WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY: On a Tuesday – 13.01.2018 “I thought it was Wednesday edition”

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these posts, gosh! And I really like them as updates. I love writing them and reading them. You know one of my THINGS is to know what EVERYONE is up to. I’m going to be one of those old ladies who spends her days at the window checking on her neighbors. Or better yet, the 21st century version, the Facebook grandma who stalks her grand kids on social media.


I bet they didn’t even consider this might happen when they created Facebook but this is the absolutely 100% most perfect way to use the network.

Please remember that this post was created by Shay Shull and that I first saw it on Hannah’s blog. A few other friends do it too: AngelaLee and Cherylene. If you do it too or if you want to do it, let us know, so we can check your post. Also, don’t forget to mention the creator, I have done that mistake.


What we’re eating this week:

We went grocery shopping yesterday, as we needed a few things. We decided to go to Aldi because we hadn’t been there in a long time.

I needed (still need) my milk (rice and coconut) which I cannot find there and anywhere else but only one specific supermarket, which has just started selling it in their own store brand.

The other stores do have coconut milk but it is not store brand so it’s way more expensive.

We are actually very lucky to have many different stores about 10/15 minutes away or even less, which is great for variety and convenience.

We just love Aldi because it’s cheap and it carries so many “different” things you cannot find anywhere else. Their vegetable and fruit section is not even half decent or cheap but we buy our produce elsewhere. I digress.

I’ve just had a snack which consisted of some tangerines (my mother in law sent us so many tangerines and oranges, among other things, such as organic extra virgin olive oil, made by them, meat, onions, potatoes… I just love them. Not because they send us things, obviously. Because they are so kind and generous, hardworking people. And because they’re my family. I don’t feel like they’re Rui’s family), one of my favorite breakfast cookies “Belvita Soft Bake Golden Grain”, some coffee with regular skimmed milk (we ended up not going to the other store) and my sparkling water with lemon and currant syrup.

Yes, I did match my coffee cup with my tangerines. The coffee capsule was a coincidence.




The “Red Berries” are my absolute favorite. We only buy these cookies when they’re on sale because they can be quite expensive foe breakfast cookies, especially when we can find perfectly good options for half the price. I’ve never tried or seen the “Chocolate Chip” variety but I’m curiosity to try them. I hope they’re not too sweet.

We NEVER buy or have EVER bought pre-made spaghetti, chicken or meat sauces. We buy condiments, sure, but no sauces. We make them from scratch. Rui actually makes them with the huge amount of tomatoes he gets from our vegetable garden and we store them using glass jars we save during the rest of the year from beans, olives, peas, etc.

Yesterday, we spotted these sauces at Aldi and we decided we might give them a try. Not them we are going to start eating spaghetti sauce from a jar because it makes no sense for us, but it’s something we could keep around for those moments when you have no time to cook. So we bought these:

The first one is really going to be an experience on my part. I don’t really like very exotic food and I never eat Indian or Vietnamese or Thai. It has too much flavor for me. I know it sounds weird but I like my food to be a bit plain. Rui is making some chicken and rice right now and is going to use the sauce for the chicken. The label mentions some coconut, which I quite like. It also says it might be a bit spicy which I don’t enjoy or tolerate lol I’ll definitely keep you posted on Instagram and here tomorrow. I’ll film my reaction, it’ll be fun.

The second one is just a simple spaghetti sauce. There was a spicy option (no thank you) and a third one with herbs. I have herbs, come on. How lazy can you be. So we went for the simpler one. We’ll probably have it tomorrow or one of these days.

So, yeah. I guess this is what we’re eating. I’ve just written 783 words about food.

What I’m reminiscing about:

When I was a super blogger and everyone would come to my blog, read, comment and hang out with me. I have let myself go and now I don’t feel like I’m in the loop at all. I used to have 600 views a day, people. I got lazy. People forgot about me.

I had almost 14.000 views last May. I’ll be lucky if I get to 2.000 this month lol

What I’m loving:

  • Going to the pool for my water fitness classes and swimming.
  • Freelance work for extra income.
  • A pregnant friend
  • Blogging again.
  • Podcasts.
  • The fact that I feel better. I feel more confident, fearless and strong.
  • Purging and de-cluttering our home.
  • Planning for fun and exciting things ahead.
  • Rosa learning to give you her paw.
  • Possibly, God allowing and helping, finally making peace with a friend I’ve been estranged for about 6 months. We’ve been really hurt, mad and stupid and I hope we can make amends.

What we’ve been up to:

  • Definitely de-cluttering and downsizing and organizing a bit. I’m no minimalist and I’ll never be but I’m thankfully no hoarder either so I’m getting rid of lots of stuff. “Oh, but I’ll wear this when I lose the weight” – “No, bitch, you won’t. Get rid of it. If and when you lose the weight you’ll figure something out. Somebody else might need it”
  • Getting extra work.
  • Trying to get healthy. I have some major relapses. Pizza crises.
  • Getting shit together in general.

What I’m dreading:

My students. Teenager hormones in Spring.

What I’m working on:

The usual.

  • Work.
  • A big freelance project.
  • The house.
  • Myself.
  • Life.

What I’m excited about:

  • Spring, I guess.
  • Friend’s pregnancy.
  • Blogging.
  • Working on the gardens for Spring.

