Student Wisdom #2

Teacher: When do we use present continuous?

Student: When we need it.

Teacher: …..

Student is at a smaller table, next to a bigger table where his colleagues are seated.

Student: I don’t like sitting here.

Teacher: Why?

Student: I feel like I’m not seated at their table.

Teacher: Well, that’s because you are not seated at their table.

Student: Yeah, that must be it.

Student: Teacher, do you know that movie where they sing and she’s always wearing yellow?

Teacher: La La Land?

Student: Yes, that’s it.

Teacher: She’s not always wearing yellow.

Student: Yes, she is.

Teacher: …

Student: I’m so tired.

Teacher: How can you be tired? it’s 11 a.m. Didn’t you sleep?

Student: I did but I want to sleep again.

Teacher: Well, maybe next week, when we start at 5 p.m you’ll be less sleepy.

Student: No, then we will be tired from school.

Teacher: So when are you not tired?

Student 2: On weekends.

Teacher: I don’t see you on weekends.

Student 2: Yup.



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