Today, I blog. And we PARTY!!!!

Welcome to “The 1000 Blog Party”


  • Leave a comment with a small introduction, the links to your favorite articles or 2/3 latest articles and answer the following questions:


  1. What are you wearing to my party?
  2. What are you drinking and eating right now, at the party?




  • Interact with other people!! Go over to the other party goers blogs, comment, come back and comment, answer comments, talk to people!!



  • Invite friends if you would like to have company or if you have a friend you’re dying to introduce us too;



  • Have fun, interact, meet new people, make friends!!




And there are gifts too!!

  • I will pick 4 people who interact the most with other bloggers and they will get:
  1. Featured on my blog from Tuesday to Friday. I will go through your blogs, do a post about them, leave the link, talk about your content, comment on my favorite posts, provide links to those, tell my readers what is my favorite thing about your blog;
  • The best party goer and the most interactive will get:
  1. Featured on my blog (read above);
  2. Get a copy of the invitation, at home, in paper, with your name on it;
  • If you do a post showing what outfit you are wearing to my party (something you own or something you put together online), you’ll get a surprise gift card!

Are you ready to party??




549 thoughts on “Today, I blog. And we PARTY!!!!

  1. Hey guys, of course I am joining the party!!

    You can find the me by the pizza table, with a huge slice on my hand!! I’ll be drink cold, with lemon and ice.

    I’ll be wearing some cute pink dress and sky high heels because I’m way too short!!

    Here are my favorite recent posts:

    The one where I announce I have reached 1000 followers:

    The one where I tell you what I have learned in 3 months of blogging:

    The one where I tell you my goals for my blog:

    The one where I share my huge to-do list with you:

    And finally, my Giveaway!! Have you entered?? Good Luck!!!

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  2. I’m here! I’m coming! πŸ˜€

    Find the chocolate cake and that is where you’ll find me!

    I’m wearing my Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh Dress (I’m wearing it in this photo ) This is its first outing as I’ve not had a chance to wear it out yet πŸ™‚

    My favourite posts:

    Climbing Mount Snowdon:

    A Day in my Life

    And my room tour

    So… I hope no one else wants any chocolate cake tonight?

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  3. Hello everybody, my name is Friederike and I blog over at Theworldoffritters! My fave posts I have written are:
    I’m wearing some dungarees and my favourite MANGO sneakers. I’ll be eating all of the sweet goodies, something with chocolate or ice-cream!
    xx Friederike

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  4. Here I am already! Can you see me? Yes, here ,next to the red velvet cake!🍰

    I’m Adila from India and I blog at!
    I am wearing a navy blue long gown that keeps me completely covered with a matching golden hijab. πŸ’™

    My favourite posts are:


    DIY ART🌴/

    So was I late to the party? Did I miss something?☺️

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  5. Yaaaay a party πŸ˜€

    I’m wearing my favourite summer dress (flower print, of course!) and ballerinas, sipping an ice-cold lemonade and munching on some pasta salad πŸ™‚

    My favourite posts:

    Things I am grateful for:

    Travel guide: Madeira:

    Unicorn ice cream:

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  6. Hi guys sorry I’m a bit late!!! Loving the party it’s awesome!!!! I’m Amelia and I blog over at Amelia in Hull 😊😊 some of my favourite posts I’m written are ‘Height of the Reeds on the Humber Bridge’ and ‘Orchard Park Parade’ 😁😁 I’m wearing my gorgeous black off the shoulder dress and I’m over by the chips eating my weight in them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  7. I love parties!

    I’m here, wearing a cute floral skirt and matching top with my favorite summer wedges, sipping on some lemonade and munching on pizza. I’m keeping a close eye on the dessert table as well.

    I’m Hannah and I blog over at Sassy Girl’s Journey. I post about a variety of things including lifestyle, beauty, TV shows, and movies. My favorite posts are…

    111 Must-See Movies:

    Advice That Could Save Your Life:

    Meet My Dog:

    101 Things On My Bucket List:

    Prom 2017:

    And Cheila, this idea is sooo cute and I absolutely adore it!!!

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  8. Hey. I’m feeling very down at the moment with the stuff that is going on but I didn’t want to miss saying congratulations to you!

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  9. Oh no I have but already given away my look for the party πŸ˜‰ But woohoo. I shall be stationed by the food table, stealing a few things for Rosa too. Someone’s gotta look out for the quiet one πŸ˜‰ The point is, what is our cutie wearing for the big partttay?

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  10. A party?! I must join.

    Hey, I’m Abigail, and my blog is !! A few of my recent posts include:

    How to Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out

    Revlon Nail Polish Review

    No Bake Chocolate Nut Treat

    I’m wearing jeans, an off the shoulder top, and sandals and I’m over by the chocolate fountain! Looking forward to talking to you all!

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  11. Hey, guys!! I have arrived to the party!

    You can find me near the food table, eating, as per usual. I drinking a nice, cold coke, again, as per usual. I’m really liking the wings at this party though! They’re delicious!

