6People I admire and why:

The obvious choices:

Women in my family – Every woman in my family is strong and brave. They have all been through a lot and they can all overcome anything. Especially my mom who raised us on her own and my sister.

My friends – I saw them turn from teenagers into young, strong women and I admire each of them for what they have become.

Rui – I admire his work ethic, his intelligence and his skills in general. He’s very smart and 100% an engineer.

The famous ones:

Nicci Lynn from A Farmhouse Full – She’s a strong woman and an amazing mom.



Jamerrill Stewart – For the exact same reason.



Michelle Obama – She’s also a strong and intelligent woman, she is classy and she knows how to take good care of herself. She’s also funny and caring.


Kate Middleton – She’s a lady and she’s sporty and fun and I love her style.


I guess I have a thing for strong women, especially moms, don’t I?