgot my 5 month blog anniversary on the 24th #Getyour****together

Hey there lovely people,

I’m so dumb I forgot my 5 month blog anniversary on the 24th. My poor blog. Mama forgot to celebrate with a nice post. Anyway, I’ll tell you this blog as given me this past 5 months:

  • A community and a support system I never imagined having.
  • New and true friends. I have amazing best friends and I would not change them for the world but it’s nice to have more friends. I haven’t had this many since I was in middle school. I miss those too, actually.
  • A way for my family and friends to know everything that is going on. I know I don’t seem shy or to keep things for myself but I do. My friends and family (apart from Rui) don’t have it easy when it comes to make me talk. I’ve had so many complains over this, as I’m not one to call and complain or to text and ask for support. This way, they know everything, because it’s easier to write about and then, when we see each other, I don’t feel so bad talking about it because they already now and we can just comment on it, instead of my poor friends trying to make me talk and getting nothing.

Dear friends, I’m sorry I push you away. I need you so bad and so many times, I just don’t know how to reach out and ask for support. I also don’t want to keep talking about my mental health because I don’t want to be the negative and boring one and don’t want to burden you. (This is meant for Rita, Catarina, Catarina, Rita, Alison, Patrícia, my sister and Ricardo). I just love you so much guys.

  • It has given me the confidence I’ve never had. Maybe because I feel like I have a big support system, I’m not afraid to be out there. I write about my personal life, good or bad, without fear, I can take pictures of myself (I hated this before), I can be in front of a camera, I can wear a bathing suit and don’t give a damn about what people are thinking about my weight, my cellulite, my stretch marks, my jello thighs. I know I’m the heaviest I have been but I don’t really care. I used to be so afraid to run into an old boyfriend, an old friend, a former teacher or neighbor and that they would see how different I look. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m sick, I’ve been sick for years, my depression and medication make me gain weight. Not saying that I couldn’t do much or do better, but it’s hard in my condition. The bottom line is: I know how I look and I embrace it.
  • I’ve lost my fear of social media. In fact, I’m closing down my personal Facebook and Instagram and mixing my real friends with my blogging friends. No time to focus on two Facebook accounts and two Instagram accounts. And since I have nothing to hide and no issues with people I know from real life reading my blog, all is well.
  • I’ve had the chance to talk to people from all over the world, learn about things I knew nothing about, different countries, religions, weathers, the whole thing.
  • I’ve won a book in a giveaway and I loved it.
  • I’ve met people who are going through what I’m going through and that can understand and talk about our issues freely.
  • I’ve become interested in learning more about photography because I suck.
  • I can write again after about 7 years of writer’s block.
  • To summarize, this blog has filled a whole that had been with me for a long time and given me so many things I didn’t know I needed.


Now, because I’m open and like to analyze, we’ll talk about numbers

Since I started: (24th of January, 2017)

Posts: 338

Views: 49,775

Visitors: 12,801

Average views per day: 328

Followers: 1365

From May 24th to June 26th:

Posts: – May 24th: 240

– June 26th: 338

=  98 posts in this period

Views: – May 24th: 35,588

– June 26th: 49,775

=  14,187 new views in this period

Followers: – May 24th: 1,054

– June 26th: 1365

= 311 new followers in this period

Views in May: 13,337

(the month is not over but I know I’m not going to meet my goal of 15,000 views in 5 days. That’s what you get from slacking)

Social media:

Facebook –  97 friends, just because I’m merging my personal account with my blog account. I’m keeping only my blog account.

Instagram – 224 followers ( +32, not much. I’ve only started to post something every day and pay more attention to Instagram a few days or weeks ago)

Twitter – 195 followers ( +11, again, not good enough)

Bloglovin – 57 ( -1 hahahaha this one made me laugh. I didn’t grow at all and someone was sick of me lol)

Pinterest – 131 ( +7, nothing impressive at all)

Now, let us see if I’ve met any of my blogging goals for this period:

  • Turn followers into readers. Nope, I still have no idea how to do that. Why do people follow and not read and how do I encourage them to read? Does someone have any good tips?
  • Be more consistent, just a little. I don’t think I have accomplished this, at all.
  • Include my own photos and take better ones. Well, I’ve been including more photos, but don’t think they are better or even good. I really need to work on my photo taking skill, which are non-existent.
  • Be more active on social media. I’ve been trying but only for the past few days/weeks. Not trying hard enough.
  • Be a better follower and reader. I absolutely suck. I’m always behind, I don’t support you guys enough. I need to improve. How do you guys do it? Any tips?

