Weekend Plans: 23.02.18

Happy Friday fellow bloggers,

Let me tell you I’m very ready for the weekend. Not that I had a bad week or a particularly tiring one, I’m just in need of some sleep and “do nothing” me time.

I was out too much last weekend, which wasn’t that much, I just went for dinner twice, coffee once, a doctor’s appointment and a walk on the beach.

Our house needs some cleaning, desperately. I’m sort of behind on my freelance work project, meaning I’m on deadline but not where I’d like to be by now. My plants need some attention because I’ve been neglecting them for the past few weeks, while it’s rainy and still Winter. The weather is getting better and I need to make them ready for Spring.

Next week is going to be harder because the kids are preparing for their second and lasts tests of the second trimester. There will be so many hours of English, Portuguese and History tutoring. Fifteen kids for two teachers. Fifteen kids that are, more often than not hyperactive, overtired, nervous and anxious and nervous about the exams. Oh, have I mentioned their attention span issues? I’m in for a treat. Not that I mind, actually. I do love the business, endless worksheets, silly questions, dozens of exercises, hugs, jokes, kisses on their favorite teacher ever (yeah right, kid), gum begging, cracker crumbs, cellphone sneaking and laughter attacks. I love them, I have to admit. They are one of my biggest joys and sources of entertainment. However, they’re children. They’re 13, 14 or 15. They’re needy and childish and chatty and impatient. They complain and throw fits and call for me endlessly until I finally direct my full and undivided attention to them. They test me and push my buttons and make me mad. That can be harsh on your body and mind. It makes me tired for sure.

All of this to say it’s going to be a harder week. I don’t mind and I like the faster paced days but I get tired quickly and each day is a little more difficult, which then turns the weekend into a sweet, sweet reward.

Anyways, we’ll talk about next week when we get there, right? It makes more sense.

Tonight I leave work at 8, and we’re meeting friends for dinner, which always makes me so excited. We have come so far. When we were all working and going to college or having those entry level demanding jobs we would go 2 or 3 months without seeing each other and now we have dinner once a week, almost without fail. I love it. I’m feeling like pasta today, I think 🤔

It’s almost the end of February and I’ve done almost nothing of I what I wanted to do this month, so I know I’m not killing it when it comes to goals. I’ve been more active as a blogger and as a follower/reader, which is more than enough for me.

This weekend I really want to:

  • Deep clean/organized the bathroom;
  • Deep clean one of our bedroom walls that is getting moldy (there’s this perfect detergent that cleans any trace of mold or humidity marks without any damage to the surface);
  • Deep clean/purge our kitchen;
  • Laundry, always;
  • Make a dental appointment;
  • Schedule a vet appointment;
  • Force Rui to schedule an eye doctor appointment;
  • Meal plan and prep for next week;
  • Charge my power bank;
  • Work on my freelance project;
  • Clean living room;
  • Clean bedroom;
  • Change bed sheets;
  • Get two gym bags ready in advance;
  • Get my clothes ready for the week;
  • Do a little grocery shopping;
  • Do some gardening;
  • Watch a movie or two;
  • Try making homemade granola/cereal bars;
  • Get my eyebrows done;
  • Write a few letters;
  • Sell a few things online;
  • Get something for my dry ends;

I know it looks like a lot but I’ll have help for the household chores. Rui does a lot and his brother, who is staying with us, is helping too.

Have a good weekend!



Student Wisdom #8 + Bonus

Me: So, do you read?

Student: I do, I read a lot.

Me: That’s really great.

Student: Yeah, on Twitter. Some really big texts sometimes.

Me: …

Student 1: Logan Paul showed this picture of a man who had killed himself on YouTube and now he’s in trouble.

Me: That was a very bad thing to do.

Student 2: Why? the guy was already dead.

Student 1: Duh… Someone might think he had killed the guy himself.

Me: …

Me: Eating sugar is really bad for you.

Student: I don’t eat sugar.

Me: Of course you do.

Student: I don’t eat sugar packs.

Me: I know. But there’s sugar in food.

Student: Nah…

Me: Do you eat cereal?

Student: No.

Me: Well, what do you eat?

Student: Food.

Me: …

Student: Teacher, I asked x to kiss me and he kissed me on the cheek.

Me: Okay…

Student: Then I asked him to kiss me somewhere else and he kissed my other cheek.

