Things I would still like to learn:

  • To play the piano;
  • To sing. I can sing but I would like to have actual lessons;
  • German, Italian and French fluently. I’m studying German and Italian and I’ve had 5 years of French but can’t remember much;
  • To drive;
  • To dance;
  • To draw and paint;
  • To sew and make clothes;
  • First-aid and CPR;
  • To save someone who is drowning;
  • To cut men’s hair;
  • To play tennis, volleyball and basketball;
  • Math, physics and chemistry;
  • To do crafts;
  • To frost cupcakes;
  • To make more things from scratch;
  • To do a proper massage;
  • To contour;
  • To make jewelry;

I cannot think of anything else right now. Would you like to learn any of these things? What would you still like to learn?

Remember to checkΒ MaggieΒ andΒ Angela‘s posts. We’re doing this together and they are rocking it, always posting on time, while little me is a mess and always behind.

Thank you for reading.