What I’m watching/reading:

Watching: – Shows

This is Us – Season 2

Resultado de imagem para this is us

The Good Doctor – Season 1

Resultado de imagem para the good doctor

Divorce – Season 2

Resultado de imagem para divorce hbo

Call The Midwife – Season 7

Resultado de imagem para call the midwife season 7

Reign (Need to get back to season 1)

Imagem relacionada

The Alienist (we just started and love it – It’s a new show)

Resultado de imagem para the alienist

The Walking Dead (Need to get back to season 7. Or give it up for good)

Resultado de imagem para the walking dead

The Crown (Need to get at season 2)

Resultado de imagem para The crown

Big Little Lies (I’ve only watched the pilot and I really want to watch it)

Resultado de imagem para big little lies

Watching: – Films

Trying to watch all of the Oscar nominees. So far I’ve managed to watch:

Dunkirk (Not as good as I was expecting)

Resultado de imagem para dunkirk

Get Out (Great one, one of the best movies of the year)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (Oscar is theirs, for sure)

Resultado de imagem para three billboards outside ebbing missouri

I must say something about this film. I’ve mention many times before that I listen and read about true crime and missing persons a lot. In most cases, law enforcement is less than useful, to say the least. This movie shows how desperate families are when they have no idea what happened to their missing or murdered loved ones. Sometimes you need to do crazy things and go all out to make people listen and act on it. Such a perfect example of getting no answers when you need them so you can move on with your life.

We’ve watched this weird-ass film last night and I thought it was pretty stupid. Rui kind of like it but I wasn’t convinced at all. Do you know it? Have you watched it? Any thoughts about it? It’s The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Resultado de imagem para the sacrifice of a sacred deer

Some people seem to have enjoyed it a lot, but I was left with the “What the fuck did I just watch” feeling? It’s confusing and uncomfortable and I don’t know guys.


I have a bunch of things I either want to read or have yet to finish so my reading is all over the place. I’m currently reading:

Before I Knew by Jamie Beck (20%)

Resultado de imagem para before I knew by jamie beck

All the Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale (16%)

Resultado de imagem para all the breaking waves

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #3)

Resultado de imagem para dragonfly in amber


What I’m listening to:


The Vanished Podcast

Resultado de imagem para the vanished podcast

Stuff to Blow your Mind


Stuff You Should Know

Resultado de imagem para stuff you should know podcast

Casefile True Crime

Resultado de imagem para casefile true crime

Thinking Sideways

Imagem relacionada


I was 14 in 2005 so give me a break, please.

What I’m wearing:

It’s cold so very warm clothes. Booties (rotate between 2 pairs, 2 black, 1 beige, heeled), pants, black and black and beige patterns, black jeans, dark blue jeans, black leggings, warm turtleneck sweaters, cotton sweaters, blouses or shirts with cardigans, long sweaters or tunics, winter coats, scarfs and beanies.

What else is new:

Nothing that I can remember right now.


If you were able to get to this point, congratulations and thank you!!

*The pictures that were not taken by myself belong to google images*

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Daily Planner and Journal: 27.10.17 “Birthday Party Eve” Edition

Good morning dearest friends,

It’s still 10.30 a.m but I feel like it’s already afternoon. I woke up early because Rui decided to go for a run in the morning instead of going after work. He has taken up running about 2 months ago, maybe more and he’s currently doing 12 km every other day or every 2 days. He loves it and I’m very proud of him.

Anyway, I woke up when his alarm went off at 6.45. He told me he was going for a run (he had told me but I don’t even remember my own name when I wake up in the morning so…) and that I could sleep for another hour or so, which I did. It was a terrible mistake because then I woke up after 8 and was feeling extremely sleepy. I had to swallow an espresso as soon as I got up, otherwise I would be sleep walking.

We have been pretty tired, especially me. I think it is because of my medicine and because I was at home for 6 months. I get up early and then, by 8/9 p.m I’m dead. Really. I can’t do much once I get home from work.

I thought I would watch an episode of this GREAT new show I’ve discovered Mindhunter, which I really want to watch, but I was just so exhausted. I ate some dinner and went straight to bed. We were in bed at 10.45 p.m, which means we’re definitely old people now. I am not happy about 26 at all. It just feels so… close to 30. So late 20’s. Sometimes I think I’m still 21.

Anyway, enough with the whining.

I really want to tell you about this awesome show:

Resultado de imagem para mindhunter



Set in 1977 – in the early days of criminal psychology and criminal profiling at the Federal Bureau of Investigation[4] – Mindhunter revolves around FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), who interview imprisoned serial killers in order to understand how such criminals think and apply this knowledge to solving ongoing cases.

I mean… Need I say more?

I’m fascinated by serial killers, especially American ones. I don’t mean fascinated in the sense of “Oh sir, I love your work. You’re definitely extremely talented”, but I’m very interested in reading about them, as well as watching documentaries and movies. Zodiac is my favorite because we have yet to know who the fuck he was, which makes me both curious and angry. Pretty smart and sneaky bastard.

Anyway, the show is already in its second season but I had never heard about it until now. I can’t ever remember how I came to know it but I was immediately intrigued. The first season deals with Edmund Kemper, Jerry Brudos, Richard Speck, Dennis Rader and Monte Rissell which are, apparently, famous serial killers who I had never heard about. My knowledge only goes as far as The Zodiac, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and that’s pretty much it, which makes me even more curious about the series. Second season will deal with the Atlanta child murders, unknown to me as well.

Have you heard about this show?

Have you watched it?

Are you interested in the plot?

I’m writing this post at a coffee shop, while I wait to pick up a package from the post office. Something I bought online and which was to big for my mailbox.

There’s a strike going on so the kids don’t have school today, which means they come to us earlier, after 2.30 p.m. My colleague is going to be late so I have to take her place and start at 2.30 p.m intead of 5 p.m. I’m with them until 7 p.m and then I have to replace my boss and take a 10th grader, because she has a meeting. I’ll be off at 8 p.m. I was supposed to work from 5 p.m to 7 p.m but I’m filling in for 2 people so I’m working a few more hours. I never refuse extra work and I’m always willing to replace or change shifts with a colleague.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early and organize my party. We have to clean up the house and the patio and get the food ready. Our guests are coming after 5 so we have plenty of time. Rui’s brother is staying with us today, which means an extra set of hands. About 15 people are coming. We’ll have a barbecue and snacks, as well as dessert and cake. It should be fun.

