Health for days journey – May 26th (update)

Good evening everyone,

I’m home alone with my sweet Rosa. The mister has come home to pick up his bag and his suit and has gone away. He is attending a wedding tomorrow in Coimbra, which is 2 hours away. He’s staying with his best friend tonight and tomorrow night and comes back on Sunday. He has just called me to tell me he got there safe. So, it’s just me and mah dog. Which is a fine dog, let me tell you. Today, Rui came home from work and she was inside with me. The door was unlocked so he just opened the door. As soon as he opened the door she made the most ferocious face and was ready to bite, until she realized it was him haha. He kept telling her “Good job, protecting your mom”. She’s the sweetest girl and I love her so much. She follows me around everywhere, unless there’s a hose or a vacuum cleaner involved. She’s dead scared of them.

I kind of had a lazy day which, for me, means I didn’t finish my to-do list:

  • Priority: Pack Rui’s bag because he is travelling today. He has a wedding tomorrow and I need to make sure his suit, tie, shirt and shoes are impeccable. I also need to pack his bag with his toiletries and a change of clothes; – Packed everything nice and ironed and organized. Bastard kept asking me “Did you remember to pack my perfume?” or “Where is my tie/belt”. He left and then came back saying “Oh, I forgot my shoes”. No, you didn’t motherf*cker they’re in your bag, packed by ME, as is EVERYTHING!!! I just love him and hate him so much at the same time. I’ve been packing for him for years, always pack every possible thing he might need and he always asks about something. No more packing. You better be reading this you little shit!! Love you, baby!
  • Make my watercress soup, so I can have for dinner and tomorrow as well, since I’ll be alone. Rui is coming back home on Sunday so I’ll be alone for two nights; – No, I didn’t. My cravings had other plans and I ate cereal for dinner and my weight in cherries.
  • Priority: Catch up on my challenge posts. Angela and Maggie are doing so much better than me. I’m way behind; – Done. Finally!!
  • I have a bag of walnuts and a bag of almonds I need to crack to take the shelves of and store them in glass jars. They’re cheaper to buy with shells on and come in a larger quantity. This is boring work and will take a long time. – I looked at them and though “If I’m gonna be banging nuts for two hours I better get something out of it” and decided it was not worth the effort.
  • Make my bed; – Made.
  • Do some laundry. I didn’t think I was going to do any since I thought it was going to rain today but apparently not so. I also need to fold and put away 2 baskets and wash some blankets; – It did rain a little. They say 4% chance of rain and then it rains. After I had watered the gardens! So, I started a load and it’s still inside the washer because I couldn’t hang it. I did fold and put away the two loads from before.
  • Answer emails; – Not all of them.
  • Publish a list of dates when each of my beautiful party goers posts are going to be posted; – Not everyone has emailed me yet so I thought I might wait for everyone to answer and the publish the order of the posts. I have people scheduled until the 7th of June. 
  • Pay for and email my winner’s Starbucks gift card; – I tried. But it was asking for an American, Canadian or British address. So I got on one of those websites that provide an American address so you can buy things that only take those. They basically give you a random address to use and an American phone number. I’m using that but now they’re not accepting my type of card. WTF? Sorry, my dear winner, you’ll going to have to wait one more day. Please forgive me.
  • Deep clean my kitchen. Today has to be the day. Does this count as a workout? I need to clean my fridge, wash and put away some dishes, clean the microwave, clean one of the coffee machines, clean the oven, clean all of the shelves and clean my cabinets if I’m feeling adventurous. Clean the floor as well. – hahahahahaha. No.
  • Bathe Rosa. I mean, I will try. I haven’t done it on my own since she was a baby but she needs a bath. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday and things might get wet but such is life; – Didn’t try. She was too sleepy, I was too sleepy. 
  • Water both the garden and the veggie garden. (They’re separate) – Did. And then it rained. My plants might drown.
  • Get 1,5 l of water. 2 l is a bonus. (mandatory) – Done!!! And I’ve drunk a bottle of sparkling water so I have drunk more than 1,5 l. Does lemon flavored sparkling water count as water?
  • Do my workout and my yoga. (mandatory) – I’m just to tired. I woke up just before 8, I didn’t nap. I’m dying. Not today. I’m just gonna go to bed.
  • Talk to a few students. – I did. Some of them are very interested in starting online lessons in July. One told me she didn’t want it and was not super nice. Maybe she’s mad at me because I got sick and couldn’t be her teacher anymore?
  • Prepare my Guest Post Sunday and my Guest Post Saturday. That’s right, I have two lovely people this week. – Saturday is ready, Sunday is going.
  • Start drafting my June schedule. – Didn’t touch it.
  • Dust and vacuum the living room if I have time. – No way.

