Daily Planner and Journal – 17.10.17

Good morning everyone!! (It’s 10.33 a.m here)

How are you? I hope you are having a good, stress-free week.

As I’ve told you, I’m trying to get into the habit of writing every day and sharing my to-do lists. I just miss blogging and my fellow bloggers so much.

I feel like I should first update you on the fire situation. We are living a nightmare.

Thankfully, by 5 a.m today, all fires were put out. It finally rained last night (we were expecting it, according to the weather forecast but it wasn’t raining at all and we were getting desperate) as we had prayed for, which helped immensely with the fires, as the drop in the temperature did.

I’m lucky to say that, thank God, all of my family and friends are safe and that we didn’t personally experience any consequences of the fire (there was some fire in Rui’s hometown but it was not threatening the houses or our family). It is still very sad to see so many people struggling. It breaks my heart, honestly. I couldn’t help but cry when they were playing a conversation between a fireman and the fire central on TV. He was pretty desperate and explaining they needed another fire truck and more water because everything was burning. The lady on the radio answered, very sadly: “But we don’t have any”. It broke my heart.

So far, there are 36 reported deaths, 63 wounded and 7 people missing. God knows how many have lost their homes.

Foto mostra cenário dantesco em Vieira de Leiria

It looks like there was some Photoshop involved in this picture, does it not? Unfortunately, it is a real photo of a very scary scenario in a Portuguese city. I wish it were fake.

Let’s hope we’re done with fires for the year. Today is the first of three days of national mourning. Some people are not happy at all with the way our government has handled this catastrophe and there might be some manifestations, which is also a bit scary.

We’re hoping for the best and feeling so sad and defeated because of what so many of us are going through. God help those who have lost family members, their lives and their homes or businesses.

For me and my family and friends, life goes on as usual.

I work from 4 p.m – 8 p.m today. I’m currently at the public library writing this post and tackling some of my online work tasks. This library is very small and very peaceful and I really like coming here to work.

I have a dentist’s appointment at 3.20 p.m for a much-needed cleaning. I’m not afraid of the dentist, I don’t mind blood tests or IV’s. My phobia is the gynecologist. It’s so invasive and I’m not comfortable with being there, legs spread, while someone looks at my lady bits and inserts various objects to check on everything. I went last week and it was not as bad as I remembered, but it was still very uncomfortable. I got a pap smear, and an ultrasound. The ultrasound is not mandatory but you SHOULD ask for it. Why am I talking about this? Well, I have no taboos, I’m talking about a medical appointment and we should talk about it and remind women to schedule their annual appointment. So girls, if you haven’t had your lady parts checked in a while, please take care of it. You will feel so relieved once it’s done.

I felt so grateful for my health insurance. I paid 35€ for the appointment, smear and ultrasound which would cost me over 100€ if I didn’t have insurance.

Beautiful Autumn

It’s time to check my to-do list from yesterday and see what I have accomplished.

I’ve noticed that my days are going by so fast, which is very frustrating. I sit at my computer before 10 a.m and, before I know it, it’s 5 p.m and I must go to work, having done about half of what I was supposed to. Then, very soon, it’s 7 or 8 p.m and class is over, and I feel like I haven’t done all of the work I wanted to do with the kids.

Beautiful Autumn

TO-DO LIST – 16/10/2017


  • Review and send my book to the publisher. It isn’t really my book, it’s more of a book order. I is a cannabis dessert/candy recipe book. No, I didn’t taste any of the recipes. I do drugs, but only if they are prescribed to me lol; – Done. Finally.
  • Talk to a few of my clients, check in on tasks and deadlines; – Not all of what I expected, but I managed to take care of some things.
  • Finish an article for a website (on passive income); – Haven’t touched it and my client will probably kill me. 
  • Talk to Amazon customer service, motherfuckers are slow and inefficient; – I have, about 3 times, they still haven’t fixed my problems. I am very close to filing a complaint.
  • Change my dental appointment from tomorrow to next week; – I was going to, because I have spent quite a bit of money on check-ups and medication last with (Dermatologist, Psychiatrist, Gynecologist, medicine and skin care) but we decided it would be fine because a cleaning is not expensive at all. 
  • Schedule my orthopedic’s appointment, my back are KILLING me. Every single day. – I didn’t and I might wait until after our paydays. Just to spread expenses a bit.
  • Check on my orders (I sell a few things on Facebook); – Checked.
  • Maybe answer some comments and read a few posts (please, please!); – I wish.
  • Watch Outlander with Mr.R. (It’s honestly so good right now); – I was deceived. They had this amazing episode which ended before a very important event and I found out the next episode was not available yesterday but on the 22nd. Bastards.
  • Check my grocery budget and to see if I’ve been naughty or nice this month; – I asked Mr.R for it, as I’m responsible for the shopping and the grocery budget but he is the one who gets all the receipts together and into an app. He said he needed to check it. I have asked again today. Men.
  • Check who’s coming to my birthday party on the 28th (my birthday is on the 23rd); – Sadly, I know who’s not coming and it breaks my heart, even though she thinks I’m a bitch who hates her. 
  • Work from 5-7; – Obviously done.
Beautiful Autumn