I am supposed to take a cake to work today and I really wanted to bake one but I was so tired after my scans yesterday, mainly because of my anxiety, so I’m buying one and calling it a day. We’re still baking one for tomorrow.

I bought a couple of plant pots because some of my plants need a bigger one and I have also been to the post office to (finally) send some postcards. I went by this place to ask about a few sewing workshops to and then I came to the cafe for breakfast which I hadn’t had because I didn’t have any milk at home.

The CT scans and X-ray were fine, not as bad as I was expecting but still kind of hard on my anxiety. I have this weird phobia about anything that involves radiation and cameras. I was going through a machine that was sending the equivalent of 100 X-rays into my body and that made me extremely nervous and freaked out.

My eyelids were shaking so bad, which I thought was happening because of the machine. I asked the technician about it and she said it was not possible because we cannot feel radiation at all. I realized it was my nerves. I was so anxious and nervous that I couldn’t keep my eyes shut because my lids were shaking like crazy. It’s that bad. The fact that I knew there was a camera above me and that the lady could see me didn’t help either. Radiation and cameras together. Shit.

I was already nervous before I even entered the room because there were so many doors along the hall with “danger, radiation” signs, which is enough to put me on edge. Really weird, right? I know. It’s done now so it’s fine.

I think I don’t have anything else to tell you now, so I’ll go and get my package from the post office. Then I need to take the bus and stop to buy a cake somewhere.

See you soon.

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Daily planner and journal: 18.09.17 (Much needed updates)

Hello my people!!

I miss you all like crazy.

I have been pretty busy now that I’m back to work and on full busy bee mode. It makes me happy but it also means I have to sacrifice some things. Remember when I told you I would stop posting several times a day as soon as I went back to work. Oh yeah, real life going on. I miss posting daily, talking to you guys every day and being up-to-date on your posts. I really want to get organized in order to be able to do that again. There must be some way.

I absolutely love my new job. My colleagues are so nice and welcoming and funny. There’s often cake and we have so much fun talking shit about the kids. Kidding. We have fun talking and spending our breaks together.

The kids like me and say I’m cool which makes me pretty happy lol They say the funniest things and I always have a laugh or two while I’m with them. They can be difficult and I do yell and threaten and take away phones and other devices they use to make whatever noise they fancy. They think I’m cool anyway so we’re good.

The girls tell me things I don’t want to know lol probably because I’m young and they feel like they can talk to me. I try to keep things appropriate but I’m not the type of teacher that keeps the kids at arms length. If they talk to me, it means that they are talking to someone. If they ask me questions, I don’t tell them to shut up, I do my best to answer them. I don’t want them to lose their curiosity and to be afraid of asking questions. That’s my method. That’s how I work. I’m obviously an authority in the classroom, but I’m also someone who tries to be there for them, respect them for who they are and encourage a healthy relationship.

I’m also working a lot for my online clients. I have plenty to do and I’m trying to keep up with deadlines and to get everything done as soon as possible, so I can move on to other tasks.

Things at home are pretty normal. The house was a mess but we were able to tidy it up and clean a bit yesterday. I did some gardening as well, moving some of my plants to biggest pots, cutting dry leaves and branches and generally cleaning and tending to them.

I’m watching the final season of The Tudors by myself and American Horror Story and Outlander with Rui.

I watched Annabelle yesterday and didn’t think it was that bad. I was honestly expecting worse, by what my friends had told me.

I’m reading more, which makes me very happy. I’ve finished After You and I’m now reading The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank, who I honestly don’t know at all. The book was free on Amazon kindle, I like the cover and so I got it. I ended up liking the story line and I’m enjoying reading it. I’m also reading The 3rd book in the Outlander Series – Voyager by Diana Gabaldon.

heart is actually not very happy this days, because I’m not in good terms with someone I love very much. She’s a part of me and I miss her every single day but she has made a decision I can’t possibly live with, so I’m staying away from her and letting her live her life. I can’t stop myself from feeling sad, though. I guess everything will be fine? I don’t know at this point.

I need to go get ready to walk 2 km, catch the bus and go to work. I’ll see you guys later.

Thank you for reading

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Daily Planner and Journal: August 29,2017

Good morning friends,

I guess most of you is still asleep. Not because you’re lazy but due to time zones. It’s almost 9.30 a.m here and the majority of you is either ahead or a few hours behind. I woke up before 8. I checked my phone, got up, got my water, fed Rosa and had breakfast with Rui.

He has been running every other day, and he’s committed to eat better because there’s no point in running and then stopping at McDonald’s. He never eats breakfast and I’ve been telling him for years that he needs to. Your body is not okay with waiting until lunch. It cannot be healthy to eat 6 hours after you wake up. So he’s been eating breakfast now, (and a healthy one) which makes me happy. I like to see him leave for work already fed. It’s funny how we feel responsible for our spouses or partners, isn’t it?

I came back to bed because I’ve been working long hours online in the afternoon, up until bed time, almost. So I should do something for me in the morning, like blogging or watching some series or reading. I might do it all before I pick up where I left off yesterday.

Rui knew how to exorcise the washing machine (because she had gone Emily Rose on him before) so I was able to do another load of laundry yesterday. I have another waiting to be hung but they say it’s going to rain.

Hahahaha it actually started raining heavily just after I wrote this. Funny moment.

For your surprise (being sarcastic here), I didn’t manage any housework yesterday. Not because I was sitting on my ass, (I mean I was but…) working away on the computer. I’m not lying if I tell you that I actually had to place a blanket on the chair and sit on it because my backside was hurting from being glued to the chair for so long. I guess you can’t really put that much pressure on a 10€ Ikea chair. Literally.

