Health for days journey – May 31st (Goodbye May, Hello June edition)

Good morning everyone,

It’s 10.46 a.m here and I’ve been up since 8ish.

I’ve had my coffee, more specifically my Vienna cappuccino. I haven’t had breakfast yet, because I have no idea what to eat. I miss my oatmeal. Do you think she misses me too?


I’ve written a post to go up soon, the third in my Perfect Party Series.

June 10 • 4pm1594 Brooke StreetSugar Land, TX (3)

Now and until about lunch time, I’ll be answering comments and reading your posts. I’m late with both, as usual.

Earlier today I have announced my Giveaway Winner, Mis. Cherylene Nicholas. I adore her and I’m so happy for her. I adore everyone who participated but the choice was randomly made by the site, which is good and fair.

presents-1913977_640 (1)

And here’s my to-do list for today:

  • Priority one: Gardening. I want to plant the seeds I’ve bought yesterday, water the garden and plants, pick up Rosa’s poop and wash her “bathroom area” with bleach, pick up a big bunch of weeds, branches, leaves and pine needles and transport them from the garden to the vegetable garden. So they can be turned into fertilizer? I think that’s why Mr. told me to take them there. I’ve also offered to do some weeding  in the veggie garden and now I have to do it, otherwise Rui wins. Lord help me. It must be hot and I’m lazy.
  • Priority two: Damn kitchen. Today IS the day I cleanup the whole thing. Kill me if I don’t, please. I hate it when I plan on doing something and then just procrastinate for one reason or the other. Makes me feel stupid because I write it down and then don’t do it, even if no one is going to read it.
  • Priority three: Laundry. I need to get it from the clothesline, fold it and put it away before I lose control of it.
  • Make some Jello. And it’s fresh and yummy.
  • Change my sheets. Mr. R came to bed last night before I could do it.
  • Drink my 1.5 l of water.
  • Do my yoga.
  • Write a few postcards.

And I’m not going to commit to anything else. Later today (or tonight) I’ll be publishing my May recap and plans for April post.

Now, it’s time for:

What’s Up Wednesday


What we’re eating this week:

This: Thursday Meal Plan and Recipe Share

What I’m reminiscing about:

The fact that another month has gone by. Just generally thinking about this time last years and thinking about May in general.

What I’m loving:

Still loving gardening and my plants. I love doing it and can’t wait to go and plant more seeds today. And baking. I bought a new cake decoration kit (I’ll show it tonight) and a few coloring decorations and I can’t wait to test them.

What we’ve been up to:

Fighting over a cat. I want to adopt a 2-month-old blue-eyed beautiful kitten and Mr. R doesn’t so… I’ll obviously lose. He has his reasons, of course. But I’m sad. I really wanted another family member, my biological clock would welcome her with open arms and she’s just so cute and would make me feel happier and more complete. But you win some and lose some, right. I was going to call her Flora, by the way.

What I’m dreading:

Cleaning the f****** kitchen. And studying for my German exam, still. Exam season in general is making me nervous. I have to go through 8 and I should have started studying a while ago. But that’s okay, I can find plenty of free time.

What I’m working on:

My garden and plants, sending postcards/letters and finishing my June studying schedule.

What I’m excited about:

Spending the 1st of June (Children’s day) with my mother and stepfather and expecting a gift. (Sister, you’re reading this. Tell mom I want a gift. She knows but just keep telling her so she won’t forget).

What I’m watching/reading:

I’m not reading the 100 books I have started and haven’t finished. I’m reading blog posts. I’m watching YouTube videos, Orange Is The New Black, Big Little Lies and looking for something else. WTF is Twin Peaks?

What I’m listening to:

Nothing much. Still La La Land soundtrack and our song that won Eurovision sometimes.

What I’m wearing:

Shoot. Right now? A blue sweater and panties because I’m in bed. Sorry, not decent.

What I’m doing this weekend:

Catching up on doing nothing.

What I’m looking forward to the next month:

Same as last week. But also I’m looking forward to know exam dates and to studying.

What else is new:

I might take a nap now. Nothing is new.

Who wants to join me? What’s up with your Wednesday?

Just link back to me so I can read your answers to the questions. Would love to have some company!!


P.S. Why do I keep getting followed by companies or businesses? What do they get from reading a personal blog? It seems like I get some every day. No idea why.

See you later? xx




Health for days journey – May 30th (Staying away from oatmeal edition)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Is everyone happy and okay? I hope so.

