One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 26 (People I admire and why)

6People I admire and why:

The obvious choices:

Women in my family – Every woman in my family is strong and brave. They have all been through a lot and they can all overcome anything. Especially my mom who raised us on her own and my sister.

My friends – I saw them turn from teenagers into young, strong women and I admire each of them for what they have become.

Rui – I admire his work ethic, his intelligence and his skills in general. He’s very smart and 100% an engineer.

The famous ones:

Nicci Lynn from A Farmhouse Full – She’s a strong woman and an amazing mom.


Jamerrill Stewart – For the exact same reason.


Michelle Obama – She’s also a strong and intelligent woman, she is classy and she knows how to take good care of herself. She’s also funny and caring.


Kate Middleton – She’s a lady and she’s sporty and fun and I love her style.


I guess I have a thing for strong women, especially moms, don’t I?



One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 24 (Handy tips I have learned)

Handy tips I have learned:

  • If you need a book for school or university, check the internet first. You can usually find it online to download. This is totally illegal but students are usually poor so I don’t care. After checking the internet, check online for used books and then ask around on Facebook, someone might have one to sell. If non of this works, then you buy new.
  • Always check if there’s toilet paper before you go. I mean it.
  • Always carry an extra cardigan or sweater with you. Even if it’s Summer. It might get cold at night or you might need an extra layer in Winter. I also carry gloves and a scarf and an umbrella with me during Fall and Winter, just in case.
  • Carry a phone charger or a power bank with you at all times.
  • Ladies, always carry and extra pair of panties with you. I’m sorry for TMI but accidents happen when you’re on your period. Also, carry baby wipes.
  • Make your mascara last longer by dropping a little almond oil in the tube.
  • After applying lipstick, place a finger inside your mouth, close your lips and pull your finger, the excess will end up on your finger and you won’t have lipstick on your teeth;
  • One positive test doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. Always take more than one or do a blood test. You can get false positives. Trust me.
  • You can eat most things way after their expiration date. Don’t waste food without trying it first.
  • When you’re writing an important email, always leave the recipient email for last. If you do this, you never send unfinished your the wrong email to anyone.
  • Always sneak food into the theater. No one is going to check and theater snacks are way overpriced.
  • Go grocery shopping after lunch and with a list.
  • If you’re at a party or event, be careful with the photos people take of you. You don’t want a photo you don’t like or that might be embarrassing to end up on someone else’s Facebook.
  • Wallets don’t belong in back pockets, neither do cellphones.
  • If you go to a hotel or a place where the bathroom is used by many, always shower with flip flops on.
  • Make sure you do frequent backups.
  • If you’re wearing new shoes (especially heels), carry a pair of ballerinas with you and band-aids.
  • Use a wet rubber glove to remove pet hair from your sofa.
  • Never drink from a can before you clean the top first. There are rats in warehouses and they pee everywhere.  Rat pee can make you sick.

I guess that’s it for now?

Don’t forget to check Maggie‘s and Angela‘s handy tips!!


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 21 (If I had a shop)

If I had a physical shop:

If I had a little shop I would like it to be a second-hand shop. I would sell second-hand clothes, carefully picked so they would be super cheap but good quality. I would sell used books and toys, as well as any other previously loved items. I would also love to have a small part of the shop where I would sell very cheap items, like dollar store maybe?

If I had a cafe:

If I had a little cafe I would like it to be a place where people would go to have coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, and eat cake, donuts, cupcakes etc. I would have new magazines and many books as well as sofas for people to read and spend quality time.

If I had an Etsy shop:

I can crochet and knit and I would love to be good enough and to have enough time to make cute things to sell. I might also make and sell jewelry, I would love that. Maybe some posters with nice quotes to sell as well but for that I would have to learn how to design good ones.

If I had an online store: 

I would love to have a little online store where I would sell cheap things I would buy in bulk, like jewelry and clothes and accessories.


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 20 (What makes me unique as a teacher)

I think I have covered this topic on day 19, but I thought I might tell you a little bit more about my methods, and why, in my opinion, I’ve been successful as a teacher.


I’m extremely patient while I’m working, which is kind of the opposite of who I am in my personal life. I talk to students patiently and am always willing to listen to them. I know some teachers/tutors get bother with repetition. Not me. I don’t mind explaining a concept as many times as the student might need. I’m there to teach you and I will keep doing it until you finally get it.


I have no problems with changing schedules whenever students need it. I also don’t have problems with cancellations, vacations, breaks, moving to a different day of the week etc. Just let me know and I’ll do my best to adapt to your schedule.


I’m extremely organized and I love to make lists, write good notes for students to take home and schedule good, helpful homework.