From my work related tasks, I was able to finish:

  • I have to finish two easy projects for client one and to start writing an article for said client.  I’m about 30% done with the main project task after day one (I have 4 days to complete 20 small tasks and I’ve managed to finish 6 yesterday) and I’ve finished and sent the article I was supposed to. It’s my first paid article for another blog/website, so I’m proud of myself.
  • I need to start my research on another writing project for client number 3. – Didn’t touch this at all. Should begin research today.
  • I’m almost done with my work for client number 2. – Yes! From 20 small tasks I have managed 14. 

Since I’ve just told you I didn’t get any housework done, I didn’t get to any of the following tasks:

  • Cooking dinner. – Nope. I had a late afternoon snack and Rui managed with a salad. We still had leftovers for him to take for lunch today so it was not a problem. Today, I must cook. Oh, I just remembered I have to text Rui and ask him to go to the store to buy bread and some fruit and trash bags, after his run.
  • Cleanup our room. – Didn’t even make our bed.
  • Fold some laundry. – Not at all.
  • Read a few blogs. – I’m not sure why this is here because it certainly isn’t housework but I didn’t manage to do it either.
  • Relieve my couch of hair from a certain friend of mine who crashes there. – Nope. Because she was there napping the whole time.
  • Clean my bathroom. – Nein.

I did have time to watch Game of Thrones with Rui and… just… OMG. I almost died… I’m still not feeling 100% like myself. And then I discovered it might take about 2 years for us to know what happens next and I wanted to throw myself out the window, even though this is a house and there’s only the ground floor. If you have watched it, discreetly comment your reaction and thoughts with me, so we don’t spoil it for anyone (code words and all). Also, you need to see this: (Contains Spoilers)


What else?

So, I’m not sure I am going to perform any housework today either. Don’t ask me why, but I hate cleaning when it’s raining. I will definitely be working on the same tasks as yesterday and reading blogs.

I bought a few little things for myself on eBay. When I say little it’s because I bought like 4 things for a little over 5€. Watches and rings are just so cheap there.

s-l500 (3)

s-l500 (2)

s-l500 (1)


Yeah, so that’s it for now. Talk to me.

See you later?

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Pocket Full of Random – 27/08/17

Hello my people,

How are you on this lovely Sunday?

Or Monday, dear Angela. It’s 2 a.m in New Zealand and you have to wake up in about 5 hours. Have a good Monday, my friend. Plenty of coffee!!

I haven’t done a random post in a while and I decided I would do one today, as they’re fun and everyone seems to like them. So there you go, random thoughts.

iPhone Affair:

  • I’m in love. No, I’m not talking about Rui. I love him too but not as much as my new iPhone. I don’t give a shit about the brand and I’m very far from an apple fan girl but the truth is that the phone actually WORKS.

I no longer have to endure 5 minutes of suffering while my new phone (which should be working fine) is having a seizure and freezing, which it was doing about every 30 minutes. I know I’m cheap but the phone was not that cheap for me. I paid about 160€ for it less than a year ago and it was a mistake.

I was finally convinced by Rui to buy an iPhone, which costs about that 3 times that amount, and it was the best thing that I’ve done in a while. It’s user-friendly and it’s fast and fluid and there are tonnes of apps for it and the camera quality is very, very good.

I’ve been cheap all my life but I’m starting to believe that, sometimes, it is worth spending a little more for a quality product. Lesson learned.

I love my iPhone. I want to write a poet for it and take long walks on the beach while watching the sunset with dear phone.

Historical Accuracy:

  • When you’re watching a historical (real) period show or movie, do you pause every few minutes to do some research on a character on event? I do. I watch everything with Wikipedia by my side.

While I was watching The White Queen (main characters Edward III, king of England and queen Elizabeth his wife) and The White Princess (Henry VII and his wife, queen Elizabeth, daughter of King Richard and Queen Elizabeth), I would fact check often and everything seemed to be on point. There was drama, obviously, but the historical part of the shows was very accurate and well performed.

Now I have switched to The Tudors (Henry VII, son and successor of Henry VII) and it’s my impression that things are a bit more romanticized and overdone. I’ve only watched about two episodes so I might be judging it too soon, but that has been my first impression. Let’s see if I change my mind. Henry VIII was indeed much more eccentric that his father so, maybe they want to make sure viewers understand the difference.

If I’m being honest, I find the latter a bit more boring that the two previous shows that I have mentioned.

Book Adventures:

Remember my List of books to be read until the end of 2017? I’m taking a little detour and reading After You by Jojo Moyes. I loved Me Before  so much and I really wanted to read the book before it becomes a movie (which it is happening), so I bought it in kindle form and am reading it on my phone. I’m enjoying it very much.

Have you read or watched the first book/film? Have you read the sequel?

Do you know the author? Have you read any of her books? I haven’t. Her choice of titles seems to draw my attention but I would like some feedback first.

Also, I must tell you I’m taking advantage of all the free kindle books on Amazon. I intend to buy a kindle or some kind of e-book reader soon but, right now, my phone will have to do.

Problem is: Even if I live to be 120, I will never have enough time to read every book I get my hands on, especially if I think about the 3000 (not exaggerating) I have collected over the years on my laptop. There’s just so much. Physical books, and e-books and audio books. Oh my.

Besides, being a virtual assistant, part of my job is getting reviews for books, which means I’m always getting new books. I love it but with each new book comes the stress of knowing I can’t get to all of them. Such is life, I guess. I’m sure about 99% of you feel just the same.

The Hunger Games: 

  • I don’t really know what has gotten into me because this has never happened since I was about 2 years old and was still being nursed, but I have been eating during the night. Oh yeah, I wake up, go to the bathroom and get hungry. You can find me eating yogurt at 5.30 a.m or munching on corn crackers in the darkness of my room in the middle of the night, waking up Rui who asks in a judging tone “Are you eating”? – “Nope, you’re dreaming.”

