Health for day journey – May 15th (update)

Good evening my friends,

How was your day? Are you glad Monday is over.

I feel super tired today, have no idea why. I don’t feel like I’ve done that much but I’m beat. I didn’t even do all of the things I wanted to do from my to-do list and my body feels so tired. I’m also slow. I think I take more time to do things these days.

So, about my to-do list:

  • Scrub the bathroom from top to bottom. Make sure I have towels, toilet paper, tissues, soap, extra toothbrushes and everything the guests might need in a place where they can immediately see it and ready to use; – Done, deep cleaned the bathroom. It took me over an hour, maybe two. 
  • Wash the dishes I haven’t washed during the weekend. Clean the stove. Clean the open shelving, behind appliances and the floor. Wash Rosa’s bed; – Washed the dishes and cleaned the stove but didn’t touch the shelves, behind appliances or the floor. Neither did I wash Rosa’s bed.
  • Do some laundry, put away a basket that is already washed; – Did two loads of laundry, currently drying. Didn’t put any laundry away.
  • Change and make my bed; – Will do it now, just before going to bed.
  • Water the plants; – Done;
  • Read some blogs; – I haven’t. I’m so bad with this right now. 
  • Read and answer comments; – Yes, I’ve done this during the day and still doing it now, the ones that come up. 
  • Make dinner; – Made dinner!
  • Organize my general to-do list; – Nope. Need to do it tomorrow because is the prompt of our challenge.
  • Exercise; – I was going to (really) but my body feels sore because I didn’t stop all day so I don’t feel like it.


 – I did some work around the garden, cleaning up a little (we have a big pine tree so we the needles fall on the floor, flower beds, etc), pulled some weeds, plowed some plants, cleaned some plants of their old leaves, etc.

– Talked to my mom on the phone for a good while;

– Spent a little time with Rui when he got home;

– Already washed dishes from dinner and cleaned the stove again;


Food and water:

  • Brunch: Oatmeal with banana slices, cinnamon and honey; Espresso coffee with milk and stevia; 3 kiwis;
  • Snack: Two bites of dark chocolate (85% cacao)
  • Dinner: Whole-wheat pasta with red bell-peppers, sweet corn, ham cubes and green beans. Soy cream sauce;
  • I drank 4 glasses of water only. Maybe 5?


I’m grateful for:

  • Good sleep;
  • An outside space where I can do some gardening;
  • Healthy plants;
  • Good weather to dry laundry;
  • No dishes to wash tomorrow;
  • Being close to 1000 followers;
  • Getting my blogging mojo back;
  • Hot water to shower;
  • Nice people who always leave nice comments and support me;


I just got an amazing back massage from Rui. Doing dishes leaves me with back pain (most chores do). Now I’m off to a hot shower and maybe straight to bed? I wanted to read some blogs but I’m feeling super tired. I need to wake up earlier tomorrow so I can do more than I did today. I’m behind on a few things. Aren’t I always?

I hope you have a wonderful night, that you sleep peacefully and wake up feeling happy and refreshed!!

Good night, loves.



16 thoughts on “Health for day journey – May 15th (update)

    • I did, a bit. But I get kind of frustrated when I don’t complete the list. I love the accomplishment feeling!! I am… I’m gonna do a nice giveway and blog party!!

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