Student Wisdom #1

Wise Student: Teacher, do you think The United States are going to war with Japan and that Trump will die?

Teacher: What? It’s not Japan, it’s North Korea.

Wise Student: It’s the same.

Teacher: No, it’s not. Not at all.

Wise Student: …

Wise Student: Teacher, which ones are the fastest, the white blood cells or the red blood cells?

Teacher: Uh… I don’t think they race.

Wise Student: No, I know some of them are faster.

Teacher: …

Wise Student: Teacher, what’s your football team?

Teacher: X, by marriage. My husband says I must share his team. I was once a fan of X, because I had a boyfriend who played there.

Wise Student: So, do you pick your teams according to your boyfriends?

Teacher: …




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