Good morning yo (I’m Jesse from Breaking Bad)

I hope your having a nice day. If not, you can totally vent and tell everyone who annoys you to f themselves in my comment section.

I woke up super late as usual. And a little high today.

It was almost 4 a.m and I couldn’t sleep so I kept thinking, why the f are the pills not working? Then it dawned on me (not literally, dawn was a few hours away) that I had forgotten to take them. Nice. My memory has given up on my. So I go and take a little more than usual because I know that I won’t sleep if I don’t (my doctor tells me how o regulate my own medication, so this is okay), obsession over the fact that I had forgotten the pills. So I took them and fell asleep, until lunch time.

I still don’t have an appetite. I’ve just forced myself to eat 2 small yogurt and a banana.

Maybe I’ll eat lunch later, if I can.

The extra medication and the fact that I took it so late has left me a little tired. But I’m fine and happy and in a good mood and everything is okay, thank God!

I’ll make a to-do list anyway, you know me:

  • Remember I told you I needed to change my sheets? Yeah, I didn’t. Going to do so today;
  • Put away all the dishes that I washed yesterday and wash the few that are left from last night;
  • Clean kitchen floor;
  • Put away laundry;
  • Vacuum living room floor;
  • Answer a few texts and emails;
  • Stalk the mailman until he brings me the book I’m waiting for;
  • Read your blogs!!!
  • Talk to mother and sister.
  • Cook some dinner;

And I leave it at that!