What happened was that I did some chores until about 5 and then I started to feel extremely lazy and tired. I decided that the sofa would be my final destination and so me and my dog have been watching Orange Is The New Black (season 5) since then. I wish I could have done more, I had enough time to complete all of my tasks but I had only slept for 6 hours, which is not enough for me at all. I’m good if I wake up early but I need to have slept at least 8 so I can get through the day with no issues.

I actually do feel a little frustrated when I don’t finish a to-do list. It’s my thing. I need things to be done. I need to feel like I pushed myself and that I was productive to feel accomplished. I’m supposed to be on medical leave lol I was supposed to be resting, but it’s just not me. I need to be doing things and to have a purpose. Even if I’m a housewife at the moment, I need to be a good one. And let me tell you, if you ever tell someone they’re “just” a housewife you deserve to be slapped. I can find work around the house and garden and laundry and cooking and the dog for the entire day, every day, if I want to. And I don’t even have kids. Stay at home moms have it even worse. They do work, they do have a job. They just don’t get a salary.

Anyway, sorry about the rant.

In others news, I might be joining a gym. I got 3 months for free which is a great deal. And the gym is pretty cheap too, about 25€ a month and I can go to every class, do every activity. It’s close to home too. Let’s see.

So, what I didn’t do today, becomes a task for tomorrow:

  • Laundry, weather permitting.
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Take care of my schedule for June.
  • Bathe Rosa.
  • Clean living room.
  • Make my soup.
  • Maybe bake a cake.
  • Take care of the Starbucks gift card.

And the usual:

  • Drink 1,5 l of water.
  • Do my yoga.
  • Answer some emails.
  • Answer comments.
  • Read blog posts.

Before I go, I want to share something with you. My friend Maggie, who blogs over at Dreaming of Guatemala, decided to mention me in her post “People I admire and why”. I was so not expecting it and got so surprised and honored that I cried!! It’s so sweet and I just need to share it with you guys, if you don’t follow her. Here’s the link:

Please take a look. You’ll see how sweet she is and why it made me cry. Thank you for being so kind and good to me, dear Maggie.

Thank you guys for reading.

I love you all.


P.S. Remember I’m having a special guest post tomorrow.


24 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 26th (update)

  1. I loved that part about you packing your bags for Rui XD You guys have a hilarious relationship. Also, 3 months membership to a gym!! That’s amazing! Going to the gym was fun for the few months I went, then I just stopped cause I’m lazy. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s ok sometimes to-do lists just don’t get finished. You do what you can and it will all get done eventually. What a blessing about the free 3 month gym membership. Oh, and I didn’t think you were ranting, getting stuff out is good and healthy 😉 I read Maggies’ post earlier that was so sweet of her, but then again she is one of the most lovely, sweet souls I know and what she said was true you do give a lot of yourself to your fellow bloggers, and it doesn’t go unrecognized. Praying you get more sleep! God Bless you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I went to the gym once. I looked around and left. Quickly! go for it! I love your list (I lost mine) great post! 💕😺x

    Liked by 1 person

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