Getting my shit together list

I just want to give you guys and update on how things are going for me. This week I’m on medical leave until they get my sleeping medication right #zombiemode. Anyway, I feel guilty for not being working but resting has been good for me. I’ve had a lot of time to think about the things that I need to do in order to get my life back together and I came up with a list. Actually I came up with 4 pages full of things I need to take care of. If you’re nosy like me you’ll be interested in reading them, right? We will get to that. On Sunday we all went to my friend’s book release (You will get a post about her and her book soon), followed by a Burger King dinner and lots of good conversation! I just love being with my friends. Other than that I haven’t left the house, just tried to rest and be calm so I can go back full speed next week and pick up where I left off.

This is my “getting my shit together” list: (most of it is long overdue)

  • Launch my English materials website and blog, for my students; Upload all the material;
  • Take all the borrowed books I have to their respective library (libraries);
  • Set up my dental insurance;
  • Schedule a dentist appointment; (desperately in need)
  • Schedule a dermatology appointment to see about my rosacea (desperately in need, as you can see, I take great care of myself);
  • Email my teachers to tell them I won’t be attending class, just study by myself and taking the tests (3 courses);
  • Read the book my friend has just published;
  • Make a budget;
  • Take my black high heel boots to fix the heel and my sister’s black boots to get their zipper fixed;
  • Ask my students for all the books I have lent them;
  • Clean my windows and doors;
  • Find a blackboard for my office;
  • Take my printer to my office;
  • Get a better place for the office coffee machine;
  • Hang all the picture frames with inspiring messages at the office;
  • Make a copy of the keys for my Maths tutor;
  • Take Rosa to get her shot;
  • Give her internal and external parasite medicine;
  • Bathe her and brush her and try to set a fixed day of the month for bath day;
  • Mend Rui’s black pajamas;
  • Buy some candles for the house or bring the extra ones I have at the office;
  • Try to find a family doctor;
  • Take my vaccination card to my health care center so they can update my info;
  • Switch to brown rice and whole wheat pasta;
  • Find a meal planning system that works for us, maybe weekly with weekly shopping;
  • Create a Facebook page for  my blog;
  • Go visit my grandmother, start calling her twice or three times a week;
  • Plan (and save for) a bathroom renovation/redecoration;
  • Decide if we need a bigger house, check what’s out there;
  • Throw an English Party – fun group class;
  • Pick up a few extra jobs – translations and revisions, to save for summer vacation and house projects;
  • Create a morning and night routine that works for me;
  • Sign up for the gym I’ve picked;
  • Find more students for my maths tutor;
  • Listen to more music and sing – check the local choir.
  • Find some group hobbies;
  • Print some pictures and hang a few picture frames around the house, maybe do a gallery wall;
  • Organize my schedule so I can make time for the new students that are coming for exam season;
  • Do some serious last level German revisions;
  • Get a planner for my blog;
  • Buy new clothes for Rui, he needs a few things;
  • Wash all of our duvets, blankets and pillows;
  • See if they have already fixed my phone;
  • Clean and organize my laptop;
  • Get the rest of the materials for this semester and start studying;
  • Schedule a gynecologist appointment;
  • Go thrift shopping for spring tops and cardigans;
  • Shampoo my rugs;
  • Get a new reusable water bottle;
  • Start my cookbook. I know I that most of my followers are from different countries and are not familiar with Portuguese food. Me and my boyfriend are great cooks and we want to share our recipes with you guys;
  • Get a new foundation, find a good one;
  • Clean inside my kitchen cabinets;
  • Deep clean my office;
  • Watch the Oscars nominees;
  • Get all my pictures in one place, do a family album;
  • Quit my cereal, they have way to much sugar and I’m addicted;
  • Do a health check up;
  • Organize a family trip and take my parents to see my in-laws;
  • Decide on our plans for Easter;
  • Do a “day in the life post” because those are my favorites to read;
  • Get to 200 followers, so I know that people like my writing.
  • Get more Blogloving followers;
  • Find new blogs to follow, meet more great people;
  • Take more pictures, show my outfits;
  • Decide on a weight loss plan. Yes folks, I decided it’s time. You will hopefully follow me and encourage me in this journey. I currently weigh 85 kg and I need to get to 55 kg. Who wants to join me in loosing some pounds?


