Here I am for another day of this monthly challenge that I am doing with Maggie and Angela. Please make sure to check her blogs and read about their phobias!

Now, about mine:

I don’t think I have any lol I’m being serious. I used to be deadly afraid of cameras, especially security cameras. They would give me the creeps. Not so much anymore.

I used to be afraid of home phones, landlines. Every time a phone would ring I would associate the sound with bad news, no idea why.

There was also elevators. I would go up to the 8th floor if I had to, just so I wouldn’t have to take an elevator. This was especially bad if I was on my own, I would take them if I had company. Nowadays, they no longer bother me.

I used to be afraid of the paranormal, but it was something that changed with age.

The only thing I’m afraid is death. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid someone I love will die. That scares me shitless. Does that count as a phobia?

Sorry guys, I wish I had something more exciting. Bees, snakes, spiders, blood, darkness, none of that bothers me at all.

What about you? Do you have any phobias?

Please do share!!