Daily planner and journal: 18.09.17 (Much needed updates)

Hello my people!! I miss you all like crazy. I have been pretty busy now that I'm back to work and on full busy bee mode. It makes me happy but it also means I have to sacrifice some things. Remember when I told you I would stop posting several times a day as soon … Continue reading Daily planner and journal: 18.09.17 (Much needed updates)


Weekend Recap

Hey there, How is the weekend going? I'm going to do a little recap, so you guys can see what I was able to accomplish from my Weekend to-do list: Shopping, we have 0 food. I’ve been doing the laundry with dish soap. Not kidding.Β - We shopped, we planned, we cooked and we are about … Continue reading Weekend Recap

The big nap

Today wasn't as productive as yesterday, but I take what I can get. It was about 3 p.m when I started to feel extremely tired, so I decided to lie down and rest. I'm not sure if I slept but I was in bed until about 5.30 p.m. I got up feeling better and I … Continue reading The big nap

The good day!

Today was a really good day! I was feeling like myself and extremely productive. I was able to accomplish many things: I hung two loads of laundry to dry, put a second one on the washer, hung it to dry, washed a white cardigan that had to be bleached for a stain and hung it … Continue reading The good day!