My 14-Step Mindful and Relaxing Night Routine

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know how much I love a good routine. It makes me feel organized, safe and in control. I’ve been working on all kinds of schedules for the past few years, which means I often have to adapt and change my routines. Today I’m sharing my current night routine. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and on medical leave so I don’t have to get to bed at a very specific time. I aim to start my routine between 11pm and midnight.

Step One

Tidy my desk/work space. Write to-do list for the next day. I’m not working right now but I’m doing plenty of studying and blogging which means my desk gets really messy by the end of the day. Cleaning it gives me the change of a fresh start the next day.

Step Two

Make bed. Turn on space heater. Place pajamas and cozy socks on space heater. Our bedroom is super cold, especially because I like to keep the windows open during the day. I love getting into warm clothes, after a shower so my space heater is my bff. If I haven’t made the bed during the day, which is the case most days, this is when I’ll make it as I CANNOT go to bed unless it’s been freshly made.

Step Three

Shower. Wash face. Maybe wash hair. I don’t currently feel the need to wash my hair more than once a week though, since I’m mostly staying home. I exfoliate my face every single day using This Wonderful Soap. Seriously, if you have oily or combination skin, this soap is a game changer.

Step Four

Brush teeth. Floss. Clean aligners. Put on aligners. I don’t currently floss every day, otherwise my teeth and gums get too sensitive and make the aligners painful. I am, however, brushing my teeth every time I eat or drink something other than water, which adds up to about 4-5 times a day.

Step Five

Dry myself up after showering. Moisturize. I’ve been applying this Awesome Body Lotion which comes in a huge bottle, is very affordable and so good on super dry skin. I also apply this Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter on my growing belly.

Step Six

Put on PJs and cozy socks. Yes, I do wear socks to sleep. How can you not? My feet are always cold, even with socks on.

Step Seven

Take my nightly pills and pregnancy vitamins. Get some water. Not too much water though, otherwise I’ll spend the whole night getting up to use the bathroom.

Step Eight

Write on my 6-Minute Diary and on my Happiness Journal. I love to journal. It feels good to reflect on my day and to focus on being grateful and positive, something that does not come naturally to me.

Step Nine

Apply face cream, hand cream, lip balm. I’m 30 now which means I can no longer slack on my beauty routine. I apply the Simple Water Hydrating Booster, the Uriage Roseliane Anti-Redness Face Cream (because rosacea) and the Burt’s Bees Vanilla Lip Balm. I think I should add some sort of anti-age moisturizer to my routine soon because my laugh lines are indeed starting to show.

Step Ten

Use the bathroom. For the 10th time. Unfortunately, not the last either.

Step Eleven

Get in bed. Put phone on charger.

Step twelve

Read. Watch massage videos on Youtube. Listen to a true crime podcast. Reading before I go to sleep is one of my absolute favorite things. However, if I’m feeling stressed or distracted, I like to watch massage/chiropractor videos because they help me relax. Most nights I fall asleep to a true crime podcast which sounds like the opposite of relaxing, I know.

Step Thirteen

Turn everything off. I never fall asleep while reading or watching videos. I need to turn off the lights, get comfortable and decide it’s time to sleep.

Step fourteen

Sleep. It can take me anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours. People who fall asleep in seconds are definitely God’s favorites.

What about you? Do you have a night routine you always follow.

What is something you always do before bed?




Question of the day #28

What time do you wake up?

What are some of the things you do before heading out to work/school?

What’s the most important thing you absolutely must do in the morning in order to have a good day?

Do you have breakfast? What do you eat?

A Week + In The Life: 02.03.18 – 13.03.18 Journal and Updates

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

I haven’t been blogging much since last week, have I? I thought I’d share a general update.

Friday: 02.03.18

I got off work at 8, as I do every Friday. I thought we could go and see The Post because I really wanted to watch all of the nominees for Best Picture before the Oscars, and it was the only movie that wasn’t available to illegally download. We checked a few places and decided where to go and to grab dinner first. There weren’t many options so Burger King it was. Just before eating, we realized we had gotten it wrong and that the movie session was at 10 p.m instead of 9.25 p.m and in a different place, ten minutes away. Oh, Well. No rush to eat. So we had our dinner and eventually decided we were too tired and lazy to go anywhere else. No movie. We headed home and went to bed.

