Daily Planner and Journal: August 29,2017

Good morning friends,

I guess most of you is still asleep. Not because you’re lazy but due to time zones. It’s almost 9.30 a.m here and the majority of you is either ahead or a few hours behind. I woke up before 8. I checked my phone, got up, got my water, fed Rosa and had breakfast with Rui.

He has been running every other day, and he’s committed to eat better because there’s no point in running and then stopping at McDonald’s. He never eats breakfast and I’ve been telling him for years that he needs to. Your body is not okay with waiting until lunch. It cannot be healthy to eat 6 hours after you wake up. So he’s been eating breakfast now, (and a healthy one) which makes me happy. I like to see him leave for work already fed. It’s funny how we feel responsible for our spouses or partners, isn’t it?

I came back to bed because I’ve been working long hours online in the afternoon, up until bed time, almost. So I should do something for me in the morning, like blogging or watching some series or reading. I might do it all before I pick up where I left off yesterday.

Rui knew how to exorcise the washing machine (because she had gone Emily Rose on him before) so I was able to do another load of laundry yesterday. I have another waiting to be hung but they say it’s going to rain.

Hahahaha it actually started raining heavily just after I wrote this. Funny moment.

For your surprise (being sarcastic here), I didn’t manage any housework yesterday. Not because I was sitting on my ass, (I mean I was but…) working away on the computer. I’m not lying if I tell you that I actually had to place a blanket on the chair and sit on it because my backside was hurting from being glued to the chair for so long. I guess you can’t really put that much pressure on a 10€ Ikea chair. Literally.

From my work related tasks, I was able to finish:

  • I have to finish two easy projects for client one and to start writing an article for said client.  I’m about 30% done with the main project task after day one (I have 4 days to complete 20 small tasks and I’ve managed to finish 6 yesterday) and I’ve finished and sent the article I was supposed to. It’s my first paid article for another blog/website, so I’m proud of myself.
  • I need to start my research on another writing project for client number 3. – Didn’t touch this at all. Should begin research today.
  • I’m almost done with my work for client number 2. – Yes! From 20 small tasks I have managed 14. 

Since I’ve just told you I didn’t get any housework done, I didn’t get to any of the following tasks:

  • Cooking dinner. – Nope. I had a late afternoon snack and Rui managed with a salad. We still had leftovers for him to take for lunch today so it was not a problem. Today, I must cook. Oh, I just remembered I have to text Rui and ask him to go to the store to buy bread and some fruit and trash bags, after his run.
  • Cleanup our room. – Didn’t even make our bed.
  • Fold some laundry. – Not at all.
  • Read a few blogs. – I’m not sure why this is here because it certainly isn’t housework but I didn’t manage to do it either.
  • Relieve my couch of hair from a certain friend of mine who crashes there. – Nope. Because she was there napping the whole time.
  • Clean my bathroom. – Nein.

I did have time to watch Game of Thrones with Rui and… just… OMG. I almost died… I’m still not feeling 100% like myself. And then I discovered it might take about 2 years for us to know what happens next and I wanted to throw myself out the window, even though this is a house and there’s only the ground floor. If you have watched it, discreetly comment your reaction and thoughts with me, so we don’t spoil it for anyone (code words and all). Also, you need to see this: (Contains Spoilers)


What else?

So, I’m not sure I am going to perform any housework today either. Don’t ask me why, but I hate cleaning when it’s raining. I will definitely be working on the same tasks as yesterday and reading blogs.

I bought a few little things for myself on eBay. When I say little it’s because I bought like 4 things for a little over 5€. Watches and rings are just so cheap there.

s-l500 (3)

s-l500 (2)

s-l500 (1)


Yeah, so that’s it for now. Talk to me.

See you later?

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52 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal: August 29,2017

  1. Pretty watch! If I wore watches I’d pick the pink one for sure. Never thought of looking on eBay though for cheap things like that 🤔 I like to see things in person though before buying. But with two littles of my own online shopping has become a little more popular in our household. It’s just easier.

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    • I love pink, you know. I’m glad you like it 🙂 I don’t shop everywhere, it has to be a verified and safe website. My favorite is everything5pounds, where you can literally buy everything for £5. That includes shoes, winter coats, dresses. A few years ago I needed a dress for a wedding and I decided to order from them. I ordered 3 different dresses so I could try and choose and a pair of heels. I didn’t have high expectations because, well, 5 pounds. But they came fast, were extremely good quality and true to size. Then I did some research and realized it’s because they buy things from stores that have closed, not from China.

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    • Awww, that’s sweet. I love to talk about my day-to-day, it’s what comes natural to me. I’l glad you like my writing. I love them too. And they’re just so cheap. You can get so many things for a few bucks on eBay. They’re not the same as expensive brands so, if you like to buy a certain brand or a higher quality, their not the best 🙂 Handbags are not really my thing. I love shoes. But I feel naked without earrings, bracelets and rings. I need to see something on my wrists and fingers when I move my hands lol

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    • Thank you 🙂 Don’t you cook enough for more than one dinner? I tend to always cook enough so I have leftovers for the next day. Either for both of us to take for work or to have for dinner. Why are you so tired dear? It’s only Tuesday. Rough weekend?

