100 Questions Tag – Borrowed from Brooke Jade!!

I saw this lovely post on Brooke Jade's blog 100 Questions Tag and just loved it!! It was so nice reading about her. I miss this kind of post so I asked if I might be tagged and do it and she kindle said "yes"!! Thank you for the inspiration, dear!! 1.) What’s your favorite season? Fall. … Continue reading 100 Questions Tag – Borrowed from Brooke Jade!!


Student Wisdom #6

Student: How do Muslims know they are facing Mecca while praying? Me: Well, they know. You know you have North, South, East... Student: So for them is like North, South, Mecca? Me: .... Student 1: You look pretty because you have blush on. Me: Well, thank you. Student: Hahaha she's saying you're ugly when you … Continue reading Student Wisdom #6

Life Update – Work, Health, Reading, Watching, Doing, Going

Hello dearest WordPress population and fellow blogging neighbors and friends!! I'm alive!! I have been busy as you can probably tell by my absence. I thought I would take the time to update you on whatever I'm doing these days: Health: I have actually missed work today because I'm dealing with a nasty cold since … Continue reading Life Update – Work, Health, Reading, Watching, Doing, Going

Student Wisdom #2

Teacher: When do we use present continuous? Student: When we need it. Teacher: ..... Student is at a smaller table, next to a bigger table where his colleagues are seated. Student: I don't like sitting here. Teacher: Why? Student: I feel like I'm not seated at their table. Teacher: Well, that's because you are not … Continue reading Student Wisdom #2

Student Wisdom #1

Wise Student: Teacher, do you think The United States are going to war with Japan and that Trump will die? Teacher: What? It's not Japan, it's North Korea. Wise Student: It's the same. Teacher: No, it's not. Not at all. Wise Student: ... Wise Student: Teacher, which ones are the fastest, the white blood cells … Continue reading Student Wisdom #1