Please tell me some of you get hungry at night? My uncle has the habit of waking up in the middle of the night for milk and cookies (something he has always done) and I used to think “What the hell? I can’t even get myself to the bathroom without stumbling on about 2 walls and 3 tables, let alone be alert enough to eat”. I’m doomed. I got fat eating during the day, I don’t know what will become of me if I starting eating 24/7.

YouTube Addiction: 

  • I’ve develop a close relationship with YouTube for the past few weeks. Do you know those types of channels that draw you in and you can never be your free-self again? You know the type. The titles of the videos usually consist of something like “10 celebrities who Hollywood no longer hires” or “The most dangerous serial killers of all time”. I love watching those, I must confess.

Every time I see something that might interest me I click “watch later” and then I end up with a huge list of videos, alongside the usual mom vloggers I stalk. I hope this is temporary. Either that or special YouTube-addiction-rehab.

Sleeping Beauty:

  • I have to report my change in medication has worked wonders. I fall asleep quickly and am able to sleep for the whole night, despite the occasional bathroom visit or fridge party.

I’ve also been waking up early which is awesome because I can get so much more done. I feel happy about it. When I don’t sleep well I feel miserable for weeks and can’t get shit done, which makes me frustrated. Then I’m frustrated because I can’t sleep and because I have a ton of things to do and can’t. Finally I get frustrated because I’m getting frustrated with all of the above. Do you get the picture?


  • I still don’t know how this is possible. I’ve been writing so little that I thought I would get deserted and wake up with 50 followers some of these days. It hasn’t happened and I’ve kept growing, not sure how.

My stats are no longer as good as they used to be. Probably Karma because I’m not reading anyone’s blog at the moment and they must ignore me back. I totally get it.

I should do something to celebrate. What should I do? Do suggest something, please. I’ll let you pick this time. I’m out of ideas. Another party? Another giveaway? I’ve done it all.

Wellzz, I’m off now. Must do some work and read a few blogs if I can. I miss you guys, that’s true. I’m so behind you can no longer see me, which is very sad. I guess I’ll pick a few of you each day and read your latest 30 posts I have missed. Sounds like a plan.

P.S. Dear WordPress or whatever, can you stop marking Rui’s name as a spelling mistake? It’s my man and I won’t let you treat him like that!!

Bye guys.

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Daily Planner and Journal: August 25,2017 (Warning: Game of thrones spoilers. If you haven’t watched anything after season 3 don’t read this)

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing?

I thought I’d do a little update, as I’m still not as present as I would like to be.

I had a psychiatrist’s appointment yesterday and she said she’s happy with my development and that I’m doing better. The only issue has been my sleep. I either sleep for 16 hours straight or can’t sleep at all for 2 days.

Does any of you share my sleeping problems?

She has changed my medication, though and I’ve slept well tonight. No dreams, and no waking up in the middle of the night. Plus, I woke up feeling rested, which hasn’t happen in a very long time.

I’ve been doing laundry and dishes (just putting them on the dishwasher and put them away once they’re dry. It’s very hot here today, which is great because the laundry dries in just about 2 hours or less.

I’ve also spent a few hours working on some virtual assistant work and have finished a few tasks. I love that I can work online, from home and make money.

I’ve been on Amazon looking for a birthday present for Rui and I think I’ve found the right one, which was on sale. I was able to find a discount code too. I’m feeling very lucky today because of that haha.

I called my boss to know when I’m supposed to start working and she said we have an important meeting on the 31st and then we probably start at September 4. I’m very excited.

Yesterday I bought a 16-month amazing planner. I’ve never had one for that long and didn’t even know they existed until recently. It’s kind of academic planner and it goes from the August 28, 2017 to December 31, 2018.

Do you use a planner? What kind of planner do you use? Do you write things on your phone? I could never, I need to actually write things down. I’m a pen and paper kind of girl.

I have scheduled my gynecologist’s and I’m also going to see an orthopedist for my back. They do hurt sometimes and I can’t sleep because of it sometimes. I can no longer tolerate my mattress from my old room at my mother’s house. I slept there for years and now I just can’t take a nap there because the mattress is too soft and it makes my back here. It has started to hurt in my own bed too so it’s time to see a doctor. I’ve seen many doctors about my back, since I was very young. They all say the same: “You need to swim regularly, that’s the best for your back”. I bet I’m going to get the same answer.

I’ve finished watching both The White Queen (Reign of King Edward III (House of York) and his wife Elizabeth, among the rest of the plot) and The White Princess (Their daughter Elizabeth, who marries king Henry VII, a Tudor.

Now I’m going to watch The Tudors, where their son Henry VII is ruling England.

I not only watch a bunch of period shows, I also watch them in an order that will make sense historically, hahaha.

Oh, and Game of Thrones is just so good. This season has been a great one. Who else would like Sansa to end up keeping her marriage to Tyrion? I liked them as a couple and would love it if she fell in love with him. I’m patiently awaiting their reunion.

Now I’m off to do more laundry, make dinner and cleanup a little around the house.

What are you up to today?

Talk to you all soon.

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P.S. Yesterday was my 7-month blog anniversary. Happy anniversary to us.

P.S.S. Would would like to do a few book reviews on Amazon for me in exchange for free Kindle books? Email me.

Daily Planner and Journal: August 21,2017

Hey there, dear friends!

How is everyone doing? Are you still enjoying Summer? A vacation maybe? Or are you already back to work and super busy? Did you go somewhere this Summer? If not, are you going?

I’m still at home but, as I’ve mentioned before, full organization mode, before the school year starts and I’m back at work and back to being busy. I intend to share my daily tasks and to-dos as I have done for the past 6 months.

What am I up to today?

