Hey you,

Are you having a good day?

My sister and her friend are here and I’m spending a little time with the girls.

I actually woke up at 8.30 a.m, which is early for someone who can sometimes sleep 12 hours if left alone. I started to write this post in the morning but then I began feeling cold and had a headache so I went back to bed at about 11 a.m and slept until almost 3 o’clock. Oh my. It was okay, though. The girls were talking until 6 a.m so they slept into the afternoon as well.

Mr. asked me to water the vegetable garden and I liked it so I might hijack it for myself, as I did with the backyard. I might become a farmer and live of the land. I’m thinking about chickens and all. haha.

Doesn’t she look cute?

I picked up some fresh lemons and made the girls berry lemonade. We had last night’s chicken leftovers for lunch and then I washed the dishes. Now I’m in my blogging moment.

I have no to-do list for today. I just need to make dinner for everyone.

I don’t think I’m going with them to that “Semana AcadΓ©mica” thing because it’s extremely windy and kind of cold and I can’t be bother to go out in those conditions. Also, it bothers me to pay 10€ for the ticket and then freeze.

I’m off to read some blogs now!

Oh, I need to tell you this. I have done another unfollowing cleanup. I’m down to 288 people. I started with over 1000. It’s still hard to manage but not as much. If I have unfollowed you by accident or if we are usually someone who interacts on my blog and I have unfairly unfollowed, please say so! Or, if you follow me and I haven’t followed back and you would like me to check your blog, I’d love to take a look.