Saturday: 03.03.18

I woke up late. I had plans to clean and such but it was raining and I didn’t feel like doing it. Rui had gone for a run and I asked him to bring snacks. I fell asleep again and had a long nap. When I woke up we decided to watch The Shape of Water, which I wasn’t so sure about to begin with, and ended up not liking that much. Rui really wanted to see it and actually liked it, though. We had popcorn, orange juice and strawberries. We watched Lady Bird and it was meh. It’s the perfect coming of age movie and I have nothing bad to say about it but it was just, I don’t know? Plain? Boring? I can see how it is a good, well-made film but the story is nothing special. We went to bed soon after because I was still very sleepy.

Sunday: 04.03.18

I woke up late again. We felt like going for coffee and a drive. I had the most delicious cake. We then went for a drive around this area we don’t know so well, just about ten to fifteen minutes from where we live. It’s this beautiful place where countryside meets the beach and it’s just breathtaking, really. We watched Call Me By Your Name and I loved it. Only thing to bother me was the title and the whole “call me by your name” thing. Why? Why would you ask someone to call you by their name? I get it, it was their thing. But why? I doesn’t make much sense to me. I did love the movie. I patiently waited for the Oscars ceremony to start (it begins at 1 a.m for me), while cuddling on the couch with Rosa. I knew I was pulling an all-nighter to watch the Oscars as I do every year. I’m not the most patient person so it is kind of boring to go through all of the breaks. I don’t know how you American friends do it with all the commercial breaks, really. There’s just so many. I went to bed once it was over but didn’t sleep at all because I had to be up at 7.30. As you probably know from my post, I am NOT happy about the winners.

Monday: 05.03.18

I was up at 7.30, no sleep and kind of mad about the Oscars. I’m not going to repeat myself and bore you to death because I’ve written a whole post about it. I’ll just tell you I was not very happy that The Shape of Water won Best Picture. I was expecting it to be between Call Me By Your Name and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri so I about died when the said “and the Oscar goes to… The Sha….” Rui, Rosa and his brother were sleeping but I yelled “What the fuck??!!” in the living room. I was that upset and surprised. It’s pretty funny now. I was too tired to write so I spent my time watching The Good doctor before I had to work. It was a calm day, though. I left work at 8 and slept early, like a baby.

Tuesday: 06.03.18

I honestly don’t remember much about Tuesday. I pretty much only worked and had a very calm day. I was alone because there were few kids and my colleague was needed to help with French in a different room so it was just me and a few 9th graders, studying science, which I love.

Wednesday: 07.03.18

It was just me at work as well. The kids are all studying math so we only had three for Portuguese, which means only one of us was needed. My colleague got the day off and I got those three 9th graders. It was pretty chill. I left work at 7. We had pasta for dinner and watched an episode of This is Us.

Thursday: 08.03.18

My turn to have the day off!! My colleague handled the two kids we had for the day so I didn’t have to go to work. I slept and listened to podcasts for most of the day. Rui came home and wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate International Women’s Day. I was pretty stupid and picked this greasy food truck where we had hot dogs. They were good, though.

Friday: 09.03.18

I’m at work but don’t have to actually do any work until 3 p.m. I’m about to go and look for some lunch because I didn’t pack any lunch today. I’ve watched an episode of Call The Midwife and I’ve written this post. That’s about it. We’re not doing anything tonight. I’m just cooking some easy pasta and that’s about it.

Saturday: 10.03.18

As usual, I woke up pretty late. I really wanted to clean the house but I don’t like doing it when there’s so many people trapped inside because it’s raining. I decided it wouldn’t happen and simply moved from the bed to the sofa. We watched Veronica, this Spanish horror movie I had read about before. It’s by Netflix and I had read it’s one of the scariest movies ever and that many people can’t even finish it. It’s quite popular right now too, have you watched it? It’s pretty good and scary as a horror movie should be but I didn’t find it that different and didn’t understand why someone would not be able to watch until the end.