    I’m wearing some jeans and a flowy top with red paisley print on it. And some navy blue keds like shoes. It’s my favorite outfit. ❀️

    My favorite posts are:

    My 100 follower giveaway post!

    My Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Review + Swatches:

    My Swamp Queen Palette Review + Swatches:

    Thank you so much for throwing this party(and ordering these wings!) and congrats on 1000 Followers!!!!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

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  12. Ooooh! I’m not normally late to parties (I like to be early in fact), but this Kiwi girl lives in a different time zone, so sorry I’m late!! I’m wearing my patented cardigan and jeans look, but you know the nice ones, without any holes because this is a party and I want to look decent. I’ll say hi to a few of you, but I need to stop by and eat as much donuts and cupcakes as I can, then I can stop by and talk to more of you. Maybe even find Cheila and say hi, since you are our lovely hostess πŸ™‚


  13. Hi!

    I’m going to join this party! This sounds really fun, hope I haven’t missed it!

    You’ll find me on the dance floor, dancing the night away with my friends, laughing and talking having a good time with a smoothie/drink in my hand!!

    I’ll be wearing a white frilly blouse with a black collar; a black pencil skirt; natural tights and black pumps with cream bows on the front!

    I’ll bring some brownies!

    My 3 favourite posts are –

    1) my fruit board post I did recently

    2) my Easter recipe post

    3) all of my organisation is as easy as posts!

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  14. Okay, so I tried commenting before, but it vanished before I hit send πŸ˜›
    Anyway, hello! I am late to the party (timezones!!) so I will come by and say hi! I am wearing my nicer cardigan and jeans. And while I would love to scoff down those amazing cupcakes and donuts and talk to you all, I have to leave for work!! Which sucks, cause I’ve been looking forward to this party. So Cheila, I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay long, this party is already in full swing, and now I have to go look after many babies.
    I’ll leave my details if you guys wanna stop by, but I’m really sorry that all I can manage is a quick hi and bye.
    So, my name is Angela, I blog over at, where I talk about life, travel, rambles and everything else. I really like trying to take good photos, so my posts are normally packed with them. My favourite recent post was in celebration of my wonderful dad’s birthday!
    Okay shooot now I’m running late. I’ll just grab a cupcake and sprint out the door.


  15. I hate to be a party pooper but I’m going to leave the party now 😦 I have a bad headache and feel a bit sick (exam tiredness and stress) so going to get myself to bed! πŸ™‚ but enjoy the rest of your party! I’ll catch up with the gossip in the morning πŸ˜‰ ❀️❀️❀️

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  16. What a wonderful party you have here, Cheila! I love all the interactions going on. πŸ™‚

    I’m May, and I blog at Forever and Everly. My blog’s about writing and reading (mostly), so I’m a bit out of place with all of you amazing lifestyle bloggers!

    Some posts you might enjoy:




    I’m wearing a flowery dress (the one in the background of my profile picture) with my glasses (also in my profile picture) plus the classic Converse! I’m sipping on some nice lemonade, and I’m totally eating mangoes. πŸ˜‰

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  17. Hope I’m not too late for the party! I’m Pamela, aka the one that has to hurry in after work, per usual LOL! I am stuffing my gob with pizza and then inching my way to the dessert table. I’m too busy trying to eat all the cookies to go grab some lemonade so if someone can grab me a glass I’d appreciate it! πŸ˜€
    Here are some of my favorite recent posts:
    Get to know me tag:
    My yearly goal (to speak up):
    And my actual life goals:
    I wore a blue top with jeans today and some nice sandals!


  18. Congratulations to 1000 followers, Cheila! It’s amazing what God can do for you in such a short amount of time. I caught a glimpse of his post during work. Been busy. I’m here now. 😊
    Hello everyone. My name is David Harris of “David Speaks”. Anything I feel moved to talk about gets published on my blog. Anything from advice to God’s love. Age: 25. I have a stutter, but I’m bigger than it.
    I’m just wearing shorts and a t shirt cause I’m hear from work. About to indulge in corn dogs, veggie beans, cold slaw, and Sunny D. For all of you college graduates, this blog post is for you.
    Advice for College Graduates – David Speaks

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  19. *sigh* So I left a comment this morning, but I’ve just been checking and none of my comments seemed to have gone through. I’m sorry I missed your party Cheila!! I left a quick comment then I had to run to work, so it would have been a short appearance anyway. I’ve checked out everyone who stopped by though (most I already know!). I bring meringues as an apology, but I will leave them at your doorstep because you’re probably still asleep. *whispers Congratulations again and runs away*

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  20. Ah Cheila!! I am so late, but I’m here!!

    You’ll find me at one side eating that yummy red velvet cake! I’m currently wearing my favourite blue dress and a cute black sandals. πŸ’—

    Here are my favourite posts so far:
    Yesterday’s Outfit
    My Favourite Bible Verses

    I hope to get along with everyone!!! ❀❀

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  21. Hi, sorry I am so late to this party (is it even still on?)
    I am wearing clothes which are able to cloak my identity πŸ˜‰(you guessed it, I’m anonymous) and I’ll be bringing some donuts.

