Happy Birthday to me – 26 goals for year 26 + One year challenge

Good day to you people!!

I hope everyone is having a good, stress-free, easy Monday.

As you might have noticed from the tittle, it’s my birthday.

26 years ago today (close to 5 p.m), mom was probably in a lot of pain, poor thing. Thanks mama, for pushing me out, I know it must have been hard for you, despite the fact that it was probably the only time I was ever thin.

I used to love my birthday, but I’m NOT feeling it at all this year. For several reasons:

  • I’m no longer in my early twenties;
  • I’m close to 30, my scary age;
  • I’m NOWHERE NEAR where I thought I would be by now, if you had asked me 10 years ago.
  • I had the shittiest year, 25 being extremely hard. Is it going to be over now?
  • I’m still going through some of the consequences of my mental health issues, meaning I’m still a fat ass and I hate my body and can’t stand looking at myself;
  • I have some small family issues, nothing to big, thankfully;
  • I have lost one of my best, childhood friends, probably forever.

I told Rui that the only thing I wanted to do today was try a pumpkin spice latte and go thrift shopping. I need some cardigans. I have decided to just go to Primark to get them because it’s closer and near Starbucks.

I’m going to my mom’s house for dinner. Not feeling it at all, but I need to do it for them.

Rui always takes my birthday off and so we have enjoyed a lazy morning, talking about my birthday blues and eating my favorite cereal (me).

I still have to work from 5 p.m to 7 p.m, which I don’t mind at all. I like being with the kids, even if they drive me crazy most days.

Because 25 was so bad, I’m kind of determined to TRY and make 26 way better. I came up with a few goals and also a few challenges.

26 goals for year 26:

  1. Finally get my f*cking driver’s license;
  2. Finally get braces and endure all of the suffering. At least high school has been over for many years so there’s no one to make fun of me;
  3. Lose the damn weight;
  4. Travel somewhere; Anywhere. Just see some new place, outside the country;
  5. Get into that second degree I want to take so bad; (shhh, you all know what I’m talking about but I won’t say anything so I don’t jinx it. I’ll be doing my best to accomplish this goal which is more than just a goal, but one of the things I NEED to do with my life.
  6. Write an e-book. (I have, but as a ghostwriter); 
  7. Double my number of followers on this blog;
  8. Go back to being a red; I just love it so much.
  9. Share some exciting news in May; Can’t talk about it yet, sorry.
  10. Learn Spanish so I can help the kids; 
  11. Join the church choir. So, this might be happening already, I just haven’t said anything. I’m not particularly religious, as you already know. I have faith and I pray and I love to read your posts about faith and God’s word. But I don’t consider myself fully catholic and I don’t go to church. But I feel the need to sing. I haven’t in a long time and my spirit longs for it. So I looked into different options and the easiest and friendliest was the church choir. I have talked to one of the ladies and she lives near me so she even offered a ride. I’m going next Monday and try it out.
  12. I had this idea or this calling after all of the things that happened in Portugal for the past few months. I would like… and bear with me… to train to be a volunteer  firefighter. Putting out fires is not all they do. They are the first at car accidents, 911 calls, they ride ambulances, help in all kinds of situations and are the first ones to be there for people when they need it the most. I thought it sounded stupid and impossible because I’m so far from being fit and I have no physical strength or resistance. I have talked to a girl I know who is a firefighter and she told me that’s not an issue at all. She said the physical test are minimal and that I could always get better and lose the weight before or while I’m taking the preparation course (250 hours, I think) because it would be long before I had to actually do something. I talked to my local fire department and they said I should go there and speak to them in person. I don’t know. Rui and I are talking and trying to figure out  what this would mean to us and how and if we could make it work. I don’t know if I dream too much of if I’m just someone who really wants to make a difference.
  13. Learning how to sew;
  14. Keep collecting plants and turn our patio into a beautiful garden;
  15. Double my income;
  16. Do my best to get organized; For the past few year, maybe more, I’ve had this problem where I can’t seem to get my shit together. If I’m working and being successful there, my house is a mess and the dog needs a bath. If I’m off, I should be cleaning the house but I seem to always feel tired and lazy so nothing gets done anyway. Laundry is an issue too. I’m always behind on errands. People keep telling me I don’t call or answer their calls. I just need to find a way to balance things better.
  17. Really help someone;
  18. Learn how to dance;
  19. Volunteer at some charity or event;
  20. Finally decorate this house;
  21. Go off my medication completely. 
  22. Meet some new people and make new friends. Be open to people and to the world in general;
  23. Be in more pictures;
  24. Just go to places and get out more;
  25. Try new things;
  26. Challenge myself;

Year 26 Challenge:

  • 1.5 L of water every single day for a year;
  • Exercise every single day for a year; (even just 15 minutes of yoga)
  • No McDonald’s or soda for a year; (here’s looking at you, coke)
  • 1 book a week for a year;
  • 1 post a day for a year;
  • 1 selfie a day for a year;
  • Mandatory full skin care for a year; (Never go to bed without washing my face, never leave the house without sunscreen, never forget to moisturize after showering, remember to clean and moisturize my face on the weekends)
  • Write 1 nice thought about myself every day for a year;

I guess I’m ready to take on this year. I just need to accept being 26 and try to make the best of it. I don’t to let another year go by and feel like I haven’t tried hard enough or that I haven’t accomplished anything. It’s the worst feeling.

