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One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 23 (My inspirations)

I'm inspired by: Moms. Every type of mom. Moms can be warriors and do it all and be strong and brave and do so much. I follow 2 Youtubers who are moms and they are such an inspiration to me.... Continue Reading →

Today, I blog. And we PARTY!!!!

Welcome to "The 1000 Blog Party" Rules: Leave a comment with a small introduction, the links to your favorite articles or 2/3 latest articles and answer the following questions:   What are you wearing to my party? What are you... Continue Reading →

Giveaway Time!!

As promised, I'm hosting a giveaway to celebrate reaching 1000 followers. I hope you guys enjoy the prize I've chosen. Thank you so much for your constant support!!  a Rafflecopter giveaway Rules:  You must be a follower;  You don't need... Continue Reading →

Guest Post Sunday – “Seven things you should do before becoming a mama” by The Sicilian Mama

Dearest readers, Today I come to you with mom advice. Not my advice, of course. I'm not a mama yet and that makes this article even more interesting and useful to me. I'm sure you'll find it useful and interesting... Continue Reading →

Blogging Break

Hey guys,  It's mother's day here and I'm spending the whole day with family. We're out to lunch and then we will be together until dinner time, then eat at my parent's. I've has such a busy weekend and a... Continue Reading →

One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 6 (5 things I can’t live without)

Hello everyone, I'm super late for this, I know!! It's almost May 7th here. I was out all day. So, today's topic is: 5 things I can't live without Don't forget that I'm doing this challenge with my dear friends Maggie and Angela.... Continue Reading →

My name is Cheila

Friends, I need to tell you this: My name is Cheila!! C H E I L A C - H - E - I - L - A NOT Chelia NOT Cheilia NOT Chalia NOT Chiela Also, it's pronounced Shayla... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you!!

Hey guys, I've just realized how far behind I am in reading your posts and I just hate it. It makes me feel so bad!! I just had to write this post to tell you how sorry I am and... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – day 17 (update)

Good evening, dear friends? How was your day? I did nothing productive. I mean I blogged for more than 6 hours. Just answering comments and reading other blogs. It does take a lot of work, doesn't it? Health wise, I... Continue Reading →

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