Health for days journey – May 17th (update)

Hey guys,

How are you?

Did you have a fun day? Productive day? Fun and Productive?

So, Rui and I are in bed, each tending to their own blog and the girls are in the living room picking a horror movie and having a blast, haha.

We had dinner together and I really like my sister’s friend. A very beautiful and sweet girl!! My sister seems to be happy. Better. She was my family member who was suffering. Something changed in her life and she was hurting. Her heart was broken. And mine was broken with hers. She’s my baby. She cries, I cry. But today, she is happy. She’s mending. Her heart is becoming whole again. So I can rest and focus on myself again.

Well, my to-do list?

  • Figure out what to cook for dinner. Maybe get some roast chicken from the supermarket, with chips and some rice? Or maybe I’ll cook something from scratch. Maybe some meat or fish, in the oven. I’ll think about it. Make some kind of desert. I’ll probably go with instant vanilla pudding, since I don’t have much time. – We bought some roast chicken and ate it with chips and bread. I made the vanilla pudding (instant, didn’t have time for the real deal) and it was pretty good;
  • Clean the kitchen table, since foreign objects always end up there. – Done;
  • Put away the dry dishes. – Done;
  • Wash dishes from last night. – Done;
  • Tell Rui to pick up some fresh bread and cheese and ham for the girls’ breakfast and maybe some soda (not for breakfast) or juice as well. – Done;
  • Make a list of what to buy for the meals we will have while parents-in-law are here. – Done;
  • Clean the living room. Dust, vacuum, relieve the couch and pillows of dog hair, mop floor, relieve the table of foreign objects that belong elsewhere. – Done;
  • Clean our room. Make bed, dust, vacuum, and pick up things and take them to where they belong. – Done;
  • Quick bathroom cleanup. I always do a big clean and then just do little ones throughout the week, which include cleaning the toilet, changing towels, cleaning floor. – Done;
  • Organize the girls’ sleeping arrangements and provide a set of towels each. – Done;
  • Read some blogs. – Doing it;


– Washed a blanket;

– Dried Rosa’s bed;

– Published yesterday’s and today’s challenge posts;

– Washed the dishes from dinner;


Food and water:

  • Brunch: Oatmeal with a banana, honey and cinnamon; Iced latte;
  • Snack: Piece of dark chocolate;
  • Dinner: Roast chicken, bread and chips; Glass of coke; Vanilla pudding; Espresso
  • About 5 cups of water? Maybe 6?


I’m grateful for:

  • Having my sister and her friend over;
  • A nice dinner;
  • A super productive day;
  • Great blogging friends;
  • My cereal (I’ve just had a bowl. No longer addicted!)
  • Good sleep;
  • A clean and organized house;
  • A happy sister;
  • A fun mom;




43 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 17th (update)

  1. Aw, I’m glad your sister’s heart is healing. Good for her. ❤
    Today was definitely a productive day over here. I've dedicated today and tomorrow toward hardcore spring cleaning. Day 1 was a success, hoping to do just as much tomorrow. 😀

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  2. I’m glad your sister is starting to heal from the heartbreak, you’re a great big sister I can tell! Glad things are getting better for you as well☺️ I had noticed things were off with you lately and I know you mentioned to us someone was going through something and you felt it too so I had to check up on you I was a little worried. Now I know exactly why. I’d feel that pain for my sisters too

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  3. Happy to hear that things are getting better! And look, you’re not addicted to cereal anymore. I didn’t realise that you two had broken up. Hope your day is going well.

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  4. Glad your Sisters ok and that you had a very productive day! My Wednesday wasn’t that productive as I was feeling a little bit ill! X

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