Student Wisdom #6

Student: How do Muslims know they are facing Mecca while praying?

Me: Well, they know. You know you have North, South, East…

Student: So for them is like North, South, Mecca?

Me: ….

Student 1: You look pretty because you have blush on.

Me: Well, thank you.

Student: Hahaha she’s saying you’re ugly when you don’t.

Me: ….

Student: You look pretty. Is it your birthday?

Me: No. That’s next week.

Student: Oh, people usually look prettier on their birthday.

Student 1: I think I’ll fail my English test. My parents will kill me.

Student 2: Mine won’t. I pretend to be very sad and they make me pork chops.

Student 1: I have such a headache, I need to take a pill.

Student 2: Don’t!! I heard that you can get cancer from taking too many pills.



20 thoughts on “Student Wisdom #6

  1. Well! Depending on the shadow of the person: The person can stand at noon time precisely when the meridian, this time the sun is vertical, and the Qiblah or facing Mecca will be on the opposite side of the shadow of the person, and spread this method in Mecca. But now, we all know that we have technologies are being used to determine it by using sort of like compass specifically used for this purpose to specify the location, this app can be downloaded through mobiles. Hope you got it

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  2. I just love kids. They are such adorable idiots. Of course, sometimes I’d just love to choke the snot out of them, but that’s another story. Hearing them talk has entertained me for years and now that I’m not teaching, it makes me so happy to be able to eavesdrop into your classroom. Thanks!

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