Daily Planner and Journal: 31.10.17 “MAJOR sweet tooth, Thank God my party is behind me and I wish I didn’t buy on WISH” edition

Good morning everyone!!

Happy Tuesday!! Better than Monday, am I right?

Monday was not a very good day for me. I was still extremely tired from the weekend/birthday party and not feeling so well. It is kind of weird because I was in bed by 1 a.m on Saturday, slept until noon on Sunday, took about 2 naps and was in bed by 10.30. I’m so getting old.

We had done 0 for the party during the week so we had to get everything done on Saturday by 5 p.m. Thankfully, I had Rui and his brother who did most of the work, as I was very tired from a difficult work week and was extremely slow. Whatever they did in 10 minutes, took me 30. They trimmed the outside trees and cleaned the patio, we went shopping, we cleaned kitchen, living room and bathroom (there was no way we would manage to clean the bedroom and office), took the sofa covers to the wash station to be washed and dried, baked the cake (Rui did, I just made some  butter cream icing and iced the cake), got the tables set and got everything ready for the party. Rui spent the whole night by the grill, feeding everyone.

By 6 p.m, guests were arriving, I was just out of the shower, trying to fit in the 3 dresses I had picked and not succeeding. I decided I would just throw on some pants and top and call it a day. I was too tired to get my hair done or put on makeup, wishing I had cancelled the party lol

The party was fun but also very stressful. Do you have any crazy, awkward, family members? Well, I sure do. Two family members decided it was very fun to get VERY drunk and spend the whole party in a corner, talking about life and sad things. When they were not being philosophical, they were being annoying and trying to hug me. My anxiety was building up. Thank God my mom and sister were there to handle the situation.

Same guests, plus a third one, decided it would be fun to turn my patio into a graveyard for cigarette butts. We don’t mind at all if our guests smoke outside. Not at all. But we DO mind the cigarette butts all over the floor. Do you know what we also mind? When guests decide it is a lovely idea to smoke a joint at my party in our patio. What the actual fuck? You DON’T smoke that shit at my house without even asking. You don’t smoke that shit at my house at all. I have NOTHING against weed. I don’t mind if people smoke it. Just don’t do it in my house. I have neighbors, my neighbors have kids and we have a neighbor who is a cop.

Imagine if someone complained about the noise (which they wouldn’t because it was a Saturday night and our neighbors are very nice people) and the police got there to find drugs… Not a very good scenario. Funny thing is that we didn’t even notice. My mom told me yesterday and I got extremely mad. Rui is pretty pissed as well. I’m sure some of our guests saw it which is pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, thank God that fucking party is over. Some people will never be invited to our home again. I’m not even sorry.

Well, it was fun anyway, as I got to spend time with very nice people. I got nice presents, which I will show you soon. I’ll do a post showing you all of my birthday gifts.


I’ve been having this stupid issue with sweets and food in general. I could eat sweets all day long. I crave them all the time and I must have something, otherwise I cannot focus on anything else. It’s bothering me because I know how unhealthy it is, because it makes me gain weight and because I HATE when I’m unable to control something. I wake up during the night and eat all kinds of shit and don’t even remember it properly in the morning. What the what? Am I sleep eating?

Steps I am taking to solve this issue:

  1. Talk to my psychiatrist (I’ve texted her to call me and am waiting for her answer). She might be able to tell me if this has something to do with my medication or not and what I need to do in order to solve this issue.
  2. If my psychiatrist cannot help I am scheduling an “eating disorders” appointment at my local clinic.
  3. I might schedule a therapist’s appointment as well.
  4. I am NOT buying any kind of sweets or candy to have at home.
  5. I will start going to the gym.

I’m trying to have this “find a problem – think of how to solve it” approach. I hope this inspires you to do the same and just look at any problems or issues proactively.

I’ve just picked up my blood tests and, apparently, my cholesterol levels are pretty high. Oh shit. It’s the first time I have gotten such results. I really need to do something about it.

I have been buying things on Wish for about a month now. I’m very sad to report that 50% of my purchases come with some kind of issue, usually related to poor quality, damages or wrong number.

How disappointing.

However, I must say that they are very helpful and quick to solve the problem and provide a refund.

Do you shop on Wish?

Have you had any issues?

I am definitely interested in knowing your experience with this store/app.

We’ll talk soon.

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Daily Planner and Journal: August 29,2017

Good morning friends,

I guess most of you is still asleep. Not because you’re lazy but due to time zones. It’s almost 9.30 a.m here and the majority of you is either ahead or a few hours behind. I woke up before 8. I checked my phone, got up, got my water, fed Rosa and had breakfast with Rui.

He has been running every other day, and he’s committed to eat better because there’s no point in running and then stopping at McDonald’s. He never eats breakfast and I’ve been telling him for years that he needs to. Your body is not okay with waiting until lunch. It cannot be healthy to eat 6 hours after you wake up. So he’s been eating breakfast now, (and a healthy one) which makes me happy. I like to see him leave for work already fed. It’s funny how we feel responsible for our spouses or partners, isn’t it?

I came back to bed because I’ve been working long hours online in the afternoon, up until bed time, almost. So I should do something for me in the morning, like blogging or watching some series or reading. I might do it all before I pick up where I left off yesterday.