I’m back to my normal life after yesterday’s adventures. Still not knowing what might suddenly kill me if I touch it. I’m exaggerating a bit (Am I?). I’m still staying away from oatmeal and will only try to eat it on Saturday and Sunday, when hubs is at home and can save me if I need rescue from my allergic hell. It was the weirdest situation ever. I’ve never been allergic to a single food or product, I touch detergents, cleaning stuff, plants and weeds and dirt with my bare hands and I’ve never had an issue, aside from the usual rose-bush that decides to stab me. I’ve been known to use hand cream on my face and have no issues. So, I have no idea. It was even weirder because it was all hot (literally) and heavy for about an hour and then vanished, on its own, not becoming life threatening. I thought they were going to draw blood, maybe do an allergy test and so I was thinking “please don’t be gluten” all the time. That would really complicate my life and make my grocery bill very expensive. They didn’t do shit but I have eaten gluten since which makes me think that it isn’t the culprit. Should I pay a very expensive allergy test elsewhere (that some people say it’s useless) because of an isolated event? Still deciding if it’s worth it. Now I’m on some allergy meds that make you fat because they have cortisone. Cortisone makes you retain fluids and bloat. I only have to take it for 4 days so, hopefully, I won’t gain any weight from it.

Do I have a to-do list? Sure. Whatever I was planning on doing yesterday:

  • I’m going to focus on the kitchen. I haven’t washed any dishes since about Thursday or Friday, so everything is a huge mess. So, in the kitchen I should:
  1. Wash the enormous pile of dishes;
  2. Clean the microwave, wash the microwave plate;
  3. See what has spoiled in the fridge (and then slap me on the face because my goal for 2017 is not to waste food), clean the shelves, above the fridge, behind and under;
  4. Clean the shelves and everything that is on them because it gets dust;
  5. Clean the coffee machines;
  6. See if my bunch of watercress is still possible to save and make a soup;
  7. Take out the trash;
  8. Clean the table;
  9. Clean the counters;
  10. Vacuum and mop the floor;
  11. Make some jello;
  12. Cook dinner;
  13. Maybe bake some cupcakes? I have a new decorating kit!!
  • Second point of focus in laundry. It was raining so I’m a bit behind but today the weather is good;
  • I should also change my sheets;
  • I would like to plant some flower seeds and do some gardening but I’m not sure I’ll have the time because Rui is coming home at 4.30 and we’re going grocery shopping and to a gardening store because I want some more seeds and some rubber gardening gloves (better safe than sorry, right?);
  • When it comes to blogging, today you can expect “The Perfect Party blogging series”, featuring Elsie. It should have been up by noon but I didn’t have time to prepare it yesterday. I’m usually so organized and like to plan things ahead but, apparently, when it comes to blogging, I’m a bit more spontaneous and do things on the day they’re being published or the day before (very rare). So I’m sorry, but I’m going to publish it later.You can also expect my challenge posts from yesterday and today, which are the final ones! The month is over.

I’ll leave you with a photo dump of pictures that I took yesterday, to show you my garden, my plants and the outside of my home.

Our gate from the inside. If you look closely you can see our garage door on the other side and the gate to our vegetable garden.
Just a pretty bush. Have no idea what it’s called. Does anyone know?
On my desk 🙂
My gigantic succulent
No idea what this plant is, but you can see my little plants growing on both sides!
My hydrangeas are finally blooming this year. I think regular watering and the fact that Rosa has stopped messing with them helps.
Another little (but growing like a weed) succulent on my bathroom sink. The pot used to be a mason jar.
Closer look at hydrangeas
Just love this tree that goes above our door
Little outside table is full of plants. 
This one is one my vanity, by my bedroom window
Two little succulents on my vanity table
The beautiful tree I was talking about


Our second bedroom window and a little outside storage
Used to hate this plant and its flowers. I love it now that I’ve taken care of it



More plants: Thyme, chrysanthemum and daisy 
Two beautiful trees that meet
The previously hated plant again
Better look at our little outside table: Rose bush (green pot), succulent, bonsai (back there), three plants I have no idea and a vine (bush?)
Some bindweed I don’t know what to call
My dressing table succulents once again
Rosa photobombing
I really need to find out what this bush is


Our big pine tree. That’s our kitchen window


Parsley looking gorgeous!
Where our trees meet


My bathroom chrysanthemum. He loves it there. Maybe the moisture? 


Better look
Our kitchen/front door
Rose tree
My little plants growing (I think these are my sunflowers, I’m dumb and forgot what I planted in each bed)
Our cute mailbox
Front/Kitchen door




Our spearmint

These photos were taken with my phone and have no editing. I think they look good and even pretty. I hope you like taking a look at our little yard that we love so much.

See you later.

P.S Plant people, help me with the bush!! (sorry, that sounds bad)





Health for days journey – May 25th (update)

Hello again,

How was your day?

Mine was actually productive and that makes me happy.

Let’s go straight to the point and check my to-do list:

  • Do some gardening. I’m making this my priority for today;  Done. I worked on some gardening for about 2 hours and was able to accomplish a lot. Cleaned all of the plants of their dry leaves and branches, cleaned the flower beds of the pine needles that fall from our Pine tree. Transferred some plants, watered the whole garden, picked up Rosa’s poo and washed the place where she always poops with bleach;
  • Drink, at least, 1,5 l of water. (Absolutely mandatory) Done;
  • Take my supplements. Which is basically a multivitamin. (I’ve just taken it)
  • Keep taking care of laundry. It’s gonna rain tomorrow so I want to be done with everything today. – It looked like it was going to rain the whole time so I didn’t do any laundry nor did I fold and put away the dry one.
  • Do my 20-minute yoga. (You better do this, bitch) – Will get to it after this post;
  • Clean the kitchen. – Cleaned about a third;
  • Quick clean the bathroom. – Done;
  • Plan my schedule for June. – Nope, I’m waiting for some student’s answers to see if I have work for June (at home) and what will be the schedule. Tomorrow I might get that organized;
  • Announce the winners of my blog party. – Done;
  • Read blogs. I’ve decided that besides reading what’s in my reader every day, I will choose two blogs to really dig into each day and two new follower blogs to take a look. – Just a few, not as many as I would like. Might still do it today;
  • Answer comments. – I have;
  • Catch up on my challenge posts. – Oops. Not done. Might get to them today after I shower?
  • Meal plan. – Done and published;
  • Do my green clay mask. – While have it on while doing my yoga and take a shower after;
  • Talk to a few students. – Did, but not all of them;
  • Make my bed. – Done;

P.S. You might still have to bear with me today if I decide to come back to write my challenge posts, which are pretty late. We’ll see.



Shit, I forgot the rest of the fucking post. Tomorrow, then.


Health for days journey – May 25th

Good afternoon my people!!

Are you happy it’s almost Friday and therefore almost the weekend? I bet you are.

Remember the seeds that I planted a few days ago? They have sprouted and I can see tiny little plants growing. I’m really happy about it. It’s amazing when you take care of something and they grow and thrive. This is actually what I think when I look at my dog. It amazes me I was able to keep her alive and happy since she was 2 months old. We taught her to go the bathroom in the same spot first, Rui taught her to do it outside, we taught her not to bite our hands, to sit when told, to sit before getting a treat, to stop something if you say no, to know she has been bad, to kiss us when asked. It’s amazing isn’t it? It’s been almost two years and I just love her so much. I remember when she was a little puppy I would bathe her and then wrap her in a towel and she would fall asleep in my arms. Of course I’m unable to do that now, she is big and stronger than me and cannot be still after her bath. I also miss being able to grab her with just one hand and hold her. I can pick her up and hold her now, but she doesn’t let me do it for long. It’s amazing what a few tiny plants can’t bring to your mind, isn’t it?

My sleep has been extremely bad again. I go through phases, I guess. I haven’t been sleeping well since my in-laws were here, more or less. It takes me a long time to fall asleep and sometimes I can’t do it with just my regular medication and I have to take extra and then sleep until 2 p.m. I’m not particularly stressed out or anything so I have no explanation for this. I have a bunch of ideas and plans going through my mind but I don’t think they are preventing me from sleep. And then I have the same bad dreams and it sucks because they make me sad and nervous. Anyway, I’m up now so let’s get going and do some productive.

Today I should:

  • Do some gardening. I’m making this my priority for today;
  • Drink, at least, 1,5 l of water. (Absolutely mandatory)
  • Take my supplements. Which is basically a multivitamin. (I’ve just taken it)
  • Keep taking care of laundry. It’s gonna rain tomorrow so I want to be done with everything today.
  • Do my 20-minute yoga. (You better do this, bitch)
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Quick clean the bathroom.
  • Plan my schedule for June.
  • Announce the winners of my blog party.
  • Read blogs. I’ve decided that besides reading what’s in my reader every day, I will choose two blogs to really dig into each day and two new follower blogs to take a look.
  • Answer comments.
  • Catch up on my challenge posts.
  • Meal plan.
  • Do my green clay mask.
  • Talk to a few students.
  • Make my bed.

I’m also trying to stay away from shitty foods today. The fact that I’ve finished all of my coke and ice cream yesterday might help with that. I’m tempted to bake chocolate cupcakes because I want to try a recipe but I think I’ll pass on it.

I’m counting gardening as a workout today, friends. Try and stop me.

P.S. Some people were very worried that I shooed a snake yesterday and was able to make her go away. I’m no badass, she was long but quite thin and small. Also, there are only two types (kinds? species?) of poisonous snakes in Portugal and they’re extremely rare so even if she had bit me or something I would be fine. I was also freaking out a little so I’m not as brave as you think.

P.S.S. You may wonder how I get stuff done and still blog during the day and it’s pretty simple. I alternate. I clean the kitchen for an hour and then come and check on the blog. I make and have dinner and come back for my update, for example.

See you soon buddies!!




Health for days journey – May 18th (Having cute guests and watering the vegetable garden)


Hey you,

Are you having a good day?

My sister and her friend are here and I’m spending a little time with the girls.

I actually woke up at 8.30 a.m, which is early for someone who can sometimes sleep 12 hours if left alone. I started to write this post in the morning but then I began feeling cold and had a headache so I went back to bed at about 11 a.m and slept until almost 3 o’clock. Oh my. It was okay, though. The girls were talking until 6 a.m so they slept into the afternoon as well.

Mr. asked me to water the vegetable garden and I liked it so I might hijack it for myself, as I did with the backyard. I might become a farmer and live of the land. I’m thinking about chickens and all. haha.

Doesn’t she look cute?

I picked up some fresh lemons and made the girls berry lemonade. We had last night’s chicken leftovers for lunch and then I washed the dishes. Now I’m in my blogging moment.

I have no to-do list for today. I just need to make dinner for everyone.

I don’t think I’m going with them to that “Semana Académica” thing because it’s extremely windy and kind of cold and I can’t be bother to go out in those conditions. Also, it bothers me to pay 10€ for the ticket and then freeze.

I’m off to read some blogs now!

Oh, I need to tell you this. I have done another unfollowing cleanup. I’m down to 288 people. I started with over 1000. It’s still hard to manage but not as much. If I have unfollowed you by accident or if we are usually someone who interacts on my blog and I have unfairly unfollowed, please say so! Or, if you follow me and I haven’t followed back and you would like me to check your blog, I’d love to take a look.





Health for days journey – May 16th (“So this is what morning looks like?” edition)


Hey guys!!

I’m up super early today. I mean, super early for my standards. I woke up at around 8.10 a.m, looked at my phone for a while for some notifications and then finally rolled out of bed. I’m hoping to get ahead on a few things, which includes reading your blogs. My first load is on the washer and I’ve had 2 and a half cups of water already. Small ones, though. I’ve had a banana and now I’m having some milk with coffee because I’m not yet ready to eat a full breakfast. Maybe I’ll have some eggs today. My mother-in-law sent us a bunch of eggs when we were there for Easter (not chocolate ones) and we really need to get through them before they spoil.

The weirdest thing happened at 5 a.m. I woke up and was extremely hungry. I had to get up and eat something, so I did. Which is the strangest thing since I have never in my life woken up from my sleep to eat (I know some people who do). Anyways, I had something (it’s something we only have in Portugal, some little cereal flakes that you have with milk. It’s like an oatmealish consistency) and got bed to bed, sleeping for three more hours, like a baby. The quality of my sleep has improved a lot. These past few days I’ve had no nightmares, have been feeling sleepy before I take my pills and have gone to bed earlier and woken up earlier naturally. I’m quite happy about that. A few months ago it would be impossible for me to be up at 9.30 a.m. I just couldn’t.

This is what I’m talking about. I only like the honey variety


I’ll go on to my to-do list now:

  • Translate my sisters CV into English. She needs it done for today;
  • Do a final load of laundry (everything else is washed!!) with my sheets and just a few things that are left to wash;
  • Once everything is dry, fold and put away, along with the two baskets that were already washed;
  • Make a grocery list, including things I will need while my in-laws are here;
  • Clean kitchen (shelves; over, under, behind the fridge; walls next to the stove, behind and under the stove; floor;)
  • Wash Rosa’s bed;
  • Bathe Rosa. Probably going to wait for mister to get home to help with this task;
  • Read blogs!
  • Finish my big to-do list to post as my challenge post (today’s prompt);
  • Make a list of all of the Award posts I need to write;
  • Dry and put away dishes that I washed yesterday
  • Answer comments;
  • Do some gardening. I have a few flower seeds I want to plant: French Marigold (or honeycomb, I think – Maggie, they are native to Guatemala!!); cornflower (or bachelor’s button); Sweet William; elegant zinnia; sunflower; common marigold;


Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m quite impatient so I will be not will be dying for them to sprout. By the way, does gardening counts as working out?

Do you have any plans for today?

Do you like flowers? What is your favorite?

Do you do any gardening?

I sooo need this garden!

Thank you for reading, my friends!!

Hugs and kisses for everyone (not in a weird way, we each other on the cheeks in Portugal, so not offering French kiss, you weirdos!!)