One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 15 (My phobias)


Here I am for another day of this monthly challenge that I am doing with Maggie and Angela. Please make sure to check her blogs and read about their phobias!

Now, about mine:

I don’t think I have any lol I’m being serious. I used to be deadly afraid of cameras, especially security cameras. They would give me the creeps. Not so much anymore.

I used to be afraid of home phones, landlines. Every time a phone would ring I would associate the sound with bad news, no idea why.

There was also elevators. I would go up to the 8th floor if I had to, just so I wouldn’t have to take an elevator. This was especially bad if I was on my own, I would take them if I had company. Nowadays, they no longer bother me.

I used to be afraid of the paranormal, but it was something that changed with age.

The only thing I’m afraid is death. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid someone I love will die. That scares me shitless. Does that count as a phobia?

Sorry guys, I wish I had something more exciting. Bees, snakes, spiders, blood, darkness, none of that bothers me at all.

What about you? Do you have any phobias?

Please do share!!




62 thoughts on “One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 15 (My phobias)

    • Oh yeah, I do to. Big ones. But it has changed a lot since I have Rosa. I used to cross the street if I saw a dog on the sidewalk. Nowadays I just pass it by, no issues. I wouldn’t call it a phobia


  1. I used to be afraid of the dark but it’s not as bad now (I know to stay away from horror movies which contributed 😂) I think I will always be scared of the paranormal and ghosts and my mum has to always remind me that it’s not the dead I should be worried about, it’s the living 😂 great post! 💗

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    • Oh, I don’t like crowds either. When I go to a concert I NEVER stand near the stage where it is so crowded. If there’s a fire alarm or something like that and those people all start running you’re screwed.

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    • It’s so bad. I had a student who lived on the 8th floor so I would go there twice a week and both times I would take the stairs. The building was too old, no way I was taking that elevator

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  2. My fear is Caves/mines. You know sometimes you can go on those tours of caves or mines, I would never do it. It’s not because I’m claustrophobic, it’s just something I don’t like.

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  3. Ermmm… i do not like uncontrolled crowd…i always worry something might go wrong…probably why i am yet to attend a carnival or things of that sort…i have never walked next to a dog that isnt mine…i always cross over to the other side

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  4. I’m absolutely PETRIFIED of basically any bug or animal ever. Death, ghosts, loneliness- none of it bothers me in the slightest but animals make me turn into a complete mess. I wish I could be fearless like you….

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  5. Cameras, home phones lol that’s a first. I kind of understand the house phone situation though, because sometimes you just never hear from anyone until something bad has happened. I’m definitely afraid of most creatures that crawl, or fly lol. Elevators are scary but I will still ride them. I also think I’ve developed a fear of car accidents now. My boyfriend always has to inform me that I’m okay and he’s a great driver. Yeah right. And even so, other people on the road might not be so great.

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      • I had one in December and then January one year, the January one was almost fatal if we weren’t sitting so tightly together. That saved us. Still went to the hospital with serious injuries. Been a scaredy cat since lol

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        • We hit a concrete highway separator. I was with a friend. The car hit on the side but I banged my head pretty hard on the seat. Went to the hospital by ambulance. Was not injured, just super bruised all over my body and feeling like I had taken a bad beat. Was sore and had a headache for a week. You do have reasons to be scared!!

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  6. I’m not afraid of elevators hahaha I’m afraid they are going to fall when I am in them hahaha. I am terrified of snakes and heights. I have no depth perception so when I look down everything looks flat to me, therefore I could just walk of a steep ledge and not know it until, well, it’s too late. Pretty sure that’s why I am afraid of heights 🙂

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