You guys can now follow me on Instagram!

I’ve finally created an Instagram account for my blog, please feel free to follow me there! ♥



20 thoughts on “You guys can now follow me on Instagram!

  1. I’ll follow you✨ I need to get my instagram together, I started recently but I’ve been very inconsistent with posting there. Time to get more organized lol

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      • Followed💕 I still have my personal acc, which I was gonna convert into my blogging acc bc it already has I think 2k or 3k followers and I don’t use it anymore but it’s still just a consideration for now.

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        • I’m going to keep it separate. If you read one of my last posts you know that Rui doesn’t want his picture on the blog, so it makes sense to keep him out of my blog instagram. This way I can still post pictures of us on my personal account 🙂

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          • Well that works perfectly fine🙂 I’m leaning more towards keeping mine separate too because there are some posts in the future that I may want to keep anonymous from my personal life. Sometimes It’s easier to share and discuss things with strangers over the internet anonymously than it is sharing with your friends and family


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