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Impulse buys – Dishwasher

Once upon a time a poor little lady was washing dishes from a whole week... She was probably looking really sad, wet and miserable, while washing over 20 plates, endless glasses and so much cutlery. But the worst, the worst... Continue Reading →

Blessed day (literally)

Hey guys, How are you? Just having a regular Saturday, aren't you? NOT US!! We have the pope. Our soccer team might win the National Championship for the 4th year in a row today! Benfiiiiicaaaa!!!!   We might win the... Continue Reading →

My hospital adventures (and the Russian House M.D)

Hey there, dear friends!! If you read my blog often you probably missed me for the last 24 hours. I usually post at night and then at lunch time, which I didn't do. After my last post, I began to... Continue Reading →

A couple of druggies, a Czar and the internet guy! (Oh and a snake, too)

Hey there, my friends! As you can see, I'm leaving this day out of my health for days journey. Why? Well, remember I had told you I needed to wake up early and go with Mr. R to take care... Continue Reading →

Things I want my friends to buy me for my birthday, now that I’m a Harry Potter fan…

Dear friends, My birthday is on October 23rd! I'm going to be 26, so I expect no less than 26 presents!! I'm like Dudley hahahahaha!!! Start gathering your spare money   This is my wishlist:          ... Continue Reading →

An Ode to my cereal

Oh, dear cereal. Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same. So you're chocolate and milk, but you feel like silk, when you call by my name.   To the moon and back, On the road,... Continue Reading →

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