TO-DO LIST – 17/10/2017


  • Write the damn article and apologize to my client because I’m late;
  • Tell my sister she’s getting all of my skin care products I was using before. Her skin is dry and sensitive so they will work for her;
  • Make a few work decisions;
  • Talk to Amazon customer service AGAIN;
  • Check our grocery budget;
  • Plan a trip to Starbucks to try the famous pumpkin spice latter;
  • Continue to read Dragonfly in Amber, book 3 from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon;
  • See if IT is already available to watch online;
  • Pick up book number 2 of two series I started in the last few weeks;
  • Read a few posts and comment;
  • Work from 4 p.m to 8 p.m;
  • Find reviewers for a book;

And… that’s it.

Desenho sem título (4)

*You het fall pictures because it is my favorite season and I love them.


25 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal – 17.10.17

  1. The photo of the fires do make my heart go still. Times for people to rally around each other. That’s a whole lot of things to do in a day…hope the added sweetness in the pumpkin spice latte gives you the needed kick.

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  2. I’m due another smear next week after getting treatment for severe cell changes; I can empathise with how uncomfortable it is, but so important too. As for the fires… there are no words, the power of nature to destroy and wield such power is immense and terrifying. I am glad you are all safe.x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you are okay. What do those cell changes mean? It wasn’t as uncomfortable this time so I’m no longer “traumatized” or scared as I was before going. The issue is, this is not exactly the power of nature. Sure, it’s too hot and wind and that helps the fires to spread but most of them are actually arson, criminal actions.

      Liked by 1 person

      • They’re pre-cancerous cell changes, which vary in levels from little amounts to severe amounts. I had the worst on the range, so they needed to be treated and those cells removed as there was a good chance they’d lead to cancer. A scary thought, but a stark point that smears are so important (though of course it’s every woman’s personal choice). I’m glad yours wasn’t so bad this time. That’s true, with the criminality aspect; I was just thinking nature is doing a lot to keep them going and pushing them to such extremes. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to experience that in my own country, it must be utterly devastating. x

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m so glad they caught those changes early. I don’t have my smear results yet but I hope everything is okay.

          We are going through a tough time indeed. I can’t even complain as there are people who lost family members or their homes but it is still devastating and makes me so sad.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so glad you had your gynecologist appointment. Keeping with my appts saved my life. They found cancer and they were able to remove it. Now I am fine. Keep going!

    The fires are so scary. I didn’t realize you were facing them like California. How awful! The pictures are just heartwrenching. I’m so glad they are out and your family is safe!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had been avoiding it for so long. I finally scheduled a day and hour when I knew I had no excuse to miss the appointment. I was lucky to be seen by an amazing doctor. She was very nice and understanding and gentle. I remember it hurting from the last time I went but it didn’t hurt at all this time. It was just uncomfortable. Everything is alright (I’m still waiting on my smear results but the ultrasound showed no abnormalities,which is great. Now I only have to worry about it next year which is a relief.

      I’m so glad you were one of the lucky ones and caught it so early. It’s not just luck, your were careful enough to keep your appointments and to make sure you would get checked. I wish we would all do the same and take good care of ourselves. I know some people can’t even look at a doctor but it is necessary to get checked regularly.

      The fires are catastrophic. We lost about 80% of a national park which is very dear to us and our country and culture. It will take about 10 years to recover. People lost their lives and homes. Even businesses as some factories and companies burned down.

      The government is not acting properly at all and have been ineffective and excusing themselves from any guilt or responsibility. We are not letting it go as the whole country is VERY angry about this. There are manifestations all over. There will be a big one on Saturday and we’ve decided to go, even though we usually stay away from such things. A cause that is this serious deserves everyone’s attention and action.

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      • Good luck on Saturday, my friend. I hope your government listens and starts to do the right thing.

        And keep getting your checkups! I’m very proud of you that you went this time. Good luck on the smear, too. They are no fun, but so important!


    • Thank you so much. Yes, I know some other places are going through the same. I pray for them too. We have been asking for rain and now we have minor floods. They will probably get worse as so many trees have disappeared and there’s nothing to stop the water and mud in some places. How “funny” is that? We’re having issues with both fire and water.


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