I know you can do it and I have no problem in letting you know. I won’t allow you to give up and I’ll do my best to make sure you know that you are smart and capable and that you will succeed as long as you’re willing to work.


I’m always kind and respectful. If you’re having a bad day, I’m more than willing to listen to you. Students often talk to me and it makes me happy that they look at me as someone they can trust.

Health for days journey – May 23rd (I’m so behind I went back to 2016 edition)

Good afternoon, dear friends!

Are you having a good week so far? Too much work?

Come to my blog party if you want to relax, have fun and meet nice people!

Have you entered my giveaway? You have the chance to order anything from an online store of your choice, up to 25€. That’s right, I’m buying. Here’s the link:

Anyway, enough with the partying and gift giving for now.

I’m so behind on so many things!! You have no idea.

I’m about 5 days behind on my blogging challenge, I have about 20 award posts to write and there are a few things around the house that really need to get done but I haven’t had the energy in the last few days. The air mattress and the heat have really screwed up my back, my sleep and my energy levels. I need a reset button, so I can go back to being focused and full of energy. I’m dragging around the house like an old cat.



What should I get done today? (Focusing on the should and making no promises)

  • Catch up on my blogging challenge posts;
  • Make a new schedule for June (need some intensive studying)
  • Clean the kitchen: Put away dry dishes, wash dishes, clean fridge (it’s so full of things, I really need to make an inventory and meal plan), clean shelves, table and floor;
  • Make my bed, air the bedroom and water bedroom plants;
  • Laundry (I’m on it. The weather is perfect)
  • Take my supplements;
  • Drink 1,5 l of water (MANDATORY)
  • Do 20 minutes of yoga (MANDATORY)
  • Try Azra‘s tip of mixing my conditioner and my mask and leave them on my hair for 2 hours before washing;
  • Do some gardening;
  • Read blogs;


See you soon.




One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 18 (Things I have learned from blogging)

  1. That I love to write
  2. That I can start a project and go on with it, not giving up after a few days
  3. That I love being a blogger
  4. That I’m not ashamed of who I am
  5. That I am not ashamed of my past
  6. That I’m not the only one who had a sad childhood
  7. That I’m not the only one who suffers from depression
  8. That I’m not the only one who suffers from anxiety
  9. That social media is not that scary or hostile
  10. That I can be proud of my accomplishments
  11. That I can be spontaneous
  12. That the internet is not bad and scary
  13. That people won’t make fun of me for being myself
  14. That there are so many people with similar stories and interests
  15. That random strangers can have just the right words to soothe your heart
  16. That there’s always someone willing to listen to you
  17. That there are so many funny people out there
  18. That there are so many talented people out there
  19. That I don’t need to hide and run away from photos
  20. That I’m not ridiculous
  21. That I can be open and honest without feeling insecure
  22. That I can be confident
  23. That I have stories to share
  24. That people like my writing
  25. That people like me
  26. That there are so many nice people I needed to meet
  27. That I needed this in my life
  28. That it was a piece of me that was missing
  29. That I can be me
  30. That I can be funny and crazy and happy

One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 17 (Goals for my blog)


Goals for my blog:

  • I’m about 20 people away from 1000 followers. When I reach that goal I will throw a blog party and host a giveaway.
  • When I reach either 1500 followers or 2000, I haven’t decided yet, I intended on going self-hosted.
  • I would like to increase my daily views. My best day so far was March 20, with 863 views. My daily average for the past three months has been (give or take) 329. I would like to increase to, at least 500 daily views.
  • I will keep with my “Guest Post Sunday” series. If you are interested, I would love to have you as a guest. I have the next 2 Sundays already booked but you can go after that date.
  • I want to start my “Wednesday Meal Planning and Recipe Share” series.
  • I want my Tag “Friends For Days Tag” to reach more people.
  • I want to keep posting every single day, writing at least my “Health for days journey” post and update.
  • I want to actively read blogs and comment, supporting the community as much as I can.
  • I would like to provide my own pictures, with better quality. I must learn the basics of photography and find a good editing program.
  • I want to write some evergreen content once a week. Maybe on Saturday.
  • I want to be a little more organized with my blog but keep it personal and candid and honest.
  • I want to be better at interacting on social media.

What are your goals for your blog? Would you like to share them with us?

P.S. I’m doing this lovely challenge with Maggie and Angela and I’m sure they would be very happy if you stopped by their blogs to check their answers.

Thank you so much for reading.


