Health for days journey – day 18 (update)

Good evening, my friends!!

How was your day?

I’m currently watching Poldark while blogging. I love to multitask!!

I’m really loving this show and definitely recommend it if you like period shows!

So my plans for today were:

  • Drink, at least, 8 glasses of water!! Can you all take the challenge??? Let’s drink water together. (I do realize I sound like a freakin Nestle commercial);  – I have only drank 6, so far. Please tell me you’re better than me. What a foolish girl, cannot even complete her own challenge. Well, I need to take my night pills so I might drink glass of water number seven. Not too bad!
  • Clean my kitchen!! – I spent about 2 hours (or more) washing dishes that were there to wash since Sunday. I should be ashamed for letting them sit for so long. I am not, though. You know I’m shameless. 
  • Do laundry, fold a bunch and put it away! – I was able to wash and dry a ton of laundry but I have yet to fold it and put it away. That’s okay, though. I mean to do some Spring cleaning, get rid of some things, separate what doesn’t fit and rearrange and reorganize the way we store our clothes. I might get to that tomorrow!
  • Call my library, tell them I need the extra 15 days!! – Totally forgot, but they are open tomorrow and my deadline is not over yet, no harm done!
  • Cook my chicken curry/curry chicken? Help me, I speak no English! – Continuing “my man isn’t here so weird shit happens saga, I was unable to cook my chicken breast because it got stuck in the freezer. That’s right. It’s frozen and glued to the freezer rack. I tried every possible way to pull it out, but did not succeed. 
  • Put some fruits and veggies into this body!! – Bad girl, no veggies!! I had two kiwis and a few tiny apples, though.
  • Do some exercise!! – My 2 + hours dishes adventure and the fact that I had to water our huge vegetable garden can count as exercise for today. No? Okay. 
  • Read all of the posts I have in my reader!! – Yes, I did. I always do. To be very, very honest it’s getting hard! I spend about 4/6 hours a day blogging, just answering to comments and reading other people’s blogs and liking, commenting, etc. I love it so much so it’s not boring or hard in that way. Just almost like an unpaid full-time job!

Things to improve: (new feature)

  • I was too lazy to use moisturizer after my shower. This cannot be. I have super dry skin and need to take care of it;
  • Now that I’m home every day, I have the chance to brush my teeth after lunch and I always forget. And I should floss, too;
  • Really focus on my water intake, my vegetable and fruit portions and exercise. I must not slack in this department!!
  • Take more pictures during the day, to include in my posts.
  • Stop biting my nails!

Things I’m grateful for:

I must apologize to dear Friederike, who blogs over at The World of Fritters because I forgot to mention that I decided to include “things I’m grateful for” in my updates because I was inspired by her post The “Thankful Journal”!! Please go over to her blog a look around. You’ll love it!! Thank you so much for the lovely idea, my friend!!

  • Good weather that allowed me to dry so much laundry (do I sound like a middle age housewife? I am one at heart. Proudly)
  • A new show to watch!!
  • New readers and friends!! (seriously, there’s someone new every single day. I’m so thankful for it)
  • My blogging friends who always read and comment and support me. I love you guys so much!!
  • Talking to my mom on the phone, we always have so much fun.
  • Finishing a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner that I used to take to the gym and a big bottle of shower gel. I love finishing products lol
  • Having the company of my Rosa. I love that she is my little sidekick!
  • Being home alone for the first time (this is a little isolated) and not being afraid at all.
  • Sleeping well and waking up to lovely notifications!

What I ate:

  • My oatmeal for brunch;
  • 2 pieces of toast (special seeds bread) with vegetable spread (non-fat), some milk (skimmed, lactose-free) with coffee and 2 kiwis.
  • Dinner: Not actually dinner, I just ate a few baked apples with a little stevia and cinnamon. More of a treat than a proper dinner. I was not that hungry and the apples were getting old so. I’m going to eat something more before bed;

Glasses of water: 6 so far (almost midnight)

Oh, I must tell you about this amazing app I have just downloaded. I found out about it because my dear friend Maggie has been using it, blogging about it, as you can read in this post Little Accomplishments (an amazing blogging series). She loves it and recommends it, so I decided I might try it. The name is Plant Nanny and you can download it to help you drink more water. You adopt a little plant and the more you drink, the more it grows. It’s great fun, really. Please check it out!!

That’s it for today, dearest friends!!

See you tomorrow.





42 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 18 (update)

  1. Not a bad day Cheila! You got a lot done, be proud of what you’ve accomplished!! 😀
    Also, with the frozen chicken, I’ve had that happen, just attack it. It’s what I do, bash it with something till it finally decides to come out. I have only drunk one glass of water, but I’ve only been up with four hours. So thank you for the reminder to drink another few glasses!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. such a great day Cheila xxx…I have already had 3 large glasses of water. 1 as soon as I woke up and 2 when i got home from walking the dogs. Plus I had a bowl of soup (actually two soups in one – veggie soup and lemon chicken coconut soup with chili for breakfast – it has water in it also lol….that was for breakfast. Chicken curry or curry chicken…both are correct as far as Im concerned…I think your english is very good. Not sure how to get the chicken out. Was it in a bag? or not? you may have to leave it until you defrost the freezer one day…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahah a middle age housewife! 😂 that made me laugh. Drying clothes on a clothesline saves money, so I think it’s awesome 🙂 Yay I’m glad that you like Plant Nanny! I love it. I’m drinking more water now than I ever have before, lol. What kind of plant are you growing right now?


    • Of course!! Your brilliant post inspired me to do something so good! We should always write what we’re grateful for. We tend to forget. If I’m gonna do it on a journal I will forget about it, so I’ll do it on the blog!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The stuck frozen chicken made me chuckle! I think you’ve still done well with 6 glasses of water (maybe even 7 if you managed the nighttime one). I drink a lot of fluids during the day anyway but it can help to go for something like green tea or mix water with squash if you need to change things up a little 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My man isn’t here so weird shit happens saga😂 stuff like this tends to happen to me when my bf is at work. One time I made a smoothie with our new blender and during the blending the top got stuck pretty tightly, I struggled for a few mins to get it off and almost gave up. Like ugh why does this happen when he has to be away! Lol. You usually get most of your plans done so don’t worry if you miss a few- you’re human not a machine💖 though sometimes we might feel like that.
    I saw the plant nanny app too earlier, it’s so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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