Deep cleaning and organizing our bedroom:

  • Cleaning under and behind furniture (bed, nightstands, wardrobe, dresser, clothes rack, dressing table, mirror);
  • Take big area rug outside to be pressure washed;
  • Vacuum floor and corners, cobwebs;
  • Dust and clean light switchers, outlets, door knob, furniture handles;
  • Clean windows;
  • Organize clothes and shoes;
  • Dust and clean furniture;
  • Mop floor;

Work on “Online Work – Project A”:

  • I’ve mentioned I’m working online as a virtual assistant and I’m involved in a few projects. I intend to complete this particular project today. It’ll probably take me an hour/ one hour and a half;
  • Print screen tasks and send to client. Report to client;

Work on “Online Work – Project A.1”:

  • Same client, different task. This might take me a while longer, maybe 2 hours.
  • Report to client;

Work on “Online Work – Project B”:

  • Different client, somewhat easy task. It might take over an hour. I’ll start today and see how far I can go.
  • Report to client;

Keep working on online magazine along with my colleagues:

  • We’re almost done, but there’s always back and forth conversation and brainstorming going on either Whatsapp or email;

Cook dinner:

  • I’m making grilled salmon with veggies;

Answer some comments:

  • I’m so late, people will wonder who the hell am I hahaha. But I need and want to answer comments left by my readers;

Read a few blog posts:

  • I’ve been the worst blogger and friend and haven’t being reading blogs at all. I miss it and I want to go through a few, hopefully many.

My general goal is to become as active as I was before my long blogging hiatus and to go back to my general routines, while preparing for my return to work.

Yesterday it was one of my best friend’s birthday and we went over for dinner. I don’t know how but I kind of ended up playing “dungeons and dragons”. I don’t usually like games but it was quite fun, actually. Probably because there were many of us and we all picked silly names (except for me, I went with Belinda).

My friend and her boyfriend cooked us dinner and we had the most wonderful cheesecake. My friend (Catarina, that’s her name) is so good with baking and desserts. Dinner, which was a traditional seafood and rice dish was delicious as well.

One of my friend’s boyfriend went to college with me and we shared a few classes. We both love literature and classics and we always take an opportunity to talk about books and what we’ve been reading. He’s my favorite person to talk to when it comes to books because we kind of have similar taste and know the same authors.

Everyone was as funny as ever, I really had a good time.

Then I came home and chatted with my other group of favorite people, my online blogger best friends (I don’t love them just because they are bloggers, they’re just the most wonderful and some of the most inspiring women I know. I’m talking about my dearest AngelaArundhati (A.K.A Cathy)Lyz and Pamela. Love you, girls.

I then watched a few episodes of “The White Queen”, a miniseries. Have you watched it?

A portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. A story of love and lust, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, it is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. In their quest for power, they will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne. The year is 1464, before the Tudor dynasty ruled the country, and war has been ravaging throughout England over who is the rightful King. It is a bitter dispute between two sides of the same family, The House of York and The House of Lancaster. The House of York’s young and handsome Edward IV is crowned King of England with the help of the master manipulator, Lord Warwick “The Kingmaker.” But when Edward falls in love with a beautiful Lancastrian commoner, Elizabeth Woodville, Warwick’s plan to control the throne comes crashing down. A violent, high-stakes struggle ensues between Elizabeth, her most fierce adversary, Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville, the pawn in her father’s power game – each woman vying for the crown.

The White Queen – TV Series

The White Queen (TV Mini-Series 2013) – IMDb

Elizabeth Woodville, The White Queen

I’m so into period and historical dramas and I’m always looking for the next one. This one is very, very good and I’m really enjoying watching it.

Well, now I’m off to get things done!

What are you watching or reading that you would like to share with us?

What are you doing these days? Holidays or work?


As always, thank you so much for coming by.


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Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part II

This is the second part of my list of favorite TV shows ever. The shows from part one are no longer running but, in part II, only two have been cancelled. The other three I’m still watching but have already made it to the list of favorites. Let’s get to it.

  • Mad Men – This show is so great for so many reasons. It’s set in the sixties and that is probably why it is one of my favorites. I love the 20th century and shows that represent the different decades. I’m attracted by the clothes, by how beautiful and put together people used to look, you know, the makeup, the dresses, the men’s suits, the hats and all of the characterization. I guess we get to be slackers now, which didn’t happen at the time. You left the house put together, like a lady. I just love that. Part of me wishes I had been a fifties housewife and then my feminist side slaps me on my face and makes me feel guilty. Anyway, the show is really good and Don, the lead character makes me think of Dr. House because he is a bastard and I can love him and hate him at the same time. Also, nobody gets on my nerves like his wife. What an annoying and mean woman, but so beautiful, which I like because I can admire her dresses and hair and makeup. All the women in the show are gorgeous, actually. Christina Hendricks who, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women ever, plays a role and you get to see those amazing curves on tight secretary dresses. Do I need to say more? Oh, how I envy her.

  • This Is Us – I know I’ve said wonderful things about this show on the blog before but it’s really great. I think that, if I was doing this in a numerical order, it would be on my top 5 for sure. It’s so moving and beautiful. I have no words to describe how touching and perfect it is. It has already been renewed for 2 more seasons (if I’m not wrong) and that makes me very happy. How can you not love Jack and Rebecca. They’re the greatest couple and the best parents. They’re so good together, even in hard times. That’s the kind of relationship I want to have (And the kind I think I have, actually. In four years we have been through so so much together and have always been able to deal with it and still love each other). I cannot recommend this show enough… I need to force Mr. R to watch it. I will blackmail him with McDonald’s. Oh no, that only works with me.