I think that’s it for now! Those are the things I need to take care of right now. Some of them are tasks that I should have done months ago, others are new. I would like to get this all sorted out my the end of March. I will try to update the list every Wednesday, both with new tasks and the ones I have completed.

What about you? Is there some tasks you’ve been avoiding, dragging? I would love to see a list, so we can encourage each other.

Lots of love, dear reader.

Cheila (by the way, it sounds like shay-luh)


29 thoughts on “Getting my shit together list

  1. Aw, I absolutely love that pug mug in the picture! Pugs are just so cute. ^_^
    Lists are fantastic. I am a very forgetful person so I write to-do lists just about every day. lol
    I even have a dry-erase board hung up near my desk with monthly goals and reminders that I’ve started using this year. It’s been very helpful. I use it to keep track of little things I need to get done during the month, my monthly reading and writing goals, how many blog posts I want to do during the month, the dates my bills are due, fitness goals I want to accomplish, and other miscellaneous reminders of things I want to achieve during the month.
    I really want to start budgeting my time in advance and get better at multi-tasking. There are so many things I have to do (and want to do) but it’s hard to make time for it all so I think I might benefit from allotting so much time to each task so I keep on track better.
    Your list you shared is very well thought out. And I think it’s really cool that you and your boyfriend want to share your recipes with people. I love trying new recipes!

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    • I love the mug. I have several pug things. I would love to have a pug but we don’t buy animals, we adopt. It’s not easy to find a specific race for adoption. I love lists and planing things. When I’m well I can take care of many things in one day and cross many items of my list. This is a more extreme list, because I have been slacking on many things and need to get organized. I’m a great at multitasking, normally you can find me watching a TV show, while reading blogs and sending emails or something like that lol Portuguese food is so great, I think you guys would love it

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      • I love that you guys adopt! 🙂 My family and I are definitely into adoption/rescue, too. We used to do foster care for puppies when I was a kid to help socialize them while they waited to be adopted.
        lol I totally envy your multitasking skills. That’s something I really want to try to work on this year. One of many goals, I suppose. 🙂


    • I love it too. Same for me. Juggling my work and school and taking care of a house, a pet and myself can be too much. Usually I do everything else and skip the taking care of myself part.

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  2. Forget moving a mountain one grain of sand at a time. This list looks like you are moving an entire mountain range. I see why getting rest is so hard for you. I find myself in the same boat (ALL THE FREAKING TIME) but one of my resolutions this year was to stick to make a daily list of no more than 10 necessary things. If I complete those 10 or just so happen to tackle a special task that wasn’t on my list, I mark them off and do a victory dance (or eat a victory chocolate). 🙂 Keep posting! Keep working hard! Keep spreading the motivation!

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  3. Seems like my list grows day by day! I’ve been putting off doing my taxes for a while now :/ Spring is around the corner so I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to get done too. I’m sure you’ll be able to get through your to-do list! Best wishes and hoping you feel better soon!

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  4. The best advice I read about being productive is to choose 6 things you want to accomplish one day, list them in order of how you are going to do them, and then get started. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it is quite effective. I feel like 6 is a good number because it feels manageable and not overwhelming. Good luck on your list!


  5. That all looks awesome, girl! Writing out goals is a great thing to do, because then we’re basically guaranteed to get stuff done. Ooh, if you throw an English Party, can I come? I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds like fun! lol

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  6. I need to start being more organized like you! I’m probably going to do weekly lists so I don’t get too confused! I’ve already started this weeks by adding homework! Do you have any other things I can put on it! X

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