I’m very lucky because…

… If you don’t count my depression, weight problems and bad back I’m healthy.

… I have a man who loves me so much and is able to put up with all the drama that comes with living with a person with depression.

… I have an amazing mom, and I have an amazing relationship with her. We can talk about anything.

… I have a beautiful sister, who I love so much. I know she loves me back and looks up to me and is proud of me.

… I have a great relationship with my stepdad and I know he loves me, even if I’m not his biological daughter.

… I have my own business, I can make up my own hours, miss work if I have too, etc.

… I have a fantastic group of best friends, who always support me.

… I have a beautiful crazy dog, that I love so much and loves me unconditionally.

… I have a great big office, just for myself.

… I have a cute little house, with a big garden.

… I have a fireplace.

… I can read and write. Not every one can, unfortunately.

… I have a new stove.

… I have kind, understanding students.

… I have the opportunity to attend university.

… I am intelligent and love to learn.

… I have a great new doctor.

… I have my blog. I’m in love with my blog.

… I have my readers, who support me.

… I have a pink camera.

… I leave in the countryside, surrounded by green

… I leave near the beach.

… I leave near the beautiful city of Lisbon.

… I leave in a country where there is no war, not much drama and the weather is usually great.

… I can cook.

… I have a library card.

… I have lots of clothes. Not all of them fit, but that’s a different story.

… I don’t know prejudice. I’m not racist, homophobic or anything of the sort. I don’t discriminate and I have an open mind.

… I feel loved.

… I’m in a steady, loving, healthy relationship.

… I have a great sense of humor.

… I can speak English.

… I can teach English.

… I have running water, electricity and gas.

… I have a bed to sleep every night. (unless the dog peed on it and I have to sleep on the couch)

… I have a couch.

… I have money for food (meaning cereal)

…I have most of my teeth.

…I can watch movies and series.

… I’m alive.


Would you like to give me your list? Tell me, what do you have to be grateful for? What makes you feel lucky?



42 thoughts on “I’m very lucky because…

  1. Two really great kids who make me crazy and make me feel loved. I have lots of books and can buy more. I am free of a bad marraige. I have freedom. I am starting to finally travel. I am healthy. I’m a multipotentialite. I love to learn too and have the capacity for it. Just a few things since you asked πŸ™‚ This was a nice exercise.

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  2. I loved this!! Thank you for taking the time to embrace and appreciate all the good you have going for you in your life no matter big or small. This inspires me! Sometimes we can let 2 bad things overpower 100 good things we have going! Shows you how important it is to try and keep negativity out as it can take over at times

    Thanks for sharing this

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  3. Such a wonderful list you have here. πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to see people who are thankful for all of the good things that they have in their lives. Sometimes life is hard and it can be difficult to remember all the good we have going for us. I’m glad you have so many things that make you feel loved, happy, and lucky.

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  4. That is a lovely reminder of the good things in your life. Well done you πŸ™‚ For me, it is that I am still young, that life holds so many possibilities and that I have the most wonderful partner to share it with. I could go on and on. I was in fact thinking about this while I was out for a run in the soft, dappled sunshine in the park today and it made me feel quite so happy xx

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