Daily Planner and Journal: August 28,2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Monday, huh?

I hope I find you well and in a good mood.

I woke up early but took my time getting out of bed.

Then I went to the bathroom, picked up the mail, loaded the washing machine, which I truly believe to be possessed. Evidence:

(You need sound)

I have been telling you that she is giving up on me for months, now I know it’s not her fault.Anyway, there’s no sun today. It’s cloudy and sad which is unfortunate because I was planning on doing a shit-load (haha) of laundry.

The remaining tasks on my list for today are:

  • Online work. I have to finish two easy projects for client one and to start writing an article for said client.
  • I need to start my research on another writing project for client number 3.
  • I’m almost done with my work for client number 2.

(I swear these people have names)

  • Cooking dinner.
  • Cleanup our room.
  • Fold some laundry.
  • Read a few blogs.

If I have the time, I would like to:

  • Relieve my couch of hair from a certain friend of mine who crashes there. Every day. Every night. Every week. Forever. Worst part is she doesn’t help around the house at all. What a bitch.
  • Clean my bathroom (I’m probably being ambitious here).

I will, for sure, unload the dishwasher and load it again after dinner but that’s just every day’s work. If I do any extras, I’ll tell you. I have to get up and get a sweater because it’s kind of cold. It’s Summer until September 21st, but it feels a bit like Autumn today.

I’ve been very good and have already purchased Rui’s birthday present. His birthday is on September 20. I’ve bought in on Amazon.com which means I paid a huge shipping fee. The joys of living in Portugal. At least it’s getting here (they say) on the 12th, which is more than I can say for a book I’ve bought for my friend. I placed the order on August 15th and it will arrive on (get ready) September 28.

I tried Amazon Prime, and then realized, after about a week, that it was worthless to me. There’s no free shipping or 2-day shipping for Portugal (apparently it’s almost 2-month shipping, ha!), plus the music, series and book options are extremely limited.

It’s definitely a better deal to get Netflix and Spotify. Or maybe I’ll just keep downloading torrents and enduring adds on Spotify every 10 minutes. The second option is free. And partially illegal, although Rui tells me that it’s highly unlikely that I go to jail because, despite being illegal, we have no established legislation to punish horrible, horrible people who download things off the internet.

Well, I ramble.

Question of the day: What is something kind of illegal or kind of forbidden that you do anyway? Red lights? Downloads? Flush the toilet after 10 p.m? (Apparently it is illegal in Switzerland)

Talk later?

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23 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal: August 28,2017

  1. I definitely flush the toilet after 10pm oops! I actually googled weird laws the other day and what is illegal in certain countries really astounds me! You should google it if u ever have time 🙂 x

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  2. Laundry and dishes. The joys of being an adult and having to look after a home. Good luck with it all 😄 also ordering from Amazon can take up to a month for me down in Nz. 20 working days they say. I have given up on it cause I cant take the waiting time 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. If you think about how many hours you spend doing laundry and dishes during your whole life, you’ll get to the conclusion that it add up to years. “I lived for 85 years. 2 were spent doing laundry and dishes” hahaha I’m giving up on Amazon as well. I get their books when they’re free (kindle) and nothing else.

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  3. Hmm, sounds like you have a friend that needs to start paying your rent lol! Oh wow, Amazon takes that long to Portugal?! I’m sorry! But at least you ordered your boyfriend’s gift early, I usually buy gifts the day I need it for…I’m so bad. 😫

    Can’t believe that flushing that toilet after 10pm is against the law in Switzerland?? Hahaha, what a fun fact! 😊 In parking lots, I don’t stop at the stop signs– that’s the only thing I can think of that I do “illegally.” 😂

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    • Hahahaha yes, she could pay me in bones and licks. We joke that she should at least help with the chores, our poor doggy 😂 It does. I love Amazon but it’s almost impossible for me to shop there with over a month of waiting and 20$ shipping fees. I’m like that too but I needed to spend money on amazon because they don’t let you do book reviews before you spend $50. 😂 What do they do if they need the bathroom? They wait until the morning? Don’t flush? No idea. Well I actually have a friend who doesn’t really stop at all the stop signs while on the road so you’re not even close to being bad lol

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      • Hahaha oh my, I really didn’t know you were talking about a pup 😂 I should have realized! I have seen videos of people making their pups pick up after themselves 😂

        Hopefully Amazon changes their international fees and such soon!! $20 shipping fee is ridiculous!


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