If I had a physical shop:

If I had a little shop I would like it to be a second-hand shop. I would sell second-hand clothes, carefully picked so they would be super cheap but good quality. I would sell used books and toys, as well as any other previously loved items. I would also love to have a small part of the shop where I would sell very cheap items, like dollar store maybe?

If I had a cafe:

If I had a little cafe I would like it to be a place where people would go to have coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, and eat cake, donuts, cupcakes etc. I would have new magazines and many books as well as sofas for people to read and spend quality time.

If I had an Etsy shop:

I can crochet and knit and I would love to be good enough and to have enough time to make cute things to sell. I might also make and sell jewelry, I would love that. Maybe some posters with nice quotes to sell as well but for that I would have to learn how to design good ones.

If I had an online store: 

I would love to have a little online store where I would sell cheap things I would buy in bulk, like jewelry and clothes and accessories.