    I am thegeckoonline (maybe changing my name soon…), a pun extraordinaire who writes (hopefully) funny posts and mostly apologises for missing my posting schedule. Hopefully that just counts as one of my quirks…Here are some of my favourite posts:

    Being Optimistic:

    Being Creative:

    Accidental Following:

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  22. Hi, sorry I am so late to this party (is it even still on?)
    I am wearing clothes which are able to cloak my identity πŸ˜‰(you guessed it, I’m anonymous) and I’ll be bringing some donuts.

    I am thegeckoonline (maybe changing my name soon…), a pun extraordinaire who writes (hopefully) funny posts and mostly apologises for missing my posting schedule. Hopefully that just counts as one of my quirks…Here are some of my favourite posts:

    Being Optimistic:

    Being Creative:

    Accidental Following:

    (This might have sent already, but wordpress crashed so I’m not so sure)

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  23. Cheila, a two day party I’m so there. Sorry I’m late :). I had to get on a plane from Trinidad to be here but I’m glad I made it. Thanks for having me. Hi everyone, my name is Cherylene and you can find me at I try to inspire and motivate through my poetry, stories and what I call ‘Chery Perspectives’.

    Some posts you might like include:

    * β€Ž

    What am I wearing? What’s the dress code? I’ll probably be wearing this green and black cocktail dress I’m not a big drinker so I’ll be sipping a glass of wine literally. I love most pasta dishes so I’ll be having that. I socialize better on a full stomach lol. Hopefully, if there are a few cupcakes left over I’ll have one okay maybe two. Cheila, what kind of music is the DJ playing?

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  24. Great party cheila!!! I’ve made so many new blogging friends, I’ve danced my butt off and I’ve eaten my body weight in chips/fries!!! What’s not to like?!! 😊❀😁😘

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  25. I’m here!!! Sorry, maybe a bit late. Ok, so I’m Gracie Chick and I blog here:
    Here are links to some of my recent posts:

    An honest post about my struggles:

    Virtual hugs for anyone that needs one!

    Raising awareness for mental health:

    Introducing my brand new novel!

    Review of an absolutely inspirational book:

    Now, if anyone’s still here, can we chat?



    P.S I’m tucking into a big slice of Victoria sponge with fresh cream and strawberries. Want some?

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  26. I hope the party is still on. i’m JM maintaining a blog which is neither personal nor public, neither useful nor useless and neither nothing nor everything. I think thats the apt way for it’s intro.

    I would like to wear just a party suit with glittering shirt. I would like to try everything on the table, lets be a critic to your cooking skills. Just a glass of juice, would end it fine.
    Hope you people are partying hard already…. Cheers guys!
    Let’s get going.

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    • Nice glitter! Like post about 6 word stories. It’s kind of what comedians do, tell a story with a few words and leave audience to fill in some gaps. 6 words can certainly be poignant like the never worn baby shoes.

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      • That’s a nice comment to hear. But still there is nothing wrong in being a comedian right? And audience filling gaps enhances their imaginary skills, the same as long stories but a little more in this case. Six word stories need not be always poignant my friend πŸ˜‡.


        • Oh yes nothing wrong with being a comedian. I meant it is amazing how so little words and a little dash of imagination, can tell a story. Almost like a picture, saying a thousand words, 6 words can say so much more.

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          • You are damn cute in explaining.. Even a single word can explain much more than a story if its between the closest ones. I’m trying express as much as I can. Lets hope its get better. And its really nice meeting you at this wonderful party. Thanks for #pinkfordays for throwing such a great one.

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  27. Great party you got going on here, girl! As much as I would like to join, I can’t. I’m at work and using my lunch hour to catch up with the reading. Eat a slice of cake for me! xx

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  28. Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone, Chiela! You truly deserve all the love from this community.

    I am so late but I hope the party isn’t over yet.

    My name is Janah from and I blog about art, film literature and beauty. Here are my best posts:

    Beauty Haul

    Beauty Review

    Journals and Musings

    I am the girl standing at a corner, wearing a pastel pink frock and drinking her 5th glass of strawberry margarita. I guess that makes me this party’s wallflower. But hey, I am so excited to meet all of you. πŸ’•

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  29. This is just crazy! I am so proud of you!

    Sorry I am late the party, fashionably late though of course? Haha!

    I’m Ella and I’m from http://www.ellamaygarrett,com

    I am probably chilling with my one friend that I know at the party with either a Woo Woo or Sex on the Beach cocktail because they are my favourite or an Archers and Lemonade if I am making it myself.

    I am wearing black barely there heels, an off the shoulder black top and a cute skirt!

    Some of my posts that you might like: – I love writing about my goals every month! – my first LUSH review I love doing posts that are just joking about and writing lists – I don’t always do them but they are some of my favourites to write!

    Pleasure to meet you all. Does anyone need a refill??

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