Does anyone want to join me in one of the above challenges? We can be sodaholics anonymous together!!

Thank you for being here, friends.

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One Month Blogging Challenge – Days 29 and 30: The end! (My favorite social media sites and where else can you find me online)

So I’ve completed a one month blogging challenge. It has been great doing it with Maggie, who had the idea and Angela, who decided to join. If I’m being honest, they have done much better, not missing a single day, while I’ve been late several times and have kept some posts super short and simple. It was kind of difficult to do it along with my daily posts, and having a scheduled date to post something and a set theme. My posts are usually all over the place and not organized at all so, this was different. But I did like it very much, it made me write about topics I may not have explored otherwise and it was great so you guys could get to know me better.

To finish, I need to write about the two last prompts, which I decided to join in one post because they’re related and I don’t have much to say about them.

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I don’t have much time to post and even less to follow the way I want to but I love the idea. Unless you tell me I need to have a theme because I will answer with “no way, I’ll post whatever I want”.  I also like YouTube, maybe even more than Instagram. Does it count as social media? No idea.

You can find me and follow me here:







And that’s it, my people. Thank you for following along.


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 28 (What makes me happy)

What makes me happy:

  • When Rui gets home. I love when he gets home from work and we sit together on the sofa, watching some crappy TV while I blog and he checks is Facebook or something. Sometimes we snack too. I just love when I hear him parking his car and opening our gate. Is that love?
  • When he brings me little unexpected gift. Sometimes flowers or plants, a chocolate, something cute. The other day was cherries. He knows how much I love them. I feel really happy when he thinks about bringing me a little present;
  • When my dogs wants to cuddle with me and giving me wet kisses;
  • When my house is clean and organized;
  • When I finish my to-do list;
  • When I see my family, we always have fun;
  • When I show I like has a new season;
  • When I get comments on my blog;
  • When I watch a good movie;
  • When I get a really good mark, anything above a 16 (0-20).
  • When I get a really good mark without going to one single class, just studying by myself;
  • When I get a new student;
  • When I see my friends;
  • When I go shopping;
  • When it’s raining and I’m in bed;
  • When I go grocery shopping and get good deals;
  • When I go out to eat;
  • When I lose weight;
  • When I find a book I want online for free;
  • A hot shower;
  • When the weather is good and I can dry laundry outside;
  • When my plants thrive and look happy;
  • When Rui and Rosa are cuddling and playing;
  • When I buy clothes for Rui;
  • When I get presents;
  • When I get letters or postcards in the mail;
  • When it’s cold and I can wear fluffy pajamas and be by the fireplace;
  • When I cook something really good;
  • When I bake something really good;
  • When I exercise and feel good about myself after;
  • When I put my makeup on and it looks really good;
  • Swimming;
  • Cuddling;
  • When I get a massage;
  • When I get a pedicure;
  • When I find a book I really love;

One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 27 (A challenge that I overcame)

This is the first time in this challenge where I actually have no idea what to talk about. My life has been so full of challenges so far. It has never been easy or without challenge. I decided I would pick 3 topics to discuss and not get into them too much, otherwise this post would get to heavy and maybe a little negative.

  • Challenge 1: Separation from my mother

I suffer from anxiety. Big time. When I was younger, a lot of that anxiety would come up as being emotionally dependent on my mother. I kept texting her all day, I needed to know where she was at all times, I would cry if she didn’t answer the phone, would not fall asleep if she wasn’t home, would constantly think about the fact the she could get sick or in an accident and die. That was all I though about all the time. It was too much and I was constantly nervous. I don’t know what happened but, with time, it just went away. We are no longer living in the same house, obviously, which would have been impossible before. I still need to talk to her every day, but nothing like it used to be.

  • Challenge 2: Accepting my grandmother’s dementia.