Sem Título

Blog goals for June 26 to July 24:

  • All of the above;
  • Merge my Instagram accounts and only keep the one I have for my blog;
  • Get 16,000 views (as punishment for not reaching 15,000 lol)
  • Do more videos;
  • Do ALL of the awards and tags I’m nominated for;

So today I’ll still post on weekend recap, including Monday and my “Perfect Party Series” post, wait for those, my friends.





Calling All New Followers: Getting to know YOU – Questions for my readers!!

Hey there, dear friends!!

I would love to know more about the people who read my blog every day and comment and talk to me so often so I though… I would ask!

These questions may be too personal for you and you might not want to answer them for privacy reasons and that is totally okay. I won’t love you any less!!! You can always answer privately, using my email:!

The questions:

  1. What is your first name?
  2. Do you have a middle name?
  3. Can you tell me your age and birthday?
  4. Where in the world are you?
  5. What is your maternal language? What language do you speak at home? Do you speak any other languages?
  6. Are you married? If so, how many years? Did you have a big wedding?
  7. Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend? if so, how many years have you been together?
  8. Are you a mom or dad? How many babes do you have? Can you tell me their first names or nicknames and ages?
  9. What do you do for a living?
  10. What did you study in University? Did you attend?
  11. What’s your favorite book?
  12. What’s your favorite movie?
  13. What is your favorite band or artist?
  14. What is your favorite food?
  15. Do you have any hobbies?
  16. What sports/activities do you practice?
  17. Do you have any pets? Can you tell me their names?
  18. What time is it for you right now?
  19. Why do you blog?
  20. What do you love about blogging? Is there something you don’t like?

Now some questions about my blog, if you don’t mind answering!

  1. Do you like my blog? Why?
  2. Am I one of your favorites? Why?
  3. Do you think I post too often?
  4. Do you think I am too open about things and should be more discreet?
  5. Do I annoy you in any way?
  6. What kind of posts do you prefer?
  7. What kind of posts don’t you like?
  8. Do you have a favorite post ever?
  9. Do you have any suggestions?
  10. Is there something you would like to see on my blog?


  • These questions should be answered in the comment section.
  • You can answer them as topics or do a small text.
  • You can skip the ones you don’t want to answer.
  • You can think of this as a tag and do the same on your blog, to get to know your readers!!

Extra: I would be very happy if you left a link to your blog or to your favorite posts, old or new. Just leave your links after your questions or even the links alone, if you don’t want to answer my questions.

Thank you so much for reading, following, liking, commenting. Thank for being here.


P.S. Feel free to use this post for YOUR readers. Just link back to me, please!




250 New Friends + Mini Giveaway

I’m happy to report that I have acquired 250+ followers in less than a month. I got to 1000 on May 19th and today, on June 14th, I’m happily at 1252 + 7 email followers.

This means so much to me because I think, I mean, I know, I have been slacking a little. I’m not posting as often or as much and I’m not working as hard as I’ve been for the past few months.

I’m way behind on some people’s blogs. So behind that they have stopped coming to mine. Oh yes, I do notice these things. They may think I don’t care but the truth is, I’m just overwhelmed and behind on my blogging work. I’ll get to them and, hopefully, they will keep visiting my blog once they’ve realized I still care about theirs? I hate losing friends. On the other hand, I’m a little hurt that some people will stop commenting and reading if you don’t visit their blog for a few days/weeks. Moving on…

Being a current slacker, I’m happy that my blog keeps growing in numbers. I wasn’t expecting this since my views have been a little lower since I haven’t been posting as often and not reading other blogger’s work as often.

You may ask as many times as you wish, but I will keep telling you I have no idea where these people come from. I honestly don’t. And I don’t care, as long as they’re here.

Anyway, to celebrate another milestone I’ve decided to do a mini – giveaway. But you’ll have to work for it. Oh yeah. As I’ve told you, I’m doing a new vlog on Saturday, to answer the questions left by my readers on my recent poll. I would like to have a few more questions, so I’m giving away a 10€ Starbucks Gift Card for the most original question that you can come up with. 

If you want to participate, you just have to leave me a question (or 20) in the comments. The most original question gets the gift card. It’s not much, but I want you to have coffee or tea or a cookie on me.

I’m re-blogging my get to know my readers post, so my new followers can introduce themselves if they wish to do so. If you’re a new follower, I’d be so happy if you would answer my questions and leave me a few links to your posts.

Thank you so much for the support, old and new.

You make my days.


Health for days journey – May, 2nd (update; My new studying schedule and a recipe!!)

Hey there,

Are you having a nice morning/afternoon/evening?

I had a good day.