Sunday: 11.03.18

I slept late and didn’t do much, to be honest. We felt like watching something and I was more inclined towards a documentary or series but we ended up watching this amazing film Monster (2003) about the infamous American serial killer Aileen Wurnos. Are you familiar with her story? Let me just tell you that the name of the movie is probably ironic, since she was the one surrounded by monsters and abusers her whole life. Yes, she did kill six to eight men but I cannot say how I would treat men later in life had I been sexually abused, assaulted, and prostituted by my grandfather to his friends at the age of eleven. One of her grandfather’s friends actually got her pregnant and she had to give her baby up for adoption. She was 13. Then he kicked her out of the house when she was 14. She had to live in the woods and begin working as a prostitute to support herself. She sold her body her entire life. They say she was raped and badly beaten by a client who was about to kill her, but managed she killed him in self-defense. Then her killing spree began and she ended up in prison, being executed by lethal injection in 2002. There’s no excuse to commit murder. You don’t go around killing people just because you had a difficult childhood. But in her case, I can honestly feel sorry for her. She was never loved, cared for or wanted. She was treated like garbage by men her entire life, since she was so young. There’s only so much your mind can handle before you snap. What do you think about this? Is she a monster or someone who took the most horrific forms of abuse for thirty years and simply had enough? I would love your opinion on this.

Monday: 12.03.18

Pretty uneventful. I woke up early but wasn’t feeling so well so I went back to bed. I woke up very late and met a friend for coffee before I had to go to work at 5. I left work at 7, came home, had dinner and laughed my ass off while watching Impractical Jokers with Rui and Brother. I then went to bed and listened to a few podcast episodes until I fell asleep.

Tuesday: 13.03.18 – Today

I got the day off from work. The kids are studying Chemistry and Physics and so they didn’t need both me and my colleague (we don’t work with Chemistry, Physics and Math). The same is happening on Thursday, the 22nd and she is staying home, while I’m going. I woke up late once again. I think I might need to decrease my sleeping medication, because I’m sleeping way too much and that usually means I need less of it.

I listened to a few podcasts, as I do every day. I’ve grown to love podcasts an audio books so much in the last few months. I took care of some laundry because there is always some laundry in desperate need to be done, especially when it has been raining for the past few weeks. I cleaned a little bit around the kitchen, decluttered our cleaning supplies cabinet and cleaned the bathroom. I’m sitting here having a snack and writing this post, just before I start dinner and close everything up (I opened all the doors and windows to let the house get some air). After dinner I’m having a shower and watching a few episodes of Divorce.

Random Picture Dump:



















What have you been up to?


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This time last year: The looking back series (30/01/2017)


First of all, and before I share my plans for this week I should give you some sort of weekend recap. Bloggers do that, I guess.

So, what happened this weekend?

Nothing much and nothing too interesting. I washed and folded a ton of laundry, which we had to take to the wash station to dry since we don’t own a dryer and it was a rainy weekend. My boyfriend washed a ton of dishes from last week and cleaned the kitchen. We cleaned some more and took care of a few things around the house and thought about changing the position of our bed but decided it wouldn’t work, so we kept it the same way. Saturday night we ate pizza for dinner and watched American Horror Story.I think we only have an episode left from the third season… now that it was finally growing on me. We also watched a movie “keeping up with the Joneses“, which was okay. I’m not a big fan of comedies. I slept a lot and after that I took naps. We did some grocery shopping and on Sunday night I cooked for the week. Boring, right?

