Health for days journey – day 11 (update)

Hey guys,

Today was not the best day. I was unable to do anything, I just blogged and read a few blogs and that’s about it.

I had to head back to bed and take a nap in the middle of afternoon, because I was feeling so sleepy and dizzy and weak.

I got up when Rui got home and now we are watching the latest episode of the walking dead.

So today I did nothing, accomplished nothing, but I’m okay with it. Some days I won’t be able to be productive and that’s fine by me. As long as I’m resting and taking care of myself.

So I have nothing special to tell you today, guys.

But I send you lots of love and hugs.




35 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 11 (update)

  1. Some days you just got to it! Delighted you got yours today! Loving the posts! Saw your earlier one on the way home from word and when I saw your follow up I was excited to see what you did πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing xxx

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  2. Hey, no worries. Sometimes it’s good to have a “do nothing” sort of a day. It allows us to recharge our batteries and feel more motivated the next day. It’s only when it becomes a lifestyle that you probably have to worry. lol

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  3. That’s what I need to do more of – accept the days where you can’t say you’ve ‘accomplished’ something or been overly productive (heck, getting out of bed just to get in again is an achievement on those types of days!) I hope you rested up and was kind to yourself about it. I also hope the new season of The Walking Dead is awesome as I have high hopes for it! x

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    • Yes, we have a tendency to be mean to ourselves! We need to stop this and just be kind and treat our bodies and minds like we would treat a friend! Season 7 ended quite meh! for me. Let’s hope season 8 is better, I was a little disappointed with 7.


      • That’s very true, I wonder where our tendency to be harsher to ourselves comes from…? You’ll have to keep us updated on Season 8, but tell me that it’s brilliant even if it’s not because I’m going to watch it regardless given the long wait for the season! πŸ™‚

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