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      • If I ever have leftovers, David always eats them! I’m relatively picky when it comes to what kind of food I will eat leftover, some things are totally fine (pizza, pasta, rice, veggies), others I don’t enjoy quite as much (meats)! And it’s just been a rough couple of weeks. I’ve had migraines off and on for the last month or so and the latest one has been with me for about 4 days (and counting). It’s throwing me off my sleep schedule and is making it hard to focus which in turn is making me really exhausted. :/ Hopefully it’ll subside soon!

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        • Oh, I have those sometimes. They’re so bad. Usually on the back of my head or just on the side. The side ones are really bad, I feels like it hurts behind my eye. The worst feeling is going to bed with a headache and waking up just the same. Mine usually last for about 3 days and when they’re really bad I get dizzy and nauseous. My ex boyfriend had severe migraines. He would go blind on one side for a while. Is this common for you? Or is it the first time? I usually have them about once a month and I believe they’re the result of my bad posture. I hope you feel better today? Feel so sorry you’re in pain, dear. Feel better! ❤️


  2. I never really thought about feeling responsible for my spouse, although I make sure to do everything for him hahaha. So, I guess I do. I did my Tuesday cleaning the kitchen, dining and living room yaaaaa (heavy sarcasm) :):) I love. love, love the pretty jewelry! Score!

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    • Same here. I worry if he needs new shoes or if he is working too many hours or if he has cleaned laundry. I even cover him at night if he threw the covers away. I actually managed to clean the bathroom and sort of clean the kitchen, which I’m happy for. I was so lazy. My bathroom hadn’t been cleaned in about a month or more. It was bad. It’s the first time I’ve let it go for so long. I like spotless bathrooms. Thank you. I like to buy jewelry on eBay because everything is so cheap and they can be sterling silver or stainless steel, which means they don’t get green 🙂

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      • Our running joke is, we have a fairy for EVERYTHING. A laundry fairy, cleaning fairy, cooking fairy, shopping fairy. 🙂 You get the point 🙂 Which are all me 😉 The only person who thinks you’re lazy, is you:) just for the record. I really shouldn’t speak for everyone, just my opinion. Do a survey and see what everyone else thinks :);):)

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        • I like the idea of a fairy, if that were possible. Imagine just letting her do her work while you sit and watch a black and white movie 😉 I don’t mind any of those tasks but I heard it gets old with time so you might be bored already? My grandmother complained about having to cook every single day before every meal. She had to make sure we knew how much she hated it at all times 😊 I don’t consider myself lazy, I do think I’m a hard worker. But when I’m lazy, boy I don’t move a finger 😂

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  3. I’m so happy to hear that Rui is eating breakfast! I never understand those non-breakfast eaters. It’s so unnatural to me. You must feel all warm and fuzzy watching him eat, like a weirdo, haha. Congrats on your paid blog post, too, you’ll have to show me how you did it!

    How sweet of you to send Hannah the watch. You’re just a regular angel. They are super cute. I love girlie things, as you well know 🙂 For getting the housework done, your best bet will be to invite guests over. That’s always my big motivation to get the whole place cleaned up in one hour flat. Funny how that works. 🙂

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  4. The bargain buys sound good, I like those kind of cheap treats that are small but sweet! I think it’s lovely you care about his wellbeing in wanting Rui to have brekkie too, a lot of people just don’t seem to be in to breakfast at all. I’m one of those people most days, but some days I try to make more of an effort when I can manage it because I know it’s important. What do you tend to go for when it comes to brekkie Chey?x

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    • Hey Caz!! I used to be like that for many years. I wouldn’t eat until lunch time. Now I’ve gotten used to eating breakfast and I feel rushed and stressed if I have to leave the house without eating. I either eat oatmeal with banana slices, honey and cinnamon or plain Greek yogurt with banana slices and a bit of strawberry jam to make it sweet. There’s always a banana involved lol I love them for breakfast because they are yummy and make you feel full. I usually add assorted seeds, I love them. And then I have coffee with milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar. What do you eat?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sounds very healthy!! I used to go for yoghurt and a banana, but I’ve skipped nanas since my last op as they don’t suit me at the moment, which is such a shame! Same goes for a lot of fruit at the moment – I miss grapes and apples and eating the skins on fruits! I guess I have to opt for cereal or a piece of toast, with tea and orange juice. I’m glad you’ve got into the brekkie habit, sounds like you’re getting yourself set up well for the day with the seeds, fruit and yumminess! 🙂


  5. I feel like the only person in the world who could not get into GOT. Everyone is talking GOT and I am just over here waiting for the regular football season to start.

    Love the watches, BTW!

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    • Thank you 😉 I do understand you. It’s not my favorite series and, honestly, this has been the best season. There were a few in the middle that were pretty boring and pointless. Don’t you watch any series at all? I only watch football when my country is playing 🙂


  6. Oh those watches are super cute!! And I’m glad Rui got the laundry machine fixed…are there no dryer machines in Portugal?

    When it rains, I don’t like doing anything at all either! Totally with you on that one.

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