Daily Planner and Journal: August 25,2017 (Warning: Game of thrones spoilers. If you haven’t watched anything after season 3 don’t read this)

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing?

I thought I’d do a little update, as I’m still not as present as I would like to be.

I had a psychiatrist’s appointment yesterday and she said she’s happy with my development and that I’m doing better. The only issue has been my sleep. I either sleep for 16 hours straight or can’t sleep at all for 2 days.

Does any of you share my sleeping problems?

She has changed my medication, though and I’ve slept well tonight. No dreams, and no waking up in the middle of the night. Plus, I woke up feeling rested, which hasn’t happen in a very long time.

I’ve been doing laundry and dishes (just putting them on the dishwasher and put them away once they’re dry. It’s very hot here today, which is great because the laundry dries in just about 2 hours or less.

I’ve also spent a few hours working on some virtual assistant work and have finished a few tasks. I love that I can work online, from home and make money.

I’ve been on Amazon looking for a birthday present for Rui and I think I’ve found the right one, which was on sale. I was able to find a discount code too. I’m feeling very lucky today because of that haha.

I called my boss to know when I’m supposed to start working and she said we have an important meeting on the 31st and then we probably start at September 4. I’m very excited.

Yesterday I bought a 16-month amazing planner. I’ve never had one for that long and didn’t even know they existed until recently. It’s kind of academic planner and it goes from the August 28, 2017 to December 31, 2018.

Do you use a planner? What kind of planner do you use? Do you write things on your phone? I could never, I need to actually write things down. I’m a pen and paper kind of girl.

I have scheduled my gynecologist’s and I’m also going to see an orthopedist for my back. They do hurt sometimes and I can’t sleep because of it sometimes. I can no longer tolerate my mattress from my old room at my mother’s house. I slept there for years and now I just can’t take a nap there because the mattress is too soft and it makes my back here. It has started to hurt in my own bed too so it’s time to see a doctor. I’ve seen many doctors about my back, since I was very young. They all say the same: “You need to swim regularly, that’s the best for your back”. I bet I’m going to get the same answer.

I’ve finished watching both The White Queen (Reign of King Edward III (House of York) and his wife Elizabeth, among the rest of the plot) and The White Princess (Their daughter Elizabeth, who marries king Henry VII, a Tudor.

Now I’m going to watch The Tudors, where their son Henry VII is ruling England.

I not only watch a bunch of period shows, I also watch them in an order that will make sense historically, hahaha.

Oh, and Game of Thrones is just so good. This season has been a great one. Who else would like Sansa to end up keeping her marriage to Tyrion? I liked them as a couple and would love it if she fell in love with him. I’m patiently awaiting their reunion.

Now I’m off to do more laundry, make dinner and cleanup a little around the house.

What are you up to today?

Talk to you all soon.

Desenho sem tΓ­tulo (4)

P.S. Yesterday was my 7-month blog anniversary. Happy anniversary to us.

P.S.S. Would would like to do a few book reviews on Amazon for me in exchange for free Kindle books? Email me.


20 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal: August 25,2017 (Warning: Game of thrones spoilers. If you haven’t watched anything after season 3 don’t read this)

  1. I feel you on the sleep problems, I am huge on waking up in the middle of the night for no reason what so ever! I find that exercise has helped me and yoga does too. I also have a medication if I absolutely need it, but I try my best not to take it and do things the natural way when it comes to sleep. A.K.A. tire my booty out! As for the planner….I LIVE BY IT! I’ve always had one for school to organize my school work but now I have one for general everyday life and blog posts too! Hope you feel 100% bettter soon! Miss your posts everyday but wishing you a healthy recovery!


  2. I’m glad she changed your medication and you were able to sleep better! I always have to have at least 10hrs of sleep or I’m not my whole self… ha.

    I type stuff up in my notes on my phone but a to-do or to-buy list is never official until it has been written on paper, for me.


  3. I understand completely about the sleeping problem. lately I’m so tired I can’t get out of bed or that is all I want to do is sleep. or I have issues sleeping. I deal with depression and anxiety and I feel like I might be on the point that I need to be reevaluated for my medication. I feel ok but I don’t feel right? that make sense ? lol
    I also use a planner. I use the happy planner it is a 18 month planner that starts in july to dec 2018. I love these planners! I am a total planner girl. I tend to write stuff down in my planner and my phone. my phone because I can set alarms and my planner keeps my days sane.


  4. I’m glad you felt more rested at least. Unless I’m depressed, I don’t sleep great. When hypomania phases happen, it’s 3 hours or so if that. Otherwise it’s no more than 5 hours with a bunch of wake-ups.

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        • Wow, I started with supplements. Then Diazepam, which made it worse, believe it or not. I’ve tried several and none of them worked. Now I have to take 3 and it’s the only way I can sleep. People keep judging me and saying sleeping pills are addictive. Well, I didn’t sleep at all before them so I take what I can get.

          Liked by 1 person

            • That’s not very wise. Are not tired for 3 consecutive days, sometimes longer? Of course that’s not the reason. People have to pick on something. Whatever you have that they don’t understand, they offer “advice”. It took a long time for my doctor to find the combination of pills that would make me sleep. There’s even a difference between the original brand and a generic lab brand, if you can believe it.

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