• Put away all the laundry that I folded and iron a few things;

• Find a new psychiatrist and therapist for a second opinion and to try a different approach. I think that I should be feeling better by now and I am not, despite taking so much medication. I take anti psychotics to help with my nightmares but I have them anyway. Bad ones. I take sleeping pills but I don’t sleep that well. I sleep many hours but I never feel rested. I take something that it is supposed to help me with my energy levels and well, did I tell you about the sleepy and exhausted part? I also take mood stabilizers and antidepressants but I think that those actually help, so no problem there. My therapist… I love her but we just… talk. My psychiatrist suggested that I should try some kind of therapy that goes a little deeper and makes a bigger impact, otherwise I’m just paying to talk about my problems, something I could do with a friend. I will do some research and schedule an appointment with someone else for a second (or third) opinion.

• Sign up for a gym membership or at least decided what kind of option I want to go for. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while but lately I almost feel the need to move and to do something… sporty? I don’t know how to explain it. It is as weird as my Brussels sprouts craving from last week. Am I getting “healthy” with age? Ewww. One of this days you will find me doing a whole-30 and crossfit. Just kidding. that would never happen, right? Right??? Anyway, I want to do something and I definitely need it because 1. depression makes you gain weight; 2. depression medication makes you gain weight; 3. I sit all day; 4. I have back issues; 5. my knees hurt most days so I guess I also have knee issues; 6. It helps with depression and anxiety, they say; I love swimming and I love yoga and Pilates and anything that is kind of slow and does not require running, so that’s probably what I should sign up for. And find time for. Before my boyfriend kills me. You guys, he’s the sweetest, most amazing man in the world and keeps telling me that my health is the most important thing right now and that I should focus on trying to get better, no matter how much we have to spend or sacrifice. Love you, babe.

• Find time to take my dog to get her vaccine. Which is a huge drama. Our vet described her as a “difficult patient” because last time she broke two muzzles, bit me and my boyfriend, ripped his jeans and 4 people were needed to complete the task of giving her the shot. I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. She also needs a bath, ideally before going to the doctor. I like a clean, good smelling pup.

• Meet up with one of my besties Rita for coffee. She used to have a job that allowed her to meet me during the day when I had a break or when some student cancelled the class and I had a little time to kill. Now she has a new job (that she loves, congratulations honey!) and is only available maybe after seven, which is difficult for me because I’m rarely done before nine. But I love her and miss her so I need to do some magic and find the time!

• Answer the emails from people asking about English lessons. I don’t know if I can take anyone else so I need to check my schedule and maybe do some adjustments to see if I can fit in more people. Again, boyfriend will murder me.

• Bake a cake that actually grows!

• Cut the sugar!

• Drink more water. During the Summer I am great with my water intake (1,5 to 2 l each day) but in Winter, I forget to drink water and only drink it when I’m really thirsty or when my throat hurts from speaking for many hours while working;

• Eat a ton of fruit and veggies. This will be easy because I grocery shopped and cooked with that in mind;

• Start a book; (reading one, not writing one. I can barely handle the blog)

• Watch some of the Oscar nominees. Please! I need this.

Plans For the weekend – 20/21 January (update)

  • Remember to drink water (1.5 l)

Not quite. I did remember to drink more but I’m not sure I got to 1.5 l.

  • Remember to take my medication on time


  • Remember to eat fruits and veggies

Did eat plenty of fruit (mostly pears) but not veggies.

  • Make the changes we’ve been meaning to make around the house (bedroom will double as office, office will become closet and guest bedroom), we’ve been talking about it for weeks and postponing every time. We need to do it together as it involves moving heavy furniture.

Oh yes!! It took us 2 days but we got a lot done.

  • Take Rosa to the vet, she might have some ear infection. It’s a nightmare. She turns into a pit bull with the strength of a friggin horse and it takes 3 people to hold her. Those three people end up being bit, scratched and traumatized. Gosh, I’m nervous just thinking about it. My sweet god turns into hulk when she goes to the vet.

Didn’t happen but we’re scheduling for this week.

  • Eat whatever we have in the fridge, I think there’s some frozen soup. Maybe try to meal plan for the week? We haven’t done it in ages, Rui would be pretty happy.

We have found a way to use some leftover chicken, Rui is cooking some fish.

  • Sleep.

Yes. We took about 2 naps together as well.

  • Read. I haven’t been reading at all since Christmas.

I didn’t.