Me: …


Old lady in the locker room, talking to another old lady:

– Well, at least you can still get dressed while standing up.

–  That’s because I can’t bend my knee.

The incontinent mailman and the crazy taxi driver. Oh, and it’s cold!

Hey guys!!

It’s just so damn cold!!

It’s 8 degrees Celsius or about 46 Fahrenheit and raining. I guess that’s not so cold for some of you guys but it is here, especially because it was a sudden drop. I can’t wait to get home and cuddle my little space heater. My knees, feet, nose, hands and butt are freezing.

How’s the weather where you are?

Are you happy it’s Friday? Do you have big plans for the weekend?

We’re changing some things around the house (again, last time was in April) because we want to transfer my side of the office to our bedroom (which is pretty big), get Rui’s desk somewhere and turn our office into a closet/a place with a guest bed. We have a ton of shit to move around and organize. And clean. And I just want to sleep. Or read. Or watch the second season of The Crown, which I have yet to do. Have you watched it?

I’m tutoring 8th grade science and 10th grade Art History until 8 p.m. I have a headache and I really want to go home. Rui has this dinner to attend so I’m probably having sandwiches for dinner. Or cereal.

My favorite part when I get home is checking the mail to see if I’ve gotten any mail or delivery from my online shopping 😍 My second favorite part is changing into my pajamas (especially taking my bra (a.k.a boob prison).


So, I had to stop writing because the kids were done with their worksheets and we had to wrap things up for the weekend. I have to take the bus and a taxi because Rui is at that freakin dinner and it’s pretty freakin cold!! Like feeling the could under my coat and warm, turtleneck sweater and thick scarf. Gosh. I was waiting for the bus when I realized I had no money so I had to run to an ATM and then run because I literally saw the bus was coming, just as I was withdrawing the money. Man, I don’t like running, nor am I good at it. But I made it. At least I’m warm now. I just hope I don’t get the taxi driver that likes to talk and look back while talking. He’s pretty nosy and freaks me out because I can imagine us running into a tree very easily while he’s not looking at the road. Yes, there are only a handful of taxi drivers here and they’re from the same company and family so I know them all. I also know the mailman by name. Oh and we’re pretty intimate now since I caught him peeing against my garage wall when he thought I wasn’t home, like a fucking dog. He did apologize and say “I’m so sorry, I thought nobody was home” – “Oh, okay. Don’t worry”. What the fuck do you answer to that?

I did get the talkative taxi driver but he wasn’t in the mood to talk, thankfully. I’m already home, in bed, with my heater and Rosa. Why can’t she just lay a few centimeters away from me? She needs to be almost on top of me. So I have to bear the weight of at least half dog. She looks pretty cute, if I forget that she stalks me into the bathroom and comes to our room to throw up (just a few minutes ago). OMD. Oh my dog.

I guess this is the most random post ever, right? I’m going to post it anyway. Bye now, there’s a true crime podcast waiting for me.

Love you all.

Have a nice weekend!


I’m gonna post it anyway.

Student Wisdom #7

Student 1 to student 2: Teacher is pretty mad. And she’s right.

(Thank you, kid. You try your best to make me mad and then feel bad about it)

Student 1: I have some lump on the left side of my throat.

Student 2: Of course you do, everyone does. They’re called tonsils.

Student 1: But they hurt when I touch, maybe I should see a doctor.

Student 2: Of course they hurt, you’re pressing them.

Student 1: But I had never noticed this. Oh, it’s on the other side too!!

Student 2: (Face palm)

Student 3: OMG, I have it too!! On both sides!! What is this??

Student 2: Not again. Same as his. Tonsils.

Student 3: But he’s right, it hurts when I touch!

Me: Yup, you’re both dying. Now shut up.

Student 1 (Female): My heart hurts.

Me: No it doesn’t, it’s on the other side.

Student 1: Oh. Is it below my boobs?

Me: Uh, not exactly but definitely on the other side.

Student 1: haha the other day I told my dad my prostate hurt.

Me and the rest of her colleagues: hahahaha

Me: That would definitely be a problem.

Student 1: Hey, are you feeling better?

Me: About what?

Student 1: You were pretty mad yesterday.

Me: Yes, I will keep on being mad.

Student 1: ….