Rui knew how to exorcise the washing machine (because she had gone Emily Rose on him before) so I was able to do another load of laundry yesterday. I have another waiting to be hung but they say it’s going to rain.

Hahahaha it actually started raining heavily just after I wrote this. Funny moment.

For your surprise (being sarcastic here), I didn’t manage any housework yesterday. Not because I was sitting on my ass, (I mean I was but…) working away on the computer. I’m not lying if I tell you that I actually had to place a blanket on the chair and sit on it because my backside was hurting from being glued to the chair for so long. I guess you can’t really put that much pressure on a 10€ Ikea chair. Literally.

From my work related tasks, I was able to finish:

  • I have to finish two easy projects for client one and to start writing an article for said client.  I’m about 30% done with the main project task after day one (I have 4 days to complete 20 small tasks and I’ve managed to finish 6 yesterday) and I’ve finished and sent the article I was supposed to. It’s my first paid article for another blog/website, so I’m proud of myself.
  • I need to start my research on another writing project for client number 3. – Didn’t touch this at all. Should begin research today.
  • I’m almost done with my work for client number 2. – Yes! From 20 small tasks I have managed 14. 

Since I’ve just told you I didn’t get any housework done, I didn’t get to any of the following tasks:

  • Cooking dinner. – Nope. I had a late afternoon snack and Rui managed with a salad. We still had leftovers for him to take for lunch today so it was not a problem. Today, I must cook. Oh, I just remembered I have to text Rui and ask him to go to the store to buy bread and some fruit and trash bags, after his run.
  • Cleanup our room. – Didn’t even make our bed.
  • Fold some laundry. – Not at all.
  • Read a few blogs. – I’m not sure why this is here because it certainly isn’t housework but I didn’t manage to do it either.
  • Relieve my couch of hair from a certain friend of mine who crashes there. – Nope. Because she was there napping the whole time.
  • Clean my bathroom. – Nein.

I did have time to watch Game of Thrones with Rui and… just… OMG. I almost died… I’m still not feeling 100% like myself. And then I discovered it might take about 2 years for us to know what happens next and I wanted to throw myself out the window, even though this is a house and there’s only the ground floor. If you have watched it, discreetly comment your reaction and thoughts with me, so we don’t spoil it for anyone (code words and all). Also, you need to see this: (Contains Spoilers)


What else?

So, I’m not sure I am going to perform any housework today either. Don’t ask me why, but I hate cleaning when it’s raining. I will definitely be working on the same tasks as yesterday and reading blogs.

I bought a few little things for myself on eBay. When I say little it’s because I bought like 4 things for a little over 5€. Watches and rings are just so cheap there.

s-l500 (3)

s-l500 (2)

s-l500 (1)


Yeah, so that’s it for now. Talk to me.

See you later?

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Daily Planner and Journal: August 28,2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Monday, huh?

I hope I find you well and in a good mood.

I woke up early but took my time getting out of bed.

Then I went to the bathroom, picked up the mail, loaded the washing machine, which I truly believe to be possessed. Evidence:

(You need sound)

I have been telling you that she is giving up on me for months, now I know it’s not her fault.Anyway, there’s no sun today. It’s cloudy and sad which is unfortunate because I was planning on doing a shit-load (haha) of laundry.

The remaining tasks on my list for today are:

  • Online work. I have to finish two easy projects for client one and to start writing an article for said client.
  • I need to start my research on another writing project for client number 3.
  • I’m almost done with my work for client number 2.

(I swear these people have names)

  • Cooking dinner.
  • Cleanup our room.
  • Fold some laundry.
  • Read a few blogs.

If I have the time, I would like to:

  • Relieve my couch of hair from a certain friend of mine who crashes there. Every day. Every night. Every week. Forever. Worst part is she doesn’t help around the house at all. What a bitch.
  • Clean my bathroom (I’m probably being ambitious here).

I will, for sure, unload the dishwasher and load it again after dinner but that’s just every day’s work. If I do any extras, I’ll tell you. I have to get up and get a sweater because it’s kind of cold. It’s Summer until September 21st, but it feels a bit like Autumn today.

I’ve been very good and have already purchased Rui’s birthday present. His birthday is on September 20. I’ve bought in on Amazon.com which means I paid a huge shipping fee. The joys of living in Portugal. At least it’s getting here (they say) on the 12th, which is more than I can say for a book I’ve bought for my friend. I placed the order on August 15th and it will arrive on (get ready) September 28.

I tried Amazon Prime, and then realized, after about a week, that it was worthless to me. There’s no free shipping or 2-day shipping for Portugal (apparently it’s almost 2-month shipping, ha!), plus the music, series and book options are extremely limited.

It’s definitely a better deal to get Netflix and Spotify. Or maybe I’ll just keep downloading torrents and enduring adds on Spotify every 10 minutes. The second option is free. And partially illegal, although Rui tells me that it’s highly unlikely that I go to jail because, despite being illegal, we have no established legislation to punish horrible, horrible people who download things off the internet.

Well, I ramble.

Question of the day: What is something kind of illegal or kind of forbidden that you do anyway? Red lights? Downloads? Flush the toilet after 10 p.m? (Apparently it is illegal in Switzerland)

Talk later?

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