  • Downton Abbey – Who doesn’t love Downton Abbey? The show starts in 1912 and goes all the way to 1925, I think. Those are such interesting years and we get to know about the Titanic, the First World War and all the changes that happen after that and into the twenties. I loved to follow the journey of this family and their servants and they made me cry and laugh many times. Yes, I’m going to talk about clothes again. The fashion is great and you get to see the changes in women’s clothing and hair, between those two decades. Mary, one of the main characters is kind of a bitch, and can get on your nerves, especially when it comes to the way she treats one of her sisters but I guess that’s just her way and I believe she has a good heart. I really miss this show and I would have loved to be able to follow this family and their future generations for a few more seasons.

  • Call the Midwife – This is a British TV show that I discovered because it used to be on TV here in Portugal. One day I heard about it and my sister had watched a couple of episodes and told me it was great so I gave it a try and loved it so much. I have been watching it ever since (it premiered in 2012 and so far it is on season 6 and has just been renewed up to season 9). I’m not sure if many people know this show but it is so worth it. It’s set in the 50’s and early 60’s and tells the story of a group of nurse midwives and nuns who help mothers-to-be in a poor city of East London. Each episode is different and so interesting as you get to know pregnant women or young mothers and their stories. I love it because it involves Medicine, pregnancy and delivery issues and because it’s a period show, which is my favorite kind. Does anyone know this show? I highly recommend it. It’s also a true story, based on a memoir.

  • Outlander  – This is a relatively new show, since it started in 2014. I’m currently (not so patiently) anxiously awaiting for season three. The show is based on a series of books by Diana Gabaldon and tells the story of a married nurse, Claire, living in 1945, that somehow travels in time to 1743, where she meets the love of her live, who she falls deeply in love for (after she is forced to get married to him). She becomes divided between two worlds, two loves and two husbands. The relationship that she develops with her 1743 husband is absolutely beautiful and deep and perfect. True love at its finest. They become one and they are often times willing to give their life for the other. The historical part is very accurate and great and you get to see the Jacobite risings and more as she becomes involved with real historical events. It’s currently on my top five and I cannot wait for season 3 to start in the Spring. Oh, I just learned that I has been renewed for a fourth season. Yeih! Also, You should check out how hot Jamie Fraser, her 1743 husband is… OMG. It’s played by Sam Heughan. Google him, please.

Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part I

Today’s post is about my favorite TV shows ever. I’ve watched so many over the years and most of the shows on this list are no longer running but they have touched my heart (or just my taste) in the right way and I always go back to them when I need to watch something that is familiar and comforting or when someone asks for a good show recommendation. I have been caught quoting them or using them as examples in real life situations because I’m ridiculous like that. Let’s get to it, then.

  • House M.D. –  The show ran from 2004 to 2012 but I have only binge watched it in 2013 or 2014, I think. I had watched a few episodes here and there but only three or four years ago have I realized how good it was and how much I loved it. I have watched it many times ever since. My biggest dream is to be a doctor (I know, I’m probably too late for that and still not sure if I will do a career change and try to get in medical school, but that’s a subject for another time) and I love how they get into the medical part and not just the drama, like most medical shows. There’s also drama, obviously. The hot middle aged doctor who lives in pain because of his leg and has to use a cane and take huge amounts of Vicodin (which he is addicted to)  every day to deal with it. His difficult, bad ass personality makes him likable, which is a contradiction, I know. I love the conflict between his cold, “don’t care about patients” side and the one where you can feel that he has a heart that has been hurting too much, for so long. The fact that he is so intelligent and a brilliant doctor also contribute to my admiration, of course. I just love him and think he is one of the best male lead TV characters ever. Definitely a fan girl, can you tell? Oh, I should also mention his bromance with Wilson which makes me cry when I think about it.

  • Sex and the City – Come on, it’s a classic. I’m a Charlotte, by the way. I binge watch the show once or twice a year and absolutely love it. It’s a part of me. I love all the characters, the stories, the jokes. It’s really funny and entertaining. I don’t love the movies but I liked the fact that I was able to watch those characters again, after a few years and to see how their lives have evolved. I think we are getting a third movie and I’m really excited about it. I don’t care if they’re in their fifties now, women (and people in general, I know that) get old! They can be super cool and funny at the same time. We’ll wait and see. Love you, Mr Big. Also love you, Aidan. Shit, I would have picked both of them.

  • The O.C. – I have two words for you: Seth Cohen. The most amazing, cutest, nicest, funniest, most sarcastic geek ever. How could you not love him? And Summer. And their romance. The geek who got the pretty girl. That makes my heart so happy. And Ryan, from delinquent to rich kid but always a bad ass at heart. Always willing to save a girl or punch someone. Or a few people. And their bromance? Two very different people from two different backgrounds who became the best friends, the closest brothers. I even liked Marissa, even though she was the real troublemaker and ended up killing the show. I guess I like the four of them together the most. Kirsten and Sandy are the greatest, funniest parents ever, which probably explains Seth’s personality.

  • Masters of Sex – Besides the fact that it is set in the fifties through the seventies, which I love for many reasons, including the clothes, the makeup, the hair, and the way people lived in those decades in general, the show is actually really really good. Yes, sex is the theme. Sex research to be more exact. Research that was real and extremely important (They are real people, Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters, check them out) and that might not have been done otherwise. I love how forward looking the characters are, always ahead of their time and willing to do every thing in order to protect, defend and continue their work. I also love how they fall in love with each other and have a difficult and hurtful romance and relationship throughout the seasons and how they handle each other’s life changes and other partners. Sometimes I would get mad at Virginia, for the kind of mother she is. I think, and this is just my opinion, that you can be successful and work and be a good and present mother, which she isn’t. She will often skip on being with her kids to be at work or to be with men, which I cannot understand or justify. Bill is not the best father either, not being able to bond with his children so I guess they had that in common. They are so absorbed by their work and each other that they cannot focus on the world around them. It’s kind of beautiful and sad at the same time. The characters are very likable anyway, at least in my opinion. I’ve just found out that the show is being cancelled after 4 highly acclaimed seasons. It’s bad because I wanted to see more of them, although I know what happens because I’ve read their biography. I strongly recommend this show.