  • Maybe watch a show? I’m behind on a few.

We began watching American Crime Story but I wasn’t very interested because I’m familiar with the “O.J. Simpson probably killing Nicole Brown Simpson and getting away with it” case and the outcome so…

  • If we have time, Rui and I can watch a couple of the movies I’ve been meaning to watch (Oscar nominees predictions), light the fireplace and have popcorn.

There was fireplace for the show but no movie.

  • I tried flannel sheets for the first time (Rui’s grandma Christmas present) and I’m in love, so I think I want to wash them and put them back on the bed as soon as they’re dry, instead of some of our other sets. They’re so comfortable and warm.

They took longer than I thought to dry 😔

  • Cut my hair. Literally. I do cut my own hair and it needs a trim.


  • Go and get my eyebrows done.

No. Caveman it is.Plan what I’m going to wear next week, as I’ve been doing for a few weeks.

Nope, but can do it tomorrow. It takes me 10 minutes to pick 5 outfits.Do a 15-minute exercise video and some yoga. Now that I’m working out, I don’t want to slack off on weekends. I really need to do something every single day.

No. I was sore from my intense Friday workout (which means 45 minutes of water aerobics followed by 45 minutes of moderate swimming classes) and I moved a lot around the house so I don’t feel like I slacked.Decide whether I want to delete my Facebook account or not.

I’m pro deleting.Hopefully read a few blogs.

Just a few. Not nearly enough.< strong>How was your weekend? Productive, lazy or both?<

Daily Planner and Journal: August 28,2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Monday, huh?

I hope I find you well and in a good mood.

I woke up early but took my time getting out of bed.

Then I went to the bathroom, picked up the mail, loaded the washing machine, which I truly believe to be possessed. Evidence:

(You need sound)

I have been telling you that she is giving up on me for months, now I know it’s not her fault.Anyway, there’s no sun today. It’s cloudy and sad which is unfortunate because I was planning on doing a shit-load (haha) of laundry.

The remaining tasks on my list for today are:

  • Online work. I have to finish two easy projects for client one and to start writing an article for said client.
  • I need to start my research on another writing project for client number 3.
  • I’m almost done with my work for client number 2.

(I swear these people have names)

  • Cooking dinner.
  • Cleanup our room.
  • Fold some laundry.
  • Read a few blogs.

If I have the time, I would like to:

  • Relieve my couch of hair from a certain friend of mine who crashes there. Every day. Every night. Every week. Forever. Worst part is she doesn’t help around the house at all. What a bitch.
  • Clean my bathroom (I’m probably being ambitious here).

I will, for sure, unload the dishwasher and load it again after dinner but that’s just every day’s work. If I do any extras, I’ll tell you. I have to get up and get a sweater because it’s kind of cold. It’s Summer until September 21st, but it feels a bit like Autumn today.

I’ve been very good and have already purchased Rui’s birthday present. His birthday is on September 20. I’ve bought in on which means I paid a huge shipping fee. The joys of living in Portugal. At least it’s getting here (they say) on the 12th, which is more than I can say for a book I’ve bought for my friend. I placed the order on August 15th and it will arrive on (get ready) September 28.

I tried Amazon Prime, and then realized, after about a week, that it was worthless to me. There’s no free shipping or 2-day shipping for Portugal (apparently it’s almost 2-month shipping, ha!), plus the music, series and book options are extremely limited.

It’s definitely a better deal to get Netflix and Spotify. Or maybe I’ll just keep downloading torrents and enduring adds on Spotify every 10 minutes. The second option is free. And partially illegal, although Rui tells me that it’s highly unlikely that I go to jail because, despite being illegal, we have no established legislation to punish horrible, horrible people who download things off the internet.

Well, I ramble.

Question of the day: What is something kind of illegal or kind of forbidden that you do anyway? Red lights? Downloads? Flush the toilet after 10 p.m? (Apparently it is illegal in Switzerland)

Talk later?

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Daily Planner and Journal: August 21,2017

Hey there, dear friends!

