Things I Don’t Buy or Spend Money On – Part I

Good morning everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well and ready for Easter, if you celebrate it. If not, I hope you’re ready for the weekend, after all, it’s Friday eve.

I’ve been seeing this topic a lot, both on blogs and YouTube channels and I thought I’d write about myself. I thought long and hard about the things I don’t spend money on (for different reasons) and I think I came up with a decent list.

Paper Towels

They’re too convenient, meaning I’d use them too much. They’re extremely wasteful and so I stopped buying them years ago because I’d never use something like a kitchen towel or cloth because the paper towels were right there and I could just toss them after using them.

Bottled Water

We drink tap water. I only buy bottled water if I’m out and about and forgot to bring water with me, which is stupid and wasteful. We do buy bottled water when we have guests because my mom and sister don’t like tap water. We also buy sparkling water because I drink it every day and you can’t get that from the tap, unfortunately.


I own a few books, I’d say about 50, which isn’t much at all. I used to buy books all the time when I was younger but I don’t anymore. I’d love to have a huge library and I might someday but for now, I try not to spend money on something I can borrow from the library. Also, books take space and need to be dusted and I’m trying to keep less stuff. I used to be one of those “e-books are a crime” people but not anymore. I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription for which I pay about 10 dollars a month and I do use it a lot. I’ve read 42 books in less than 5 months, meaning about 9 books a month which makes those 10 bucks worth it for me.

TV Subscriptions/Movies/TV Shows

We don’t pay for Netflix or Hulu or HBO or whatever is out there these days. We download stuff illegally, like we’ve been doing for the past 10/12 years. We know it’s not the most ethical thing to do but we would end up doing it anyway. Those subscriptions are extremely limited and you may not find anything you like or the one show you want to watch and which you proceed to download anyway. Don’t call the cops on us, please. We do have cable, which is quite cheap in our country and we only have it because your internet is cheaper if you have cable and because Rui does watch TV.


We don’t buy CD’s or anything on iTunes or any music at all. *Instead, we have a Spotify family subscription.

Pre cut fruit or veggies

No way. Not even a bag of chopped lettuce or salad mix.

Gym Clothes

Rui does because he runs and so he needs a few specific things. As for me, on the rare occasions I move my ass, I wear old leggings and an old T-shirt. I only buy gym bras and swimming gear.


I used to by a Cosmopolitan every month but I haven’t for years. We don’t buy newspapers either. I get a few free magazines with my Kindle Unlimited subscription and we can always read news online. I do feel guilty because I don’t support paper publications but it’s either that or the environment. And my wallet, let’s not be hypocrites.

What about you? Would you care to share your list?

Even better if you write your own post and link it back here.

I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other so…

What don’t you buy or spend money on?

 Love, Chey


7 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Buy or Spend Money On – Part I

  1. Isn’t it amazing how many things you realize you can live without when you give them up? I’m right with you when it comes to napkins. As for bottled water, I don’t buy it either. And I’m less nice than you with guests haha – my MIL only uses bottled water to drink, wash her veggies, brush her teeth and even give to her dog (yes, you read that correctly). When she comes over, she brings her own drink because there’s no way I’m paying for something that I already pay with my taxes and flows freely from the sink. I mean, it’s not like I live somewhere where the water is unsanitary! There are a lot of foods that I don’t buy anymore either – I make my bread, pasta and salad dressing to name a few. While I do buy Kindle books once in a while, I also like to go to the library (and I can rent and download books from my tablet which is nice). Spotify is great too! We also have the family membership. Oh! And we’ve ditched the plastic cling film and ziploc type bags. I never thought I could live without them before, but it turns out that lunch containers work great :D.

    Happy Easter!!!


  2. I do buy CDs as I like to have a physical copy of an album in case something ever happened to my computer and my purchased music from iTunes got deleted, I don’t buy as many as I used to though. Pre cut vegetables are for lazy people haha! Not a fan of sitting down with a magazine either. Interesting post πŸ™‚


  3. Ugh, I hate to say it but yes to books as well. I used to buy books like crazy but then it took a serious hit in my bank and like you said, it was taking up waaay too much space and required a lot of dusting.

    I ended up buying an ereader and (since you’ve admitted to doing so, haha), I’ve been downloading illegal books to save my money. I only do it when my local library doesn’t have the e-version of the book or it costs waaay too much to buy from the Kobo store.

    I only have Netflix and no cable. I usually stream the latest TV shows. The selection in Netflix Canada suuuucks but we keep it because it’s so convenient to just throw something on instead of hooking the laptop up to the TV. We hope to upgrade our TV soon so maybe there might be an easier way of streaming onto the TV…


  4. I can’t imagine how much waste we would pile up if we bought bottled water πŸ™ˆ good on you for not spending money on that! We love our Brita filter


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