Good evening guys,

I’m sorry, I’m kind of in a mood tonight.

It’s like my mind is not working properly. I had totally forgotten I had a logo for my health for days journey posts, which I made. How can I be that distracted?

And then… After what? Two months? I realized my logo says health for days “journal” instead of journey. Was that intentional? Did I mean to call it journey but write journal on the logo? Did I mean to call it “health for days journal”? I have no idea, I can’t remember. I went back and about 2 or 3 posts do say “journal” instead of “journey”, but they aren’t even the first ones lol What a mess. I really need to start paying more attention to things.

I want to keep calling it “health for days journey” because that’s exactly what it is. A journey, with ups and downs. So, do I correct the logo or do I just live with “journal”?

Anyways, after writing today’s post I went back to bed and had a big nap. Like the whole afternoon big. Yes, I’m not proud of it. So I didn’t do shit today.

Let’s all, embarrassingly, check my list of tasks for today:

  •  Remember I told you I needed to change my sheets? Yeah, I didn’t. Going to do so today; – I pulled them out, so I need to put new ones before going to bed. They are picked and near the bed;
  • Put away all the dishes that I washed yesterday and wash the few that are left from last night; – Didn’t touch any dishes;
  • Clean kitchen floor; – Not today;
  • Put away laundry; – I folded what was left but have yet to put it away;
  • Vacuum living room floor; – Not at all. Living in the trash;
  • Answer a few texts and emails; – Answered one email;
  • Stalk the mailman until he brings me the book I’m waiting for; – The bastard didn’t even come!
  • Read your blogs!!! – Bits and bobs, need to get to it;
  • Talk to mother and sister. – Mom called, I was half asleep. Need to see if sis is online;
  • Cook some dinner; – I didn’t have to. Rui doesn’t need to take lunch tomorrow and so he ate some leftovers and I ate some oatmeal;
  • I’m publishing my third post right now, second one was though;


Food and water:

  • Breakfast/lunch: 2 cups of banana yogurt and a banana. Yes, I do love bananas.
  • Dinner: Oatmeal with one sliced banana (see a pattern, I’m a fucking monkey), milk, honey and cinnamon; One Maltesers McFlurry (had to try);
  • I had ONE cup of water. I’m not a monkey after all, I’m actually a camel.

Really sad day for my belly!!!

I’m grateful for:

  • The McFlurry I ate;
  • My lovely Rui;
  • Someone who feels better, despite hurting so much. (I love you)
  • This blog;
  • My huge nap, even if I judge myself it felt good!!
  • Rain. We all love good weather but we need rain.

That’s it for today. I have no furniture to show you today, so I’ll finish here.