How is everyone doing? Are you still enjoying Summer? A vacation maybe? Or are you already back to work and super busy? Did you go somewhere this Summer? If not, are you going?

I’m still at home but, as I’ve mentioned before, full organization mode, before the school year starts and I’m back at work and back to being busy. I intend to share my daily tasks and to-dos as I have done for the past 6 months.

What am I up to today?

Deep cleaning and organizing our bedroom:

  • Cleaning under and behind furniture (bed, nightstands, wardrobe, dresser, clothes rack, dressing table, mirror);
  • Take big area rug outside to be pressure washed;
  • Vacuum floor and corners, cobwebs;
  • Dust and clean light switchers, outlets, door knob, furniture handles;
  • Clean windows;
  • Organize clothes and shoes;
  • Dust and clean furniture;
  • Mop floor;

Work on “Online Work – Project A”:

  • I’ve mentioned I’m working online as a virtual assistant and I’m involved in a few projects. I intend to complete this particular project today. It’ll probably take me an hour/ one hour and a half;
  • Print screen tasks and send to client. Report to client;

Work on “Online Work – Project A.1”:

  • Same client, different task. This might take me a while longer, maybe 2 hours.
  • Report to client;

Work on “Online Work – Project B”:

  • Different client, somewhat easy task. It might take over an hour. I’ll start today and see how far I can go.
  • Report to client;

Keep working on online magazine along with my colleagues:

  • We’re almost done, but there’s always back and forth conversation and brainstorming going on either Whatsapp or email;

Cook dinner:

  • I’m making grilled salmon with veggies;

Answer some comments:

  • I’m so late, people will wonder who the hell am I hahaha. But I need and want to answer comments left by my readers;

Read a few blog posts:

  • I’ve been the worst blogger and friend and haven’t being reading blogs at all. I miss it and I want to go through a few, hopefully many.

My general goal is to become as active as I was before my long blogging hiatus and to go back to my general routines, while preparing for my return to work.

Yesterday it was one of my best friend’s birthday and we went over for dinner. I don’t know how but I kind of ended up playing “dungeons and dragons”. I don’t usually like games but it was quite fun, actually. Probably because there were many of us and we all picked silly names (except for me, I went with Belinda).

My friend and her boyfriend cooked us dinner and we had the most wonderful cheesecake. My friend (Catarina, that’s her name) is so good with baking and desserts. Dinner, which was a traditional seafood and rice dish was delicious as well.

One of my friend’s boyfriend went to college with me and we shared a few classes. We both love literature and classics and we always take an opportunity to talk about books and what we’ve been reading. He’s my favorite person to talk to when it comes to books because we kind of have similar taste and know the same authors.

Everyone was as funny as ever, I really had a good time.

Then I came home and chatted with my other group of favorite people, my online blogger best friends (I don’t love them just because they are bloggers, they’re just the most wonderful and some of the most inspiring women I know. I’m talking about my dearest AngelaArundhati (A.K.A Cathy)Lyz and Pamela. Love you, girls.

I then watched a few episodes of “The White Queen”, a miniseries. Have you watched it?

A portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. A story of love and lust, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, it is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. In their quest for power, they will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne. The year is 1464, before the Tudor dynasty ruled the country, and war has been ravaging throughout England over who is the rightful King. It is a bitter dispute between two sides of the same family, The House of York and The House of Lancaster. The House of York’s young and handsome Edward IV is crowned King of England with the help of the master manipulator, Lord Warwick “The Kingmaker.” But when Edward falls in love with a beautiful Lancastrian commoner, Elizabeth Woodville, Warwick’s plan to control the throne comes crashing down. A violent, high-stakes struggle ensues between Elizabeth, her most fierce adversary, Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville, the pawn in her father’s power game – each woman vying for the crown.

The White Queen – TV Series

The White Queen (TV Mini-Series 2013) – IMDb

Elizabeth Woodville, The White Queen

I’m so into period and historical dramas and I’m always looking for the next one. This one is very, very good and I’m really enjoying watching it.

Well, now I’m off to get things done!

