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One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 20 (What makes me unique as a teacher)

I think I have covered this topic on day 19, but I thought I might tell you a little bit more about my methods, and why, in my opinion, I've been successful as a teacher. Patience: I'm extremely patient while... Continue Reading →

One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 19 (Why and How I started my business)

If you don't know much about I was doing for work before I came home to take care of myself in order to treat my depression and anxiety, that's perfectly okay. I plan on starting by telling you what kind... Continue Reading →

One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 13 (My dream job)

Here I am, for the third time today. Did you miss the annoying amount of daily posts and bad jokes? So did I, so did I. I'm back because, once again, I'm late for my blogging challenge. Well, I'm 2... Continue Reading →

Health for days journal – Day 1 (planning)

Good morning dear friends, It's 07.55 a.m and I couldn't sleep. That's okay. I'm home, so I have plenty of time to take a nap later. I already had breakfast, made my list of to-dos for the day and now... Continue Reading →

Life update – News and Changes

Hello dear friends, First of all, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to send well wishes and hugs and prayers in my moment of sickness. My gastritis is still on fire, but a little better.... Continue Reading →

Normal is happy

Good evening my dear friends, I write to you being already on my pajamas, sitting on my living room rug, near my space heater. It feels comfortable. Getting home, getting rid of all accessories, clothes, makeup, put your hair up... Continue Reading →

Better than normal!

First of all, am I too sleepy or they have changed the position of the thingies when you go write a post?? Change makes me nervous. Whatever... Today was a great day!! I couldn't sleep a wink last night, which... Continue Reading →

I’m very lucky because…

... If you don't count my depression, weight problems and bad back I'm healthy. ... I have a man who loves me so much and is able to put up with all the drama that comes with living with a... Continue Reading →

Brighter days will come!

Today was hard. Here I am, stuffing my face with cereal while I tell you all about it. I usually describe my depression and anxiety as going through your daily life carrying a huge backpack full of rocks, while other... Continue Reading →

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