One Month Blogging challenge – Day 25 (Things I would still like to learn)

Things I would still like to learn:

  • To play the piano;
  • To sing. I can sing but I would like to have actual lessons;
  • German, Italian and French fluently. I’m studying German and Italian and I’ve had 5 years of French but can’t remember much;
  • To drive;
  • To dance;
  • To draw and paint;
  • To sew and make clothes;
  • First-aid and CPR;
  • To save someone who is drowning;
  • To cut men’s hair;
  • To play tennis, volleyball and basketball;
  • Math, physics and chemistry;
  • To do crafts;
  • To frost cupcakes;
  • To make more things from scratch;
  • To do a proper massage;
  • To contour;
  • To make jewelry;

I cannot think of anything else right now. Would you like to learn any of these things? What would you still like to learn?

Remember to checkΒ MaggieΒ andΒ Angela‘s posts. We’re doing this together and they are rocking it, always posting on time, while little me is a mess and always behind.

Thank you for reading.



55 thoughts on “One Month Blogging challenge – Day 25 (Things I would still like to learn)

  1. You have an inspiring list!

    From your list, I’d like to learn to dance, sew, and play tennis. I’m a musician, so some of the other things are already covered, lol.

    As far as other things I’d like to learn: I’m striving for fluency in Spanish, and I’ve barely started Hebrew and Greek. I’d also like to learn to write engaging fiction. πŸ™‚

    I hope you achieve your dreams!

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  2. I can still kinda play the piano..but those skills are getting rusty. I gotta relearn that. I also regularly get my first aid cert renewed. i’ve only had to use it at work once, a child was suddenly unconscious and we couldn’t work out why. We ended up having to call emergency services and I’ve never been more terrified.

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      • Yeah, it was good she was still breathing, so we didn’t need to do CPR. She was somewhat aware of what was going on, her eyes were flicking open and shut and she was looking around, but not really saying anything or moving much. It was just scary how limp she was when I picked her up. We called the ambulance straight away, and told her parents. Apparently it was some kind of minor seizure or something. She’s all good now though. It didn’t affect her in the long run.


    • Indeed. You always come up with solutions for my life, you’re my therapist. I actually wrote “cut men’s hair” because Rui had got home complaining about his haircut because it was really shitty. Some hairdressers can’t cut her apparently

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  3. Chey,
    You must really love long lists. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    So here’s one for you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    To play the piano
    – See hint above

    To sing. I can sing but I would like to have actual lessons

    German, Italian and French fluently. I’m studying German and Italian and I’ve had 5 years of French but can’t remember much
    – Check except for German and Italian

    To drive
    – Too young to learn

    To dance;
    – I’m a disaster at this. I’ll join you.

    To draw and paint;
    – Pretty much average in this field. Gotta get better.

    To sew and make clothes;
    – Nope. Nope! No way

    First-aid and CPR;
    – That would be fun to learn.

    To play tennis, volleyball and basketball;
    – Check, check, check πŸ˜€

    Math, physics and chemistry;
    -Physics equals yuck. It never peaked my interest. check for all if we replace it with biology

    There. It DOES feel a lil bit satisfying making a long list.

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  4. Nice list! πŸ™‚ I love learning new things. Frosting cupcakes can be really easy depending on what sort of tip you use to pipe it on there. If you get a large star-shaped tip it pretty much always looks great and takes like 2 seconds to do each little cupcake. They’re my favorite tip to work with. πŸ™‚ Making sure you have no air in the piping bag and keeping all the frosting low near where the tip is helps keep it from doing annoying little frosting explosions. lol
    I want to get better at working with frosting too. I like to decorate baked goods but I’m nowhere near as good as my mom is. She’s always been able to make the cutest cakes.


  5. Hello, if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought this list was mine.
    I really want to learn to play piano and a Saxophone. The problem I have is understanding or reading music.
    Singing lessons is definite. I can sing but I have trouble with lyrics. I tend to throw in my own lyrics.
    I have danced as a young girl, but put it aside when I became pregnant at 17. Now that my daughter is all grown up, I just need to squeeze in the time to learn Tap, ballet and modern dance.
    Draw and paint been horrible at it since elementary school. I guess if someone teach me the basics I may be able to finally draw that house I saw all of my class mates draw some 20 something years ago.
    My mother had a sewing machine and she was good at it. I remember trying to make clothes for my babydoll and I couldn’t understand the threading of the needle concept so I have a lot of work to do here. I do plan to get a sewing machine and seek training soon.
    I want to at least learn to dribble the basketball and run up and down the court at the same time. Now I can stand and dribble the ball or hold the ball and run down the court.
    I tried to be crafty. I went to Michael’s and purchased some mirrors and tiles to decorate didn’t go well at all. I saw a diy video of someone making a beautiful head band with flowers, and that will be my next. Crafting experiment.
    I want to decorate cupcakes , cakes and cookies. I purchased the kits but have not scheduled a class.
    Now contour, I’m assuming you are speaking about the face make up. That is what comes to mind for me and I love watching YouTube videos of women contouring their faces. It is amazing how contouring transforms the face.
    Lastly, jewelry. I am a big fan of costume jewelry and my sister makes jewelry and sell it. I would love to learn to make chokers and earrings.
    I am sorry this response was so long , but I was surprised to see all of my I wanna dos on your list.

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  6. I can help you out with the volleyball part! I love it so much, it’s my full time career (private volleyball coach) now haha These are good goals! I’ve been trying to learn Spanish forever!


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