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 14 (My favorite quotes)

Loveliest friends,

I’m back with another challenge prompt. I’m on time for this one, too. Isn’t that super weird? I know, I know. Today I’m supposed to tell you about my favorite quotes. I’ve mention the same ones in a few posts and Awards or Tags, so I thought I might search the Internets for some quotes that I like.

My Favorite Quotes:








Can you relate to any of these quotes? What are some of your favorite (or current favorite) quotes? I would love some new ones for inspiration so I’ll be waiting for your suggestions.

Please remember to stop by Maggie and Angela‘s blogs and check out their favorite quotes. We can always use a little inspiration or some wise words, can we not?

I would like to finish with my absolute favorite.

Thank you so much for reading, friends!



P. S. None of these images belong to me. I mean, they do now that I’ve stolen them. But you know, not mine originally.

One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 11 (My favorite blogs)

I’m sorry I’m late with this one but, better late than never, right?

Today I’m supposed to tell you my favorite blogs, which is super hard for me. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad if they’re not in my list of favorites. It’s not that I don’t have favorites, of course I do. I’m human so I like some topics more than others, some people more than others and some blogs more than others. I have been back and forth, thinking if I should share a list of actual favorites. I can’t pick 5. Not even 10. I would have to give you a big list. I’ve decided I’m going to do just that.

I want to emphasize that I don’t mean to hurt anyone. By having favorites, I’m not telling you I don’t like you or your blog. Not at all. Maybe the topics you deal with are the ones I’m most interested in. Maybe we don’t know each other very well (in which case, let’s change that, please?) or maybe we haven’t just bonded like I have with some people.

I decided that, if I choose you, it means that I either love your content or we are close and talk often. Those are the ones I will include on this list.

My favorite blogs/bloggers: (in no particular order)

The Travelling Diary of a Dippy-Dotty Girl

Dreaming of Guatemala

Life of Angela

Ella May Garrett

Natalie Vinh

Golden Pink Journal

Living Lighter in Atlanta

Purple Owl

Lindsay Rose

Bea Free


Diary of the Mad Katter

Living vs Existing

Styled by McKenz

Roxanne Starr

Random Writings on The Bathroom Wall

La Petit Muse

Dorky Mom Doodles

Simple Serenity

Starring Pamela

Soul Food 101 Blog

My Random Ramblings

The Happiest Pixel

Mommy Training Wheels

Forever and Everly

… etc.

(There’s a chance I love you but have forgotten to mention you. My memory has given up on me)

Favorites outside the WordPress Community:

What about you? You would like to share some favorites?

Do you know any of the blogs I shared above?

Once again, I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you. That doesn’t mean I don’t like your blog. If I follow, read and comment, of course I do like it.

Thank you so much for reading.



One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 9 (My favorite types of food and recipes)

Hey there, friends!!

I’m still on a blogging break, going through of your posts, as I’m way behind!

First of all, let me remind you that I’m doing this challenge with Maggie, who came up with the idea of doing this amazing challenge and finding the prompts on Pinterest and Angela, who decided to join us, making us a happy little trio! Don’t forget to check their daily posts for this challenge.

Once again, let’s keep it simple.

Need to go back to catching up on your posts and watching Eurovision. Pooooortugaaaal!

My favorite types of food:

I love food. I mean, you can probably tell by looking at me. Actually, not really lol I’ve gained a lot of weight due to my depression. I used to eat all the wrong shit, but not anymore, thankfully. I mean, I had pizza today, because we’re doing a date night in. So we got pizza, since we’re watching Eurovision. Anyway, I’m far from the point.

I don’t like strong flavors or sauces or spicy foods. I like simple foods, with simple flavors. Anything too strong, makes me feel sick. For example, I love lasagna, but I can only eat a small amount, because of the sauce. I love pizza, but if it’s made with too much tomato sauce, it makes me feel sick. Until a few months ago, I could not tolerate cinnamon, for example. I don’t like salad dressings. I only use a bit of olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt. I love sweets, but they can’t be too sweet.

I’ve changed my food choices and my diet recently and many of the things I eat now are more natural and healthy. Less sugar, less processed foods, whole grains, seeds, nuts, etc. This has led me try new recipes, new food combinations, which has been fun.

My actual favorites are: (In no particular order)

  • Pizza (duh)
  • Anything pasta
  • Portuguese food (Bacalhau à Brás, Bacalhau com natas, Polvo à lagareiro)
  • Hot dogs, with ketchup and mustard
  • Hamburgers
  • Fries!!!!
  • Strawberries, grapes and cherries
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Sweet corn
  • Cucumbers
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Portuguese traditional pastries
  • Chocolate
  • Anything with potatoes
  • Anything roasted


What are your favorite foods? Do we share any favorites?

Thank you guys!!