She is almost 70 years old. She’s been like this for about 4 years? Maybe more? She’s too young to be as bad as she is and I think that didn’t help with my accepting the situation. For a long time, I would come to excuses and tried to find answers that would make it a reversible situation. I would think she might have depression, as it can cause dementia in older people. Then I would think it would be malnutrition or a lack of vitamins. Turns out, most of her brain cells are dead. It’s irreversible. It has always been. For a long time, I couldn’t be around her. I would avoid her. Every time she said something that showed she was not herself I would get extreme anxiety and become severely depressed for several days. When we took her to my psychiatrist and she asked her what year it was, she said 1968. I burst into tears and cried like a baby. I have never cried in one of my own appointments. Ever. With time, I found a way to accept it. I thought about it a lot and had to convince myself I needed to live with it. Now I can be around her and I can correct her when she says something that’s not right. Or when she’s not sure who I am.

  • Challenge 3: Learning to live with Rosa

Rosa was an extremely difficult puppy. We adopted her because the doctor said a pet would help with my depression. But she actually made it worse at the time. I had a very hard time bonding with her. She would not be still one second, she would bite our hands non-stop and try to bite when we were correcting her behavior (I tried every single trick. Spray her with water when she would bite us, wet my hands in lemon juice, vinegar, yell when she bit to show her she had hurt me, pretend that I was crying, ignoring her, nothing would help. She would just bite our hands and fingers non-stop, as if she were playing with another puppy. She would destroy EVERYTHING. Even furniture. We paid good money to repair our old kitchen when we moved from our old apartment to this house. Rui had to be the one to take her out every time because I was scared to do it. She would pull and try to run and other dogs would come and bark at us and I was just super scared. I had no idea it would be like that when we adopted her. I didn’t know a puppy was so difficult to raise and had no idea I was so afraid of walking her because of other dogs. Rui and I fought a lot because of this issue. Then we started bonding and I felt so bad she spent her day in our kitchen, while we worked. It was all I thought about. Then we moved here and she has the chance to be outside all day. She became much calmer with age and freedom. She has the occasional tantrum but she is a well-behaved, spoiled, sweet, cuddly dog. To be honest, we were this close to giving her back. Now, we cannot imagine our life without her. When she got sick I called my mother crying desperately and had a massive panic attack. When they brought her from the hospital I sat on the kitchen floor for almost two hours, in the dark, watching her sleep, until Rui got home. She’s my baby and I love her so much. Right now, Rui is away and she doesn’t live my side. I would be alone now if it wasn’t for her. Because I have her, I don’t feel scared or lonely at all.



One Month Blogging challenge – Day 25 (Things I would still like to learn)

Things I would still like to learn:

  • To play the piano;
  • To sing. I can sing but I would like to have actual lessons;
  • German, Italian and French fluently. I’m studying German and Italian and I’ve had 5 years of French but can’t remember much;
  • To drive;
  • To dance;
  • To draw and paint;
  • To sew and make clothes;
  • First-aid and CPR;
  • To save someone who is drowning;
  • To cut men’s hair;
  • To play tennis, volleyball and basketball;
  • Math, physics and chemistry;
  • To do crafts;
  • To frost cupcakes;
  • To make more things from scratch;
  • To do a proper massage;
  • To contour;
  • To make jewelry;

I cannot think of anything else right now. Would you like to learn any of these things? What would you still like to learn?

Remember to check Maggie and Angela‘s posts. We’re doing this together and they are rocking it, always posting on time, while little me is a mess and always behind.

Thank you for reading.


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 26 (People I admire and why)

6People I admire and why:

The obvious choices:

Women in my family – Every woman in my family is strong and brave. They have all been through a lot and they can all overcome anything. Especially my mom who raised us on her own and my sister.

My friends – I saw them turn from teenagers into young, strong women and I admire each of them for what they have become.

Rui – I admire his work ethic, his intelligence and his skills in general. He’s very smart and 100% an engineer.

The famous ones:

Nicci Lynn from A Farmhouse Full – She’s a strong woman and an amazing mom.



Jamerrill Stewart – For the exact same reason.



Michelle Obama – She’s also a strong and intelligent woman, she is classy and she knows how to take good care of herself. She’s also funny and caring.


Kate Middleton – She’s a lady and she’s sporty and fun and I love her style.


I guess I have a thing for strong women, especially moms, don’t I?


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 24 (Handy tips I have learned)

Handy tips I have learned:

  • If you need a book for school or university, check the internet first. You can usually find it online to download. This is totally illegal but students are usually poor so I don’t care. After checking the internet, check online for used books and then ask around on Facebook, someone might have one to sell. If non of this works, then you buy new.
  • Always check if there’s toilet paper before you go. I mean it.
  • Always carry an extra cardigan or sweater with you. Even if it’s Summer. It might get cold at night or you might need an extra layer in Winter. I also carry gloves and a scarf and an umbrella with me during Fall and Winter, just in case.
  • Carry a phone charger or a power bank with you at all times.
  • Ladies, always carry and extra pair of panties with you. I’m sorry for TMI but accidents happen when you’re on your period. Also, carry baby wipes.
  • Make your mascara last longer by dropping a little almond oil in the tube.
  • After applying lipstick, place a finger inside your mouth, close your lips and pull your finger, the excess will end up on your finger and you won’t have lipstick on your teeth;
  • One positive test doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. Always take more than one or do a blood test. You can get false positives. Trust me.
  • You can eat most things way after their expiration date. Don’t waste food without trying it first.
  • When you’re writing an important email, always leave the recipient email for last. If you do this, you never send unfinished your the wrong email to anyone.
  • Always sneak food into the theater. No one is going to check and theater snacks are way overpriced.
  • Go grocery shopping after lunch and with a list.
  • If you’re at a party or event, be careful with the photos people take of you. You don’t want a photo you don’t like or that might be embarrassing to end up on someone else’s Facebook.
  • Wallets don’t belong in back pockets, neither do cellphones.
  • If you go to a hotel or a place where the bathroom is used by many, always shower with flip flops on.
  • Make sure you do frequent backups.
  • If you’re wearing new shoes (especially heels), carry a pair of ballerinas with you and band-aids.
  • Use a wet rubber glove to remove pet hair from your sofa.
  • Never drink from a can before you clean the top first. There are rats in warehouses and they pee everywhere.  Rat pee can make you sick.

I guess that’s it for now?

Don’t forget to check Maggie‘s and Angela‘s handy tips!!


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 23 (My inspirations)

I’m inspired by:

  • Moms. Every type of mom. Moms can be warriors and do it all and be strong and brave and do so much. I follow 2 Youtubers who are moms and they are such an inspiration to me. One of them is a mom of 8, ages between 14 and 8 months, she homeschools, does everything from scratch, takes care of her house, does some farming tasks, does Youtube, has a blog and has several side businesses. The other is currently pregnant with her 8th child, she homeschools and works from home, taking care of many businesses while her husband finishes school. She also cooks everything from scratch, blogs and does Youtube, takes care of her chidren and husband and pets, all while being the breadwinner. I want to be just like these women someday.



Check them out if you’re curious!

  • People who are really good at sports. Do you know the kind? They play tennis and ride horses and run and do yoga and swim and are really amazing at anything sporty. It’s the opposite of who I am but I really admire such people. Do you know those ladies who are in their eighties and still do gymnastics? Yap. Goals.


  • People who go back to school after a certain age to follow their dreams. They really inspire me. It takes stregth to study and work and it’s not easy to go back to school after a certain age. But some people go and finish and just do so well. It’s inspiring for sure.


  • Those who have always been straight A students. They have been consistent all through school and college, they have a Master’s and a PhD and have always been the best in class, studying hard and working their butts off.


  • People who come from nothing or from a difficult childhood or family situation and just work their way up. Self-made people. Those who can work while having everything against them.


In general, I think that I am inspired by strong people, that can overcome things. I look up to smart, intellectual people and those who can be super productive and organized. I also like those who are able to be involved in many different things at the same time and still be successful.



One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 22 (What I’m most proud of)

Things that make me really proud:


  • My mother – She raised me and my sister by herself with very little help. She is funny and positive and optimistic and she’s always there for us to support us no matter what.


  • My sister – She is such a responsible girl and works hard while she is a university student. She’s strong and sweet and I’m proud of the woman she’s become.


  • Rui – He’s just amazing. He’s a hard worker, he’s strong and curious and knows so much. He’s good at everything he does. He has a big heart and is always there for me, no matter what.


  • My friends – It makes me so proud that I have such an amazing group of friends and we’re still together after so many years and after going through so much. I’m really proud of the ladies they are now.


  • This blog – I never thought I would be able to maintain a blog and I think that I have been fairly successful which makes me happy.


  • My business – Despite that fact that I’m taking a break now, I’m really proud that I was able to build it from nothing and be successful for years.


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 21 (If I had a shop)

If I had a physical shop:

If I had a little shop I would like it to be a second-hand shop. I would sell second-hand clothes, carefully picked so they would be super cheap but good quality. I would sell used books and toys, as well as any other previously loved items. I would also love to have a small part of the shop where I would sell very cheap items, like dollar store maybe?

If I had a cafe:

If I had a little cafe I would like it to be a place where people would go to have coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, and eat cake, donuts, cupcakes etc. I would have new magazines and many books as well as sofas for people to read and spend quality time.

If I had an Etsy shop:

I can crochet and knit and I would love to be good enough and to have enough time to make cute things to sell. I might also make and sell jewelry, I would love that. Maybe some posters with nice quotes to sell as well but for that I would have to learn how to design good ones.

If I had an online store: 

I would love to have a little online store where I would sell cheap things I would buy in bulk, like jewelry and clothes and accessories.