… If you don’t count my depression, weight problems and bad back I’m healthy.

… I have a man who loves me so much and is able to put up with all the drama that comes with living with a person with depression.

… I have an amazing mom, and I have an amazing relationship with her. We can talk about anything.

… I have a beautiful sister, who I love so much. I know she loves me back and looks up to me and is proud of me.

… I have a great relationship with my stepdad and I know he loves me, even if I’m not his biological daughter.

… I have my own business, I can make up my own hours, miss work if I have too, etc.

… I have a fantastic group of best friends, who always support me.

… I have a beautiful crazy dog, that I love so much and loves me unconditionally.

… I have a great big office, just for myself.

… I have a cute little house, with a big garden.

… I have a fireplace.

… I can read and write. Not every one can, unfortunately.

… I have a new stove.

… I have kind, understanding students.

… I have the opportunity to attend university.

… I am intelligent and love to learn.

… I have a great new doctor.

… I have my blog. I’m in love with my blog.

… I have my readers, who support me.

… I have a pink camera.

… I leave in the countryside, surrounded by green

… I leave near the beach.

… I leave near the beautiful city of Lisbon.

… I leave in a country where there is no war, not much drama and the weather is usually great.

… I can cook.

… I have a library card.

… I have lots of clothes. Not all of them fit, but that’s a different story.

… I don’t know prejudice. I’m not racist, homophobic or anything of the sort. I don’t discriminate and I have an open mind.

… I feel loved.

… I’m in a steady, loving, healthy relationship.

… I have a great sense of humor.

… I can speak English.

… I can teach English.

… I have running water, electricity and gas.

… I have a bed to sleep every night. (unless the dog peed on it and I have to sleep on the couch)

… I have a couch.

… I have money for food (meaning cereal)

…I have most of my teeth.

…I can watch movies and series.

… I’m alive.


Would you like to give me your list? Tell me, what do you have to be grateful for? What makes you feel lucky?