Health for days journey – May 19th (In-laws are coming edition)

Hey you,

Yes, I know, I’m awake at 9.33 a.m. Weird.


Rui left for work about half an hour ago and took the girls because they are in college and have classes at 10, so I had to get up to command the troops, provide breakfast and force them to hurry up. An 18 and a 21-year-old can take a long time to get ready in the morning. It’s the clothes and the hair and… well… you’re going to class, not to a party.

Anyway, someone asked me what we did together while the girls were here and the answer is nothing much. We had dinner on Wednesday night and then Rui and I came to our room to blog so the girls could have their slumber party. They were talking until 6 a.m. Damn. I would be too old for that shit. Then they slept super late and we just had lunch and hang out while watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We were supposed to go out to that festival/concert/party kind of thing but we all decided it was too cold and windy and the girls had brought Spring clothes that were too springy. Being the gentleman that he is, sweet Rui sad he would take us all to McDonald’s for dinner, and so we went. We came home and began watching La La Land, because the girls hadn’t seen it yet. We were all “watching”. Rui and Rosa were sleeping almost on top of me, I was blogging (but watching) and the girls were on their phones and giggling and doing I have no idea what. Everything but fully watching the movie haha. They were having fun together so it was obviously fine. I then decided I was tired and we came to bed. I have no idea what time they went to sleep, as I could hear them talking and giggling until I fell asleep. You see? Nothing too exciting. But they said they loved it and were in need of a lazy day. Good enough for me.

Today my in-laws are coming to stay with us. Tomorrow is my brother-in-law’s graduation, at 2.30 p.m. They arrive sometime before dinner, which will be some kind of barbecue. Rui will grill and I will make sides, while keeping an eye on my mom-in-law, so she doesn’t start ironing or something.Woman cannot stand still and be a guest. I’ve told her that she is forbidden to touch anything in my house haha just sit and eat. She’s a busy bee every single day and I really want her to rest and be a guest. Just relax. Let’s see if I can control her cooking and cleaning urges without having to beg Rui to get involved and tie her to a chair. Kidding. Maybe.

So, since I’m having guests, I have a to-do list. Obviously. I always have one. I already have the girl’s sheets in the washer and I’ll make a few more loads today. Other than that:

  • Make our bed with fresh sheets. We are giving them our room and sleeping in an air mattress in the living room;
  • Air the bedroom and make everything fresh and clean;
  • Gather everything that we need from the bedroom so we don’t need to get in there once they are here;
  • Mop the bedroom floor;
  • Quick bathroom cleanup (new towels, toilet clean, spray and rinse shower, open window, make sure everything is clean and that they have enough soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Leave some tissues in the bedroom;
  • Make a shopping list so Rui can stop by the store later (we need some cheese, meats for the grill, drinks, ingredients for my Oreo mousse)
  • Make sure to take out the bags that have been in a corner of the bedroom for weeks (clothes to donate, toys to donate, picture frames to hang)
  • Tidy up the living room and office (very quickly) and air both;
  • Tidy up kitchen;
  • Wash dishes from breakfast;
  • Do some salad prep;
  • Pick outfits for both of us for tomorrow;
  • Buy graduation gift (I know, the day before. We had so many months to do it, but we choose to leave it for 12 hours before. We are really Portuguese. No question there. It’s a cultural thing.)

I guess that’s it. In general, I just want to be ready so they can be comfortable and have everything they need and a pleasant stay. I’m excited because I love to spend time with his side of the family as much as I do with mine. Unfortunately my parents can’t come to dinner tonight because of my step-dad’s working schedule.

I see you guys later?

Thank you so much for reading and putting up with my endless lists. Is it getting boring?

Do you have big plans for Friday evening?

What about the weekend?

Do tell.



19 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 19th (In-laws are coming edition)

  1. You are such a busy lady and I love reading your posts 😊 I have my parents arriving tomorrow, I am so excited!! I live in the U.K. and my parents live out in Bulgaria to retire!! So I am just like you, trying to get cleaned up around the Witches, the cats, the school run in between and then the big kid coming home school and other half from work. It will probably be a waste of time cleaning, everyone just uses my kitchen as a place to dump coats, bags and my daughter has gymnastics too!! It’s all go, I am waiting for the floors to dry , so I’m having a cuppa 😊 Have a lovely weekend Hun xxx


  2. Good luck with today’s list as always! How exciting that your house is going to be filled with family! That’s always nice. My plans for this evening have been just blogging pretty much as always 😀


  3. I get overwhelmed by to do lists! Haha because I always have so much to do. It’s 5 am here. I’m an early bird. My plans are working out, work, then my husband and I have to paint our bedroom. Crazy Friday 😉 Have a great day!


  4. I love reading your posts! we have a field trip today to a pioneer village, Saturday relay for life which is for cancer, and Sunday we are going to a walk around a town that has museum’s that you can get into for free. busy weekend lol


  5. OMG, I feel you on the M-in-law not being able to sit still for 2 seconds! It has always been contentious around here when she visits because I just want her to relax and enjoy her trip. She’s a little better about it now but she still has her moments.

    Hope the visit goes well! Mine will be here in 1 week.


  6. That is a lot on your hands, Cheila. I am sure it will be fun though 🙂 My plan is to unwind with a glass of red wine and relax. The last few days have kept me constantly on the feet. Have a wonderful Friday evening xx


  7. What a busy weekend! That’s nice that you’re getting so much time in with both of your families. 🙂 My weekend was pretty laid back. I spent it with my boyfriend and we mostly just relaxed and binge-watched the rest of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I am so with you on how in the heck they plan to do a second season of that show?? Season 1 was done so well and I just wonder how they’ll expand on that with a second season? Hopefully they’ll do it justice though.


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