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Day by Day – Health Journey (27.07.17) I got the job!! + Vacation Plans

Hello my dear friends!! I'm very happy and in a very good mood. I was offered the job I really wanted and that I had recently interviewed for and I, of course, said yes. I'll start on September 1st, which... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – May 17th (hands of a worker edition)

Hey guys!! As you can see by the time, I've totally failed at waking up early today. I slept for 12 freaking hours. I blame gardening! I also blame gardening for the fact that my hands are a little swollen,... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – May 5th (I didn’t know they made lavender tea edition)

Hello there, my dearest people (I'm in dictator mode) Are you happy it's Friday? I bet you are!! Since I'm home, the days of the week don't matter that much, since I have the whole week to myself and the... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – day 17 (The “I haven’t cleaned my house since before Easter and deeply regret it”) edition!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, What a beautiful Thursday this is. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Rosa is getting crazy because she wants to catch them all... Just a normal Spring day. We are having a ladies'... Continue Reading →

I’m very lucky because…

... If you don't count my depression, weight problems and bad back I'm healthy. ... I have a man who loves me so much and is able to put up with all the drama that comes with living with a... Continue Reading →

Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

Me, Cheila, Oscar lover, didn't watch the ceremony this year. It's probably the first year it has happened since maybe 2011. And why, you guys ask. Because I was too tired! What the what? Yes. I had watched all the... Continue Reading →

Little thoughts and updates

Dear reader, I decided I should write something more personal, as my last posts have been about Awards, followers, etc, and That's not me. I want this to be a personal blog, I the last few posts don't sound like... Continue Reading →

Meet Rosa – The cutest dog ever!

First of all, I feel that I need (we all do) do thank Steph from¬†ScaleitSimple¬†for the best blog party! Well, it was my first but I thought it was awesome so for me is the best ever! I got to... Continue Reading →

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