  • Dexter –  I don’t think I need to say much here, because everyone loved Dexter… up until season four ended. Some people even refuse to accept seasons 5, 6, 7 and 8 and just say that, for them, the show ended with season 4. I won’t make spoilers but I agree that the quality really decreased after that season and that things took a bad and boring turn but, before that, it was amazing. Oh Dexter, the handsome and nice serial killer, who thinks he is a monster but actually has a heart and is capable of loving someone deeply. I love the relationship that he has with his sister Debra (please let’s not talk about her!) and how close and funny they are together. She is awesome with her tough girl personality and fowl mouth… too funny. I’ve never wanted to watch this show, despite all the recommendations, because I don’t really like crime shows but I was hooked from season one and now it’s one of my absolute favorites. How can I have waited until last year to watch it? No idea. I just know that I fell in love with it once I got to it. I loved to be inside Dexter’s head. I kind of miss that, actually. I mean the character. It’s like I miss him. The finale is very controversial and most fans got extremely mad about it. Me? well, not the one I would have picked but not that bad either. That’s my opinion.

Health for days journey – day 17 (The “I haven’t cleaned my house since before Easter and deeply regret it”) edition!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

What a beautiful Thursday this is. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Rosa is getting crazy because she wants to catch them all… Just a normal Spring day.

We are having a ladies’ stay-cation, while Rui went away for work. Me and Rosa plan on doing each other’s hair and nails and watching Mean Girls. Kidding, mostly I just clean the house and she stares at me.

Today is the first day I’m trying to get back on track!! Who else was naughty during Easter and wants to join me?

Anyway, I’ve got good news!

As you know, I had a psychiatrist’s appointment yesterday. She told me she is really happy with me and my improvements and that I don’t even look like the same person that went there for the first time, so lonely and sad and desperate. She said she can really see an improvement and… she cut back on my meds!!! A few of them!! It’s the first time something like that has happened. Usually they would either change or increase my medication, but not this time. She said she could see they were working. I told her I was sleeping too many hours and she said that was a good sign, it meant that I was taking too much medication and could reduce significantly. Today I woke up naturally at 7.30!! I also told her I was not losing way, despite exercising and doing so many diet changes and she told me to walk those 4 km that take to get me to town and back EVERY SINGLE DAY! Am I going to be able to do that? It’s scary and I’m so lazy. Let’s see.

The funny news is that my actual doctor’s appointment (family doctor, for exams) was not yesterday, it’s on the 26th. Ooops. It’s actually sad because I couldn’t wake up to go (too much medication) and Mr.R got super pissed and went to his, at 8.15 a.m. When he got there they told him “Oh but it’s not today, it’s on the 26th”. Poor baby.

I have yet to go to my office and start packing, didn’t do that yesterday. We are planning on going on Sunday. But I DID manage to convince Mr.R to go and buy some clothes. We got him a pair of shoes, 3 pairs of pants, some boxers and about 5 or 6 T-shirts. He needs some polo shirts as well (they are a little more formal for meetings and such) but he didn’t like any of the colors so, next time. We got good deals too. So I’m happy about that.

That’s all I did yesterday. That and watch the pilot of Poldark. I did like it but I’m not convinced yet lol Let’s see if the second episode does a good job in making me go through with it.

I’m only now having brunch/lunch/whatever. I should definitely do a meal plan with schedule hours. Might work on that today. I’m having my usual oatmeal, some coffee, some ice water with lemon and a dessert plate full of frozen baby carrots. Does anyone else eat that as a snack/lunch complement? They’re fresh and delicious.

My house is such a disaster, you have no idea!! I have the amount of dishes of a small restaurant to wash, a pile of laundry bigger than my house, things to unpack, things that I bought that need to find a home, etc. It’s really in critical state. I might do a room each day lol while doing laundry. I want to do some Spring cleaning so that’s what I will do. I might start with the kitchen today, or tomorrow lol and go from there.

Oh and did I tell you my dog is on her period? Oh yeah. She bleeds all over the house? “Put a diaper on her” hahahaha she would take it off and eat it. So I just need to wash everything. Over and over. She’s outside checking for cute dogs right now, which is good, at least she’s not on the couch. Oh, the joys of being a girl dog mom!

What else did I want to tell you?

Oh I got a lovely postcard and letter for my first pen pal to send something. My gorgeous  friend Natalie sent me a beautiful post card. I can’t show you because it’s from her city and I need to respect her privacy. But it’s beautiful and it came with a lovely letter. I can’t wait to send her something back. Thank you, Natty!!

I’m also waiting on a book that I won in a Giveaway that Jenny did!! I was so surprised when she told me I was the winner. I have never won anything!! I could have a book of my choice and I chose Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while so it was a great opportunity to finally have the book. I’m still waiting on it and currently stalking the mailman.

I have bough drawing paper, brushes and gouache. A new hobby to add to my reading, watching movies, watching series, readings blogs, blogging, doing crochet and knitting, which I already don’t have time for? Stay tuned, I’ll be the next Picasso.

I guess that’s it guys. Oh I told you I would start telling you how I am in terms of weight every day (I’m not shamed of being overweight) so you (and I) can check my progress.

Current weight: 87,3 kg / 192.7 lb

Goal weight : 60 kg/ 132.4 lb

Must lose: 27 kg/ 59.8 lb

I have I bet with Rui that if I lose 10 kg/ +- 20 pounds by June I get to go shopping and spend big time!!!! I have about 2 months (it can be June 20, for example) so that means I have to lose 1 kg (or 2 pounds, +-) per week. I will not starve at all. I will eat healthy and exercise.

Who else needs to lose a little weight?

Do you have any tips/tricks?

I guess that’s it for now, my friends.

See you later!!