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Weekly to-do lists

Weekend Recap

Hey there, How is the weekend going? I'm going to do a little recap, so you guys can see what I was able to accomplish from my Weekend to-do list: Shopping, we have 0 food. I’ve been doing the laundry... Continue Reading →

Such random thoughts

Mr. R is outside cutting one of our (small) trees. I'm supposed to be helping him but instead I'm here blogging. He's a lumberjack, I'm a lumberjackass. Two people said I'm inspiring today. I think I'm a mess most of... Continue Reading →

The big nap

Today wasn't as productive as yesterday, but I take what I can get. It was about 3 p.m when I started to feel extremely tired, so I decided to lie down and rest. I'm not sure if I slept but... Continue Reading →

The good day!

Today was a really good day! I was feeling like myself and extremely productive. I was able to accomplish many things: I hung two loads of laundry to dry, put a second one on the washer, hung it to dry,... Continue Reading →

What’s going on and what next week will look like

Here am I, Sunday night, sitting on the floor, with my back on the couch, very close to my space heater and a sleeping dog, always with a cup of coffee with milk and a notebook. Today was a good... Continue Reading →

Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

Me, Cheila, Oscar lover, didn't watch the ceremony this year. It's probably the first year it has happened since maybe 2011. And why, you guys ask. Because I was too tired! What the what? Yes. I had watched all the... Continue Reading →

Getting my shit together list

I just want to give you guys and update on how things are going for me. This week I'm on medical leave until they get my sleeping medication right #zombiemode. Anyway, I feel guilty for not being working but resting... Continue Reading →

Embrace the craziness – Plans for the week

This has been a long weekend as I haven't been working since Tuesday. It was great because I had the chance to rest and not worry, which made me less exhausted. My doctor said I was too anxious and that... Continue Reading →

La La love it and plans for the week

Before I tell you about my plans for next week I'm doing the expected weekend recap, which I feel that I shouldn't do because I never do anything that someone would consider interesting, unless your hobby is grocery shopping and... Continue Reading →

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