14 thoughts on “Question of the day #5

  1. My hernia surgery going wrong back in 2015
    So I came to a hospital for a normal umbilical hernia surgery that takes about 30 minutes and then I was meant to be discharged the next day. So I went into the operating theatre with the doctors for the surgery. I was conscious for some time during the surgery until I started complaining of pains and then I was injected with whatever put me to sleep. I woke up, it was night, my mom was staring at me smiling and asked how I was, and I answered that I was okay…she stayed for some time and left to where she was meant to sleep, in the same hospital tho. So, in the middle of the night, I started feeling serious pains inside my stomach, it felt like I was being stabbed multiple times, I screamed and screamed, of course everyone came rushing in, but since it was midnight and the doctor wasn’t there, the nurse has no option but to give me injections that made me sleep. The next day was Tuesday, the day I was meant to be ‘discharged’… The doctor came..and I complained about the pain I had the previous night…he then checked me out by touching sides of my stomach and all that, and guess what………the hernia was still there!!!! Yep, he apologized and talked some shit about how he hasn’t seen this before but I was so pissed at that point. I had severe pains that day too and the next day, Wednesday, I went in for another surgery. Yes, two surgeries in three days…and this one was worse cause apparently part of my intestine was ‘decayed’ so it had to be cut on two sides and stitched again. They did just that…and fixed the hernia too….. I’m not going to go into details on how I spent a month and some weeks in the hospital…yeah…A WHOLE MONTH…let me skip to the end……towards the last days at the hospital…my tummy was so big and I had pipes all over me to remove waste from my body (some green disgusting things😭)…but later I ended up throwing up all of it and getting my flat tummy back….my tummy still hurts a little bit now and then but I’m okay now…..oh I forgot the part that I almost died if blood was not donated to me…like two ‘bags’ of blood…thid is because I lost so much blood during the second surgery…yeah I was so pale and cold apparently…and after all this I could do anything relating to sports for eight months. It was like hell😭😭😭
    So yeah this is the scariest thing I have experienced and it probably will remain the scariest….😭😭…feel free to ask questions if you have any…

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  2. I was in bed one night and I kept hearing someone outside my room and seeing their shadow. I switched on my light and called my mum upstairs so I could clarify if it was my little sister trying to creep me out. My sister denied it and I thought she must’ve been lying. I switched back off and saw the shadows and heard the person scuffling around again so I shouted to my sister to tell her to stop. She answered and said it wasn’t her but she was in her room and I could still see the shadows …

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  3. The weirdest unexplained thing I can think of happened on the beach next to our cottage. I was standing there with a friend and my husband was a few paces away. My friend and I were about 2 meters apart when I heard this metallic whirring sound. We were out in the middle of nowhere and there were no boats on the pond. Suddenly the sound whooshed between the two of us and off into the woods. I didn’t see a thing, only heard the sound moving. I realized I was having some sort of auditory hallucination until my friend said: “Did you hear THAT!?” My husband, only a couple of meters away, never heard a thing and it was fairly loud. We still joke about the micro aliens, but we never did figure it out.

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  4. I think the scariest moment for me was my car accident since I saw the van coming our way and literally thought to myself “this is it, how my life ends.” OR another moment that you just made me remember, I actually might make this a story post so thanks for the idea love💖


  5. We lost our full length mirror in the process of moving last year. Its weird because there was barely any window for someone to have stolen it! We had seen it near the lift in the new place but it somehow never made it home!


  6. Well this one is very weird and quite random, but I’ll mention it anyway (if it’s TMI for you, you don’t have to read it, Cheila, haha): throughout my childhood, I hated losing my baby teeth because I didn’t like experiencing that pain (no matter how brief, lol). At age 13, I still had four of my baby teeth, and I tried so desperately to loosen them, but it really hurt. If I stopped loosening them for a week or two, they’d get tight to where they’d barely wiggle at all, and that happened over and over, to the point where I had to go to the dentist to have them removed. The dentist preforming the procedure thought it would be simple to do, as they were “just baby teeth” – little did he know I wasn’t kidding about them being tight!! I had no idea teeth could do that, but mine sure did. Glad that’s all over now lol


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