Welcome to “The 1000 Blog Party”


  • Leave a comment with a small introduction, the links to your favorite articles or 2/3 latest articles and answer the following questions:


  1. What are you wearing to my party?
  2. What are you drinking and eating right now, at the party?




  • Interact with other people!! Go over to the other party goers blogs, comment, come back and comment, answer comments, talk to people!!



  • Invite friends if you would like to have company or if you have a friend you’re dying to introduce us too;



  • Have fun, interact, meet new people, make friends!!




And there are gifts too!!

  • I will pick 4 people who interact the most with other bloggers and they will get:
  1. Featured on my blog from Tuesday to Friday. I will go through your blogs, do a post about them, leave the link, talk about your content, comment on my favorite posts, provide links to those, tell my readers what is my favorite thing about your blog;
  • The best party goer and the most interactive will get:
  1. Featured on my blog (read above);
  2. Get a copy of the invitation, at home, in paper, with your name on it;
  • If you do a post showing what outfit you are wearing to my party (something you own or something you put together online), you’ll get a surprise gift card!

Are you ready to party??