Health for days journey – day 17 (update)

Good evening, dear friends? How was your day?

I did nothing productive.

I mean I blogged for more than 6 hours. Just answering comments and reading other blogs. It does take a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Health wise, I did not exercise. Must get back to it.

After my oatmeal for brunch I had:

Snack: Yogurt

Dinner: 2 pieces of toasts and some milk with decaf (I didn’t feel like cooking just for myself, plus the kitchen is a mess and I didn’t want to deal with that today lol)

I also had 5 glasses of water with lemon. I know I should aim for eight, but I’ve only had 5 so far. I still might drink some water before bed, so…

Today I’m grateful for:

  • Reaching 800 followers
  • Amazing comments from friends
  • The good weather that allowed me to dry so much laundry
  • Watching Poldark and getting hooked
  • Talking to my mother on the phone

I will, from now on, always say 5 things that I’m grateful for, with every update.

Tomorrow I must clean the kitchen and fold and put away a ton of laundry.

Questions of the day:

Did you get enough water today?

What are you grateful for?

What tasks do you have for tomorrow?





72 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 17 (update)

  1. Blogging takes a lot of work, actually. We all think it’s going to be fun and games, and at some point in the future we find ourselves typing out missives about cheese or some other insane thing, haven’t eaten for days and unsure what time it is…
    Okay…maybe I’m exaggerating.
    Gratitude lists are really helpful in maintaining/developing a more positive attitude in life. They really do help after a while.
    800 followers is absolutely astronomical! Congratulations!

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  2. Hi lovely! Blogging is a lot of work, you’re right! But we all appreciate all the love and stories you send us! That makes it worth it…Right?! ♥️

    I wasn’t very productive either. I made it through work, wrote Caterpillar a log email (yikes) and that’s about all I got haha. I came home to pup patrol as I call it , aka: taking care of them, threw a pizza in the oven and now I’m netflixing with said pups. Look out world!

    I am grateful for blogging and my blogging friends – such as you! I shared my blog with one of my friends and so far, I have heard good things from her – whew! I’m also grateful for these crazy pups and antihistamines 🤣.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening with Rosa!!♥️

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  3. I would’ve spent all day blogging but my cousin is staying with us this week so we went out and did some fun things! We actually went geocaching in our neighborhood, but we could only hit the ones we could bike to, because my parents were working and so the cars were gone. We printed out five coordinates but we only found one!! One had been disabled because somebody stole it, and the rest we just couldn’t find. One we looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found! So frustrating. Sorry to unload, haha!


  4. I love the new addition of adding things you’re grateful for✨ sadly I haven’t had any water today, only juice. I’ll make sure to drink some before I go to bed. I’m grateful for this blogging experience, still going strong despite all the struggle I’ve faced, the people I’ve met that have helped me in some way, and being able to have my own place finally.
    For tomorrow’s plans, I have to do Fun Friday, Inspiration of the day, read a few blogs, read a book, edit and upload a video to PiggieVidiTv, and clean the kitchen.

    Btw, I’m dying of laughter at the first comment😂💛

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      • Yes Joss😂
        I’m currently drinking…. juice😔
        I’m making this deal now!!
        Now I have to follow through! No more juice today and I’m about to clean the kitchen in a few minutes so I’ll have it out the way

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              • Yeah my boyfriend actually has diabetes, I just started drinking a more juice because water was always my favorite but I stopped when living at his moms apartment, the water didn’t look too clean to drink. We didn’t always have the money to buy bottled water constantly, and everything else so I just got worried about what may be in the water. I know all the sugar isn’t good but in my mind I would rather have all that sugar than dirt or whatever else was coming from those sinks. I never have more than 3 glasses a day but Luckily ours here looks very clear so I will be drinking more water again!

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  5. Oh my, I definitely didn’t drink enough water today, shame on me! I’m grateful for the roof over my head, my boyfriend passing the Praxis today, having the day off and my friends and family. My tasks for tomorrow is to do a workout, clean the house and perhaps go food shopping ! Have a lovely night! X

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  6. I’m glad that my post ‘The Thankful Journal’ inspired you to list some things you’re grateful for in your ‘Health for days’ posts!
    I didn’t drink enough water yesterday either, I should really improve on that! I’m grateful for the blogging community I’m slowly beginning to grow into, my family and my friends.
    Tomorrow I have to tidy up my room because it is a complete mess! And I have to clean my hamster’s cage…
    xx Friederike

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  7. Their is a wonderful app, Water drink Reminder. You put your weight and it will tell you how much you have to drink each day.

    Than it will give a reminder for each hour to complete the goal for the day.

    It’s a wonderful app, too bad I get the reminder but I forgot the water bottle everyday to keep at my end.


    • OMG Danielle, you were right. I’m obsessed! I binge watched 4 episodes yesterday. My kitchen is a mess but i could totally spare that time to binge watch a show hahaha. It’s so good. I love the relationship of Ross and Demelza


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