Student 1 to my colleague: What is wrong with teacher Cheila? (I was acting cold and distant, not smiling or talking to them unless I had to)

My colleague: Well, it’s obviously a consequence of your behavior. You get what you deserve. And if you don’t know how to behave and how to respect a teacher, they won’t treat you the way you want either.

Student 1: Yeah…

Student 1 (Female): (looking at my Instagram): OMG you used to be so beautiful!

Me: What the.. Am I ugly now??

Student 1: Oh, no!! Sorry!! I meant you look beautiful with red hair!

Me: right.

Student 1 (shaming someone I don’t know): And she’s just so fat…

Me: What do you have against fat people?

Student 1: Nothing… I…

Me: I’m fat. Do you have anything to say about that? You should not judge people like that.

Student 2 (male and usually very difficult): Teacher, you’re not fat. You’re just a little fat because you were sick.

Me: (melts into a puddle)

Student 1: Teacher, do you have some gum?

Me: Nope and there will never be gum again.

Students: ….

Student 1: Teacher, my I speak to you outside?

Me: Yes, okay.

(we step outside and his mom is there waiting)

Mom: Now say what you have to say!

Student 1: Well, I have apologized yesterday…

Mom: Right now!

Student 1: Teacher, I’m sorry. I will never disrespect you again. I’m really sorry.

Me: Okay. That’s okay, if you promise to never do it again.

Mom: Next time you disrespect your teacher, this conversation will happen in your classroom, in front of all of your classmates!

Me: …

Student: …


Daily Planner and Journal – 18.10.17 “The little f*ckers made me cry and f*ck the receptionist” edition

Happy hump day, dear friends.

By the way, why is it called hump day? I’m not a native but I had this idea that hump…uh…meant something else…


Yesterday was not a very good day. sigh.

Remember I had a dentist’s appointment? Well, It was supposed to be at 3.30 p.m. When I scheduled it, the options were very limited and I told the front desk lady it was maybe too late for me because I had to be at work by 4 p.m (work is 5 minutes from the clinic). She told me it would be fine, a cleaning does not take over 30 minutes and that I could come at 3.20 p.m and, if it was taking too long, I could tell them I needed to go to work and they would rush or push forward my appointment.

As I am such a good girl, I got there at 3.20 p.m, like I was told.

I sat there and waited.

At about 10 minutes to 4 p.m (I had told my boss I would be late and it was fine) I went to the front desk and asked the receptionist why it was taking so long and mentioned that I needed to be at work soon.

She looked at me and said: “Oh, do you have an appointment today?”

I said: “Yes, I do. I scheduled it a week ago. For 3.30 p.m”

Random lady: “It’s not possible, I have a 3.30 p.m appointment”

Me: “Uh, but I schedule mine last week, how is it possible?”

Receptionist: “I do remember talking to you but I seem to have forgotten to write down your appointment.”

Me: “What? I have been waiting for 30 minutes and I am going to be late for work.”

Receptionist: “Sorry, we’re behind so the doctor won’t be able to see you today”

Me: (Getting pretty mad) ” I have been sitting here for so long and I’m going to be late for work and now you tell me I don’t have an appointment?”

Receptionist: “Sorry, this lady was scheduled for 3.30 p.m and has yet to be seen. We really cannot see you today”

Me: “Okay, fine. I need a paper saying I was here so I can justify being late for work”

Receptionist: “Okay, there you go. Would you like to schedule an appointment for Friday?”

Me: “No.”

Receptionist: “Are you sure? We have openings on Friday.”

Me: “No, I’ll call if I decide to schedule an appointment”

And I left, pretty pissed as you can imagine. I even considered writing a complaint on their complaints book but I was late already. I’m not a difficult client/customer. I never complain and I’m usually patient, even when people make mistakes. This time, I was very mad.

What would you do? 

Do you think I should be patient and understanding and forgive her mistake?

Do you think I was right and should have complained?

What type of customer are you? Have you ever been in a similar situation?



Then I got to work, and my students were being particularly difficult, which added pressure to my day.

They asked me if they could listen to some music while they were doing some exercises. I don’t usually let them but I decided I would open an exception if the worked silently.

These two kids were listening to music and kept talking. I kept telling them to be quiet and they would say “we were not even talking”. Well, I’m neither blind nor deaf. I knew they were talking and they kept at it.