What are you watching or reading that you would like to share with us?

What are you doing these days? Holidays or work?


As always, thank you so much for coming by.


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My Morning and Night Routines

Hello everyone,

If you kind of remember my schedule for June, today I am supposed to share my morning and night routines with you. I thought I might leave that and do a video, but it was possible, so we’re sticking to the plan.

Before I start, I need to remind you that I have good days and bed days and, for that reason, on bad days, I might not care to follow my normal steps or to have a routine at all. This is what I do when I’m doing well.

My morning routine:

I must tell you that, do to my annoying health issues and my powerful medication, I don’t always wake up early. I love it when I do, but there are many times when I sleep until close to lunch time or even after that. I’m currently trying and making an effort to always wake up early, because I feel better when I do so (if I have slept enough).


  • After waking up, the first thing that I do is check my phone. I check social media, WordPress, my three email accounts, Whatsapp, Skype, text messages, the whole thing. I don’t answer to anything yet.
  • I get up and change from what I sleep in (sometimes only panties so there isn’t much changing to do) and into whatever I’m wearing at home. Currently, because it’s hot I wear either shorts, my blue romper and light cotton dresses. When it’s not so hot, I wear leggings or yoga pants with a loose t-shirt. I always wear flip-flops at home, changing into sneakers if I’m doing some gardening.
  • I get up, and open one of my bedroom windows, so there’s light (especially for my succulents) and fresh air. The other window is open but with close shutters all day and all night long. I rarely open them.
  • I go the kitchen and open the door, in case Rosa needs to go do her business. I take my mailbox key and see if there’s mail.
  • If it’s too hot, I look at me plants to check if they need a little refreshment, which is basic spraying their leaves with water so they can be healthy and happy until I water them in the evening.
  • I go back into the house and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth, put my hair in a ponytail or messy bun, wash, tone and moisturize my face.
  • I go back into the kitchen to grab some cold water, as I need to drink water before I eat anything. Sometimes I drink a whole 500 ml bottle before I even touch food.
  • I then make breakfast or brunch, hot or cold and take it with me to the office, along with some coffee and my water. I turn on the computer and answer emails and general notifications while I eat breakfast. After breakfast, I take my pills and multivitamin.
  • I then write my health for days journey post, along with my to-do list and start taking care of whatever I have to do on that particular day…..


My night routine:

Once again, I remind you that things don’t always go as smoothly as I would like. Sometimes I don’t even have the patience and energy to take a shower and brush my teeth, let alone moisturize or do my yoga. I also have a very bad nightly habit of needing a comfort sweet snack or a comfort drink, usually decaf with milk, a cappuccino or frappuccino, chocolate milk, tea, whatever I have on hand. But this is how it looks like on a really good day.


  • My nightly routine starts when I’m prepping dinner, usually between seven and nine. I get dinner done and then we eat, while watching TV.
  • After dinner, usually, both of us take care of the kitchen, filling Betty up (the dishwasher. Yes, she does have a name. My washing machine is Martha) and cleaning around a bit.
  • I then answer some comments or read some blogs, while Rui is next to me doing his thing. Sometimes we watch a movie or series together and I don’t touch the computer.
  • I do my yoga, while he makes fun of me (I’ve been slacking with it lately).
  • Then I have a shower (taking care of any shaving or exfoliating) and put on a face mask.
  • After showering, I brush my teeth, tone and moisturize my face and apply moisturizer on my body.
  • I then beg Rui for a back massage because I normally have some sort of back pain. If he’s grumpy I get nothing. If he’s in a good mood I get a wonderful massage which really helps.
  • I then towel dry my hair and brush it, leaving it alone or doing a braid.
  • I get back to the kitchen and take my medicine.
  • I change into whatever I’m wearing to bed and go to bed to read until I feel sleepy. It takes hours sometimes. I either read a book or browse Reddit. Oh yes, I love askreddit.
  • When I feel tired enough, I turn the light off and go to sleep.

That’s about it.

Do have have a morning and night routine?

Do you have an issue with nightime snacking?

Thank you for reading.