  • I reached 900 followers!!
  • I spend the whole afternoon talking to an old friend, one of my best friends through Facebook messenger, just catching up. I am really happy about it. We hadn’t talked since 2014!! But I never forget about people, so I’m happy we talked;
  • I also “spoke” to my best friend Ricardo through Facebook messenger for a couple of hours. We keep in touch but not as much as I would like, so it was nice, as always.
  • I changed my personal Facebook profile picture and got a few compliments, always good for the ego.
  • People are happy that I decided to share my blog on my personal Facebook and a few friends have congratulated me.
  • It’s 11.05 p.m and I have already got 500 views. It has been a good day for views. 243 people have visited my blog today, so far.

Let’s see what I managed to accomplish from my to-do list:

  • Stay out of trouble (There’s a bottle of coke in the fridge) and stay true to my health journey! – I drank a small glass of coke; There’s no hope for me.
  • Drink at least 1,5 l of water; – I didn’t pay attention, need to be better tomorrow. But I might have been close. I am drinking berry tea with lemon right now;
  • Drink less coffee and milk (I need to work on this in general); – Nope. Two cups of coffee with milk today!! I mean, it’s more milk and coffee (instant coffee powder), so more milk. It’s skimmed and lactose-free, but still;
  • Wash the dishes and make the kitchen spotless; – I did wash a bunch of dishes, but didn’t clean the kitchen. I have a new bunch of dishes from dinner, I’m a messy cook, everyone says so;
  • Do a ton of laundry!! (This task never ends); – It wasn’t that much after all, I must have been dreaming about laundry. I have a bunch to fold and that IS a nightmare!
  • Come up with a final draft for my daily schedule; – Done, will show it to you now;
  • Change our bed; – Will do this in 5 minutes before bed;
  • Open the windows; – Done. Several windows and the door have been open all day;
  • Stalk the mailman until he brings me a book I’m waiting for and a postcard from my dearest friend Dippy-Dotty Girl– Didn’t have to stalk the guy, the postcard came!!!
  • Stop Rosa from eating the mailman; – He’s alive, but she barked like she was going to eat him, helmet, bike and all;
  • Keep up with my blog reading!! – Will do so now, until I go to bed;
  • Make a list of all the Awards I need to write and post; – Absolutely forgot. Tomorrow it is;
  • Call mother and sister; – They both called me. My sister actually called me twice. And my mother has just teased me on Facebook messenger saying I must have nothing to do because I was online all day; 
  • Make something delicious for dinner. Mr. R might kill me but I’m thinking of a vegetarian dinner. I might make him some steak on the side if he complains too much; – I made something delicious, but I have no appetite so only Rui had dinner; It was vegetarian either, as you will see;


My new schedule:

Can you read my shitty handwriting? For a teacher I’m pretty bad!

So, the intention is to organize my days, so I can have enough time for everything, especially study for my final exams in July. I only need to do 3 exams to finish my degree, but I’m doing extra courses so I can have an extra minor in History. I’m also doing German, to complete the A1 level. I will do 8 exams, in July. I have 2 months to get prepared which is more than enough, since most of these course I have done and failed (which means I know some of the materials but didn’t do well enough to pass) and the materials are easy.

I like to multitask, especially at mealtimes. I usually have breakfast or lunch or my afternoon snack while blogging or reading. Sometimes I watch shows or videos or listen to music while blogging or reading blogs.

I forgot to schedule the time for my afternoon snack, but it should be around 4 p.m. I won’t be having a morning snack, because I’m having a late breakfast between 9 a.m and 10 a.m and an early lunch, at noon.

I’m also trying to give my blog a little structure. Just a little, because I love it the way it is, all over the place, posting when I feel like doing it. I will keep posting every single day, my health for  days journey. I decided that on Wednesdays, I will post all of my recipes for that week and meal plan for the following week, as well as a grocery balance. I thought it would be nice do a weekly recap/favorites on Saturday and to have a guest post on Sunday. Would you like to do a guest post for me? Email me 🙂

I have no exercise schedule for Saturday because I hope I can go swimming and I don’t have one for Sunday because it will be my rest day. We’ll have date night on Saturday, going out or staying home and doing pizza night or movie night. My cheat day will be Saturday or Sunday, I can only pick one. I have scheduled some time on Wednesday to watch some movie, there are a few movies that I want to watch that Rui is not interested in watching, such as old classics. I might blog about that movie, as I rarely do reviews.