At some point, one of them decided to grab his phone and show a YouTube video to one of his colleagues. I took his cellphone and told him it was not okay and that he could no longer listen to music. I looked at the phone and the video he was showing was inappropriate and showed someone giving the middle finger.

I told him I would keep his cellphone and we would have to go and talk to the head teacher and talk to his parents because he had gone way too far.

He kept being rude and disrespectful and saying he had not done anything wrong. He proceeded to behave more than badly and to try his best to get on my nerves. When I called him out on his actions, he would be extremely rude and talk back and say he was not talking or doing anything wrong. I told him he could not talk back and that he needed to respect me. He could care less. He spent the whole time “bullying” me and making sure his colleagues where watching it.

Resultado de imagem para bad behavior ecards

When we were finished I did exactly what I told him I would do and took him to the head teacher and explained the situation. She was very mad and told them it was not okay to disrespect me and that she would talk to their parents. She told them that if they were unable to respect the rules they could no longer be our students and made them apologize.

I went back to my classroom and my colleague, a much older teacher with 40+ years of experience and very different methods decided to talk to me and say it was actually my fault. She meant well and was not offensive but sad I was too nice.

In her opinion I should not smile so much, not call them “dear or honey”, make no jokes, give no snacks. She said I was buying them with cookies, which I’m obviously not. I bought cookies for my living room because they always say they are hungry and I get worried if I have nothing to give them, so I keep cookies, crackers, apples and pears.

I understand what she means. I’m nice, maternal, informal, but that is my method and it had always been. I try to be nice enough so they respect me, not because they are afraid or bored but because they like me and know I respect and like them. It works with most of them, but then there are one or two kids who take advantage of my calm demeanor and laid-back attitude.

Am I wrong? Should I be meaner?

Is it my fault when they disrespect me?

Is her method the right one?

I was nervous because I was having a bad day, stressed out and hurt because of the kid’s actions and feeling defeated because of my colleague’s words. So I sat in my classroom and cried. I never thought I would cry because of my students. But I did, and felt like a cliché. The abused, crying, frustrated teacher.

giphy (17).gif

What a shitty day.

My back was absolutely killing me and I was very tired.

I got home and went straight to bed. I didn’t even watch and episode or two of a show as I normally do. Then I woke up 3 times during the night. Oh my. I hope today is better. My back is killing me already. Thank God I have an orthopedic’s appointment tomorrow.

Anyway, I still had a to-do list to complete. Let’s check it now.

TO-DO LIST – 17/10/2017


  • Write the damn article and apologize to my client because I’m late; – I wrote it and sent it to my client. Done.
  • Tell my sister she’s getting all of my skin care products I was using before. Her skin is dry and sensitive so they will work for her; – Forgot to talk to her.
  • Make a few work decisions; – I did.
  • Talk to Amazon customer service AGAIN; – I did and I seem to be making some progress. My issues are not solved at all yet though.
  • Check our grocery budget; – No. I forgot to ask a certain guy for the numbers I needed for the 5th time. If you’re reading this, damn you Rui.
  • Plan a trip to Starbucks to try the famous pumpkin spice latter; – I forgot to talk to mister about it.
  • Continue to read Dragonfly in Amber, book 3 from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon; – I did read about 2 chapters.
  • See if IT is already available to watch online; – Checked. It’s not. #pirateproblems
  • Pick up book number 2 of two series I started in the last few weeks; – Forgot to buy the kindle version. Or maybe I am unconsciously staying away from it because I am cheap and don’t want to pay $4 for a kindle book.
  • Read a few posts and comment; – I wish. 
  • Work from 4 p.m to 8 p.m; – I finished early, at 7 p.m. My 7 p.m student did not come.
  • Find reviewers for a book; – I am still looking but have found about 5.

To-do List – 18/10/2017


  • Tell my sister about the skin care products I no longer use and am passing on to her. I want to get rid of it and they will be good for her skin. There’s an eye cream, a day cream with 20 SPF (her skin is a few tones darker than mine so 20 is enough for her), a night cream which is extremely moisturizing (she has very dry skin), a cleanser and some micellar water. She’s basically winning the lottery lol;
  • Show my students how angry I am and be mean for a few days, so they can see how their actions have consequences. The whole class is paying for the bad behavior because, when you are part of a group, everyone’s actions affect the whole group. Maybe they’ll learn something from this;
  • Write a second article for the same client as yesterday;
  • Answer a few customers (about the things I sell)
  • Please, please, please let me have the strength to clean my bathroom;
  • Read a few blogs and answer comments. Seriously!
  • Decide if I’ll make another dental appointment. If I didn’t like the dentist so much I would never go back there, but she is the best doctor I have ever met (when it comes to dentists);
  • Get my umbrella from the garage because it’s raining I might need it;
  • Change our sheets;
  • Work from 2.30 p.m to 6 p.m;
  • Trim the my hair ends, fix my eyebrows a little, maybe wax?

