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My new following rules and some blogging thoughts!! (New followers, this post is mainly for you)

Hey guys, I'm sorry this is my third post today. I wanted to tell you that I understand that, because people are really busy, I don't expect you to read so many posts. I usually write 2 a day, now... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on Blogging

For the last few days, since I asked for questions for my Q&A and someone asked what do I expect for my blog in the future, I felt like I needed to share some thoughts on blogging with my readers,... Continue Reading →

Monthly blog report on June 26th because I forgot my 5 month blog anniversary on the 24th #Getyour****together

Hey there lovely people, I'm so dumb I forgot my 5 month blog anniversary on the 24th. My poor blog. Mama forgot to celebrate with a nice post. Anyway, I'll tell you this blog as given me this past 5... Continue Reading →

Calling All New Followers: Getting to know YOU – Questions for my readers!!

Hey there, dear friends!! I would love to know more about the people who read my blog every day and comment and talk to me so often so I though… I would ask! These questions may be too personal for... Continue Reading →

250 New Friends + Mini Giveaway

I'm happy to report that I have acquired 250+ followers in less than a month. I got to 1000 on May 19th and today, on June 14th, I'm happily at 1252 + 7 email followers. This means so much to... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – May 30th (update)

Good evening friends, I'm kind of sad and a bit surprised about something. Someone has stopped reading my blog because of my cursing. I didn't think it was that bad. Remember my survey from a few days ago? When I... Continue Reading →

One Thousand – Mil – Mille – Tausend – 1000 – OMG

  What can I say that will be enough to thank you all? What can I say that will show you how happy I am? 1000 x Thank you!!  

Health for days journey – May, 2nd (update; My new studying schedule and a recipe!!)

Hey there, Are you having a nice morning/afternoon/evening? I had a good day. I reached 900 followers!! I spend the whole afternoon talking to an old friend, one of my best friends through Facebook messenger, just catching up. I am... Continue Reading →

900 friends!!!

Dear friends, I'm so happy I have reached yet another amazing milestone. I've been only blogging for 3 months and the results I have achieved are amazing and so much more than I could ever hope for. People keep following... Continue Reading →

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