I’m sorry I’m late with this one but, better late than never, right?

Today I’m supposed to tell you my favorite blogs, which is super hard for me. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad if they’re not in my list of favorites. It’s not that I don’t have favorites, of course I do. I’m human so I like some topics more than others, some people more than others and some blogs more than others. I have been back and forth, thinking if I should share a list of actual favorites. I can’t pick 5. Not even 10. I would have to give you a big list. I’ve decided I’m going to do just that.

I want to emphasize that I don’t mean to hurt anyone. By having favorites, I’m not telling you I don’t like you or your blog. Not at all. Maybe the topics you deal with are the ones I’m most interested in. Maybe we don’t know each other very well (in which case, let’s change that, please?) or maybe we haven’t just bonded like I have with some people.

I decided that, if I choose you, it means that I either love your content or we are close and talk often. Those are the ones I will include on this list.

My favorite blogs/bloggers: (in no particular order)

The Travelling Diary of a Dippy-Dotty Girl

Dreaming of Guatemala

Life of Angela

Ella May Garrett

Natalie Vinh

Golden Pink Journal

Living Lighter in Atlanta

Purple Owl

Lindsay Rose

Bea Free


Diary of the Mad Katter

Living vs Existing

Styled by McKenz

Roxanne Starr

Random Writings on The Bathroom Wall

La Petit Muse

Dorky Mom Doodles

Simple Serenity

Starring Pamela

Soul Food 101 Blog

My Random Ramblings

The Happiest Pixel

Mommy Training Wheels

Forever and Everly

… etc.

(There’s a chance I love you but have forgotten to mention you. My memory has given up on me)

Favorites outside the WordPress Community:










What about you? You would like to share some favorites?

Do you know any of the blogs I shared above?

Once again, I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you. That doesn’t mean I don’t like your blog. If I follow, read and comment, of course I do like it.

Thank you so much for reading.