My health for day journey posts will include the same as always:

  • What I eat
  • Water I drink
  • To-do list for the day
  • General news about my daily life
  • Things I’m grateful for

Now, it’s time to share the recipe that I made for tonight’s dinner:

Ground beef and vegetables pasta


  • 500 g of ground beef
  • 200 g of frozen peas
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 medium red bell pepper
  • 500 g of whole wheat pasta
  • Garlic powder, parsley powder, olive oil, salt and mixed peppers according to your taste
  • Tomato pulp


  • Cook the pasta in boiling water with salt and a drizzle of olive oil (so it doesn’t stick together). It takes about 10 minutes to be done. Once cooked, pour the water and set aside.
  • Chop the onion and the red bell pepper and add them to a pan (I use a wok), adding the frozen peas. Drizzle of olive oil and let it “fry” while stirring;
  • Add the ground beef, stirring until it gets lighter instead of red. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder and parsley powder;
  • When the ground beef is almost cooked, add the tomato pulp and leave for 10 minutes in medium heat, stirring occasionally;
  • Serve the ground beef and veggies with the pasta. I added a red cabbage, raw onion and cucumber salad on the side;


Hope you like it, guys!

See you tomorrow!!



Health for days journey – day 18 (I really need to clean the kitchen edition)

Hello word,

Hope your listening… okay these are the lyrics from a song by One Republic.


Good morning or good afternoon or good evening or good night and you’ll read this tomorrow!! You never know with the timezone, do you?

Here I am, one more day, trying to be healthy and active and happy.

I must tell you I’m obsessed with Poldark and that I’m going through a great sacrifice by doing my chores and blogging instead of watching it!! Just kidding, you guys and this blog are one of my priorities. Verity can wait. She has been for a while, poor thing. (I’m sure this doesn’t make sense if you haven’t watched the show).

I must also tell you I’m a disaster. While using my keys to open my mail box, I let them fall outside of the gate, the locked gate. Those were the only keys I had. I had to retrieve them using a metal clothes hanger and a hymen. I felt like inspector gadget or something, but I’m happy I could get them back. Otherwise I would have to create a station near the gate and wait for someone to pass and pick up my keys. Not humiliating at all!!! Oh, I couldn’t pull the hanger back so, right this second, I have a clothes hanger outside my gate. People must thing I’m less than sane! Why do these things happen when your man is away?

So, plans for today:

  • Drink, at least, 8 glasses of water!! Can you all take the challenge??? Let’s drink water together. (I do realize I sound like a freakin Nestle commercial);
  • Clean my kitchen!!
  • Do laundry, fold a bunch and put it away!
  • Call my library, tell them I need the extra 15 days!!
  • Cook my chicken curry/curry chicken? Help me, I speak no English!
  • Put some fruits and veggies into this body!!
  • Do some exercise!!
  • Read all of the posts I have in my reader!!

I guess that’s it. I’ll be happy if I accomplish this, and then go and watch some Poldark.

New rule:

Dear readers, please pay attention. There’s no point in following me so I will follow back. I will only fall back if you introduce yourself, actually show that you have interest in what I write and engage with me and this community. So if you want me to follow your blog, tell me your name, leave some links, just talk to me!! I will only bite if you’re a giant piece of chocolate, so you’re safe!!!



Health for days journey – day 17 (update)

Good evening, dear friends? How was your day?

I did nothing productive.

I mean I blogged for more than 6 hours. Just answering comments and reading other blogs. It does take a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Health wise, I did not exercise. Must get back to it.

After my oatmeal for brunch I had:

Snack: Yogurt

Dinner: 2 pieces of toasts and some milk with decaf (I didn’t feel like cooking just for myself, plus the kitchen is a mess and I didn’t want to deal with that today lol)

I also had 5 glasses of water with lemon. I know I should aim for eight, but I’ve only had 5 so far. I still might drink some water before bed, so…

Today I’m grateful for:

  • Reaching 800 followers
  • Amazing comments from friends
  • The good weather that allowed me to dry so much laundry
  • Watching Poldark and getting hooked
  • Talking to my mother on the phone

I will, from now on, always say 5 things that I’m grateful for, with every update.

Tomorrow I must clean the kitchen and fold and put away a ton of laundry.

Questions of the day:

Did you get enough water today?

What are you grateful for?

What tasks do you have for tomorrow?




100 People in ten days? Oh my! Let’s party!!!!!!

So I have 800 followers!!

In less than 3 months!

Did I ever expect this? No way!!

Am I happy about it? Absolutely!!

I’ve just celebrated 700 followers 10 days ago.

This blog just keeps surprising me!!

If you would like me to follow back, introduce yourself and leave a link with your favorite posts!! I love getting to know my readers and it’s a pleasure to follow back, if you give me the chance!!

Let’s do a blog party??

I invite everyone to leave one or two link to their blogs, so other people can follow you!! Let’s all be friends!!