Very important question:

Girls, do you maintain your normal grooming routines in Winter?

Do you get a pedicure and wax as you do in warmer months?



I need to know how many of you are lazy like me.

I guess I’m done for today.

Love you, guys.

Desenho sem título (4)

Student Wisdom #6

Student: How do Muslims know they are facing Mecca while praying?

Me: Well, they know. You know you have North, South, East…

Student: So for them is like North, South, Mecca?

Me: ….

Student 1: You look pretty because you have blush on.

Me: Well, thank you.

Student: Hahaha she’s saying you’re ugly when you don’t.

Me: ….

Student: You look pretty. Is it your birthday?

Me: No. That’s next week.

Student: Oh, people usually look prettier on their birthday.

Student 1: I think I’ll fail my English test. My parents will kill me.

Student 2: Mine won’t. I pretend to be very sad and they make me pork chops.

Student 1: I have such a headache, I need to take a pill.

Student 2: Don’t!! I heard that you can get cancer from taking too many pills.


Student Wisdom #5

Student 1: Did you go to college?

Me: Sure.

Student 1: Where do you live?

Me: I live in (x)

Student 1: How old are you?

Me: I’m 25.

Student 2: ( sarcastically) Are you also gonna ask her for her address, floor, who does she live with, etc?

Student 1: …

Me: …

Me: x you need to be quiet and do your worksheet. You have done nothing so far. I don’t want to get mad at you but you leave me no choice.

Student 1: okay!

Student 2: You have such a sweet voice…

Me: …

Student 1: What breed is your dog?

Me: She’s a mutt. No breed at all.

Student 2: She’s store brand.

Me: ….

Student: I wish you could come and take my English test for me.

Me: Haha we don’t even look alike, honey.

Student: I’ll be thinking about you the whole time.

Student: I’m so worried about tomorrow’s test.

Me: Why? I think you’re well prepared.

Student: Yeah, but it’s Friday the 13th.

Me: ….

Student Wisdom #4

Student 1: Teacher, what language is this?

Me: I have no idea… It looks like Finnish or Norwegian or something like that.

Student 2: Norwegian. Such a beautiful language. I would love to know it.

Me: Really, where did you hear it?

Student 2: I haven’t.



Student 1: Were you forced to marry Rui?

Me: What? Why would you say that?

Student 1: You are so young.

Student 2: What? She’s like 30.

Me: I’m NOT 30.

Student 2: You look like it.

Me: …

Student 1: She’s 25.

Student 2: okay.

Me: Okay… So? It doesn’t happen like that. You can’t force someone to marry.

Student 1: Well, you’re just so young, I thought your parents-in-law might have forced you.

giphy (12).gif

Student 1: Hahaha he farted.

Me: Really, well…

Student 2: I would never do that to you!!

Me: Well… you could… I mean… just let it slip. That’s okay.

Student 2: That’s disrespectful, I would never do that.

Me: Not on purpose but…

Student 2: I NEVER do that to you. Not even as an accident.

source (2).gif

(Student looking at my hair very seriously)

Student: You don’t have any dandruff.

Me: haha, well that’s good.

Student: Some people do…

Me… Yeah…

giphy (16).gif

Student 1: Women can do more than one thing at a time.

Student 2: I’m a man and so do I. I can sleep and snore at the same time.

giphy (15).gif

Student 1: Teacher, do you have a tissue?

Me: Sure, here.

Student 2: I’m hungry…

Me: Here, have some crackers.

Student 3: Can I have some gum?

Me: Sure, there you go.

Student 4: Wow, you have EVERYTHING.

giphy (14).gif

Student 1: What’s the name of that guy that went around the earth to prove that it was round because everyone thought it was a square but then died before he even got there?


giphy (13).gif