1. That I love to write
  2. That I can start a project and go on with it, not giving up after a few days
  3. That I love being a blogger
  4. That I’m not ashamed of who I am
  5. That I am not ashamed of my past
  6. That I’m not the only one who had a sad childhood
  7. That I’m not the only one who suffers from depression
  8. That I’m not the only one who suffers from anxiety
  9. That social media is not that scary or hostile
  10. That I can be proud of my accomplishments
  11. That I can be spontaneous
  12. That the internet is not bad and scary
  13. That people won’t make fun of me for being myself
  14. That there are so many people with similar stories and interests
  15. That random strangers can have just the right words to soothe your heart
  16. That there’s always someone willing to listen to you
  17. That there are so many funny people out there
  18. That there are so many talented people out there
  19. That I don’t need to hide and run away from photos
  20. That I’m not ridiculous
  21. That I can be open and honest without feeling insecure
  22. That I can be confident
  23. That I have stories to share
  24. That people like my writing
  25. That people like me
  26. That there are so many nice people I needed to meet
  27. That I needed this in my life
  28. That it was a piece of me that was missing
  29. That I